Autumn Recipe with Pumpkin .

Apologies of my recent absence from my Blog, been super crazy busy helping out on some Property – not easy and it takes a lot of patience and time.

I am back now though.


It has been one of those perfectly beautiful autumn days, where the sun is shining, birds and singing and I am happily enjoying my cooking skills in the kitchen. i have just made a beautiful pumpkin soup that I am literally addicted to right now, mind you, it is perfect for this colder weather … sitting by the fireplace or in a beautiful spot in your home with a book to read.

There a millions of good Autumn recipes out there, perfect for those who like to experiment to find out what tastes best to them and to keep the recipe. Yes correct … ALWAYS keep the recipe!

Nothing worse than wanting to cook something and only knowing half the ingredients or the method.






Another perfect Autumn Day

Hi All.

Hoping all of you are well

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most importantly getting inspired

in your everyday life.

While my passion lies within the Fashion Industry, I have noticed that it seems to always be the Men who do not really have their own opportunities to get #OOTD inspired, especially not when Fashion advice comes from a woman, your girl friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin and sometimes even your own mother.  With that in mind, I decided to publish my first ever Blog to get the male population to look at advice / style / fashion with a totally new perspective.

Come and gone have the days of following every possible trend that literally changes every 24hours.


While I spent a while browsing the net, spent a couple of hours at my H&M Store yesterday, I did come up with a nice Outfit which can be dressed up or down + alternated between other items of clothing. I wanted the end result to go with items that were already owned, while (THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT : always keeping that particular individuals style in my mind.

You can not change someone EVER!

My Partner is the perfect example, he LOVES and LIVES in his R.M Williams Boots and has a unique yet simple,  beautiful sense of Style. A pair of nice dark blue / moleksin RM Jeans/Pants and checkered short sleeve shirts, so in order for me to tweak his style and make it even more classic, him of course handsome looking as well as allowing room for alternations between items of clothing, here is the result.All I did was add to his already existing Style and I love it.

Doesn’t he look good!


Outfit consists of:

H&M Australia Winter Coat in wool blend $89.90

H&M Australia Knitted Jumper $39.90

H & M 100% Wool Scarf $29.90

RM Williams Jeans (in dark blue) $$

RM Williams Boots $$

I hope you all have a great day. Almost time for a nice relaxing weekend!

A. xx

Stop and smell the Roses !

Who of you walks past some nice roses in someone’s garden or in a beautiful park and does not stop to smell them?


I certainly do not. I love having these beautiful flowers around, which ultimately bring any garden or somewhat other space some nice photo opportunities, especially when they are blooming in a variety of different colors.

Having just the other day been to a beautiful nice wholesale nursery near where we live, allowed us to have a look at the beautiful floral, oriental and fruit tree variety they had available … wait … this happened after we completely drove past it and I had to ring the Sales Manager to get her to tell us how to get to this place. Goodness… how bad it makes us look when it comes to reading a map / address / directions. Let us hope this is only a one – off.

With Autumn being in full swing now, we decided to get a couple of pods of roses. while walking through the different rows and sorting out colors, we were informed that there was one variety which is a completely new release and the roses are absolutely     

B  E  A U T I F U L 

Being called ‘Heart of Snow’ or in a more high – end sense of variety

C o e u r   d e  N e i g e

 [ delicious + strong fragrance ]


Having received one rose which got picked out of the ones we sort of looked at, which I did ended up putting in a vase at home on the kitchen bench looked stunning beforehand but this morning when I walked into the kitchen my goodness did the pedals open up and it was absolutely breathtaking to look at.

Happy Weekend 

from Us to you All.


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Growing up with City Skylines

What becomes of us once we travel away from your own comfort zone?

What happens when we get in the car and travel to a nice country place, hours away from the city?

Will we be happy to find out where we are or what can become of us?

Having just recently been on location in the country side has certainly given me a new understanding of what this beautiful country has to offer. Yes, I have lived in the city all my life, dealt with the millions of train and other transport commuters on a daily basis inclusive of the sprints to the train station or buses in order to get a seat on the way home, grown up to the beautiful skylights of various cities around the world and have never thought much about traveling away from it all. The city is my ‘comfort zone’ – along the way having come to know most train timetables off by heart, bus routes and most of all know how to find my way in a large city where the traffic is as bad as owning two-thousand dairy cattle that all need to get milked at the same time.

The question on everyone’s heads….

How do you even begin to deal with it all?

Good question that one, I could not possibly give a good enough answer.

Have I ever thought much about life in the country? No! I do not know all too much about living on acreage or a ranch and dealing with cattle stock, horses, farm animals and the overall running of the business such as fertilizing paddocks for hay and silage, harvesting fruit trees and looking after vegetable seedlings, while in the same thought trying to organise contract workers who help you move your business in the right direction by simply lending a hand.

I get the shivers when told to drive a tractor, but smile when flying across the paddock on a motorbike. I squeal when finding a huntsman spider in my bathroom but thinking they are “so cute + fluffy” when finding them in a wood heap on the land.

How odd is that! 

I throw a tantrum because I have no phone reception + therefore can not update my social media status but had the most amazing time constructing a new fence, yes three star steel pickets, wooden posts to strain, klip on bolts for electric fences upon rolls and rolls of wire.

What on earth is happening to me!

It kind of makes me wonder, if an amount of me does actually like this new found country adventure and all that comes with it.

Yes, no doubt!

While wondering if those living in the country would like the city with the lifestyle it brings.

 Probably Not!

Autumn Fashion Today’s #OOTD

While it has been some time since my last post, apologies to you all. I was away on location for the last week or so and due to the area there I have no internet connection, so there is absolutely no point in me bringing my notebook. #thumbsdown

Today, i thought I would post a bit more on fashion Inspo for Autumn, the weather here in Melbourne has been phenomenal. ‘Sunny and warm one day – cool and a chilly wind the next…’

While my fashion taste buds have gone super crazy, I would like for you all to be able to get some inspiration for your fashion over the cooler months so I have made my decision to show you today’s #OOTD

While I seem to be always on -the-go with some of the newest trends, I do not follow them as such. I personally just choose through inspiration and make it my own. Ladies this is one thing to remember, whatever you would like to wear … do it! As long as a woman has the confidence to pull of fashion item or trend everything is fashionable. #makeastatement

Today’s OOTD


Jacket from Target Australia

Jumper (it is super comfy and cozy!!!) from

Jeans from OR as seen below from Danni Minogue‘s Petite Collection available at Target Australia (wearing navy blue)

Booties from Target Australia


I hope this give a bit of a guide and inspiration to this season’s trends.

FASHION ADVICE —->>>> I did recycle my booties, coat and accessories! <<<<—- FASHION ADVICE

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