Packing for a trip?

It is finally Autumn, the cooler months of the year during which most of us head on vacation or a nice weekend getaway to various places whether closer to home or further away.

weekend getaway essentialks

Where will your next vacation take you?


What essentials will you take along?

For me it is all about the most simplest of things which I take with me when I head out on vacation with my partner or group of pals to relax and rewind before heading back to reality.

To be able to create my most unforgettable travel experience I will certainly take my tanning oil to get that little bit of color … the last time it was getting towards spring my skin was so pale it was horrible! Of course I do always have my naturally derived organic cosmetics with me, created by the amazing Jess Hart called LUMA. Then it comes to making sure I have my sunglasses, no outfit is ever complete without a pair and then to finish of my essentials I tend to take my glass bottle by dropbottle, to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially as i am no real fan of plastic bottles. Last but not least I have my phone on me wherever I go, especially handy when wanting to capture those real beautiful holiday snap shots ūüėČ

While I am all ready in taking my list of essentials, it is now only a matter of time before i book my next vacation:

Location: Daylesford, Hepburn Springs Victoria.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to plan your next trip, HomeAway¬†¬† has¬†¬† some great rental options!

Save travels!!!

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When the Countryside calls …

The beautiful crisp mornings make the days so much better, despite the early mornings we decided to be on the road by just to 8 am, taking the back roads and dodging any possible wildlife as well as seeing the many cattle and horses grazing on the paddocks we soon made our way to Violet Town in the State’s North East.

Violet Town was again playing host to the incredible farmers market,  which happen to occur so many times a month, a year. It is so worth checking them out for any collectables, farming equipment, fashion and of course the fruit and vegetable stalls.

We drove through Benalla and then into Violet Town, many had already taken the parking places which were available but not to worry, we are young/fit/healthy so we walked a little further to the market.

It was such a great experience and being able to have a chat to the individual sellers / growers made it more worthwhile.


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OOTD Autumn2016

OOTD Autumn2016

Goodness me.. it certainly has been a very long time since I have posted any #OutfitOfTheDay posts. Well, you know .. time flies as they say and I could not agree more.

While the hot Summer days are more or less over now and Autumn has decided to finally mark its presence, so are my #AnotherOutfitOfTheDay blog posts. ūüôā

Who thinks Autumn is great for taking Fitness, Health and Wellness a lot more serious now then to squeeze through the hot early mornings where it is already well up to thirty degrees before 8 AM!

My partner and I both enjoy keeping fit, we currently attend Derrimut 24:7 in the South eastern suburbs every so often. We also enjoy the outdoors and loooove to chill out over the nice cup of tea and a good book, however we have also decided to keep well active and healthy over winter to not get any ideas of putting on the winter weight. ūüėģ

Autumn is the time to rug up, put on your runners and head outside.Brace the wind, the showers of rain, the leaves which have turned into beautiful autumn colors and are now falling off the trees and enjoy the pure nature and this incredible season.

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Seed. Plant. Harvest

With Autumn now happening here on the East Coast of Australia, or as one wants to refer to as ‘happening in the slowest of paces’ with temperatures still within the 30’s. Our passion for gardening had had my Partner and I literally head to our Garden Centre Bunnings twice in the last twenty-four hours.

What a bargain we made though!

Gardening pots for only two bucks, so cheap when the original price was eighteen dollars …

This makes you question how expensive gardening can become don’t it?

Anyhow, as herbs are currently a big ‘go to, easy to do’ kinda thing, we sure did buy some seeds which we then planted in our new pots.

Let me note here that my Partner was wrapped all the way home from the store and while planting the seeds to have found this incredible bargain, that we ended up going back for a second purchase of another two pots! Who could blame him?!

After planting and having added a teeny tiny bit of fertilizer, my significant other half kept running outside to see if any of the seeds have started growing yet


The herbs we planted are parsley, rosemary, dill, chives and basil but we decided to also seed european kohlrabi as well as some lavender.

Please check back here for updates on how things are growing !

img_7489.jpgSeed. Plant & Harvest

If you are a gardener, have a passion for the outdoors and/or gardening or simply are just interested in planting a few “bits and pieces”, we would love to hear from you.

Until then, take care from