Good Evening Ladies + Gentlemen,

I have been watching this phenomenon unfold quite closely & I must say that Fifty Shades of Grey does lift up to expectations. What better way to enjoy your Friday Night….by going to the cinema to see this adaption of the book by E.L James come to life. Mind you that on my way to the cinema I did listen to the Movie Soundtrack (featuring Ellie Goulding with her Hit ‘Love Me Like You Do‘) to get myself into the mood…

Yes, it is not for the faint hearted, yes there is nudity involved and yes Christian Grey appears to the outer world as tall, handsome, young,charming + business-savvy lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered, with dark brown coloured hair, intense, bright grey eyes and can come across as quite intimidating. He keeps in shape by kickboxing and running, as quoted by the lead character Anastasia Steele, “He is not merely good looking – he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking.” until a much deeper side to him is revealed. I could not agree more with that statement.


Of course it was quite important to be able to reflect the book as much as possible in the movie, therefore the actors cast was hugely important to be able to personify the same picture we ‘see’ when reading the book(s). The choice to have Dakota Johnson portray Anastasia (Ana) Steele as the lead female + Jamie Dornan portray Christian Grey was made perfectly. The chemistry was incredible between those two + it was literally a great combination to be able to follow them through the storyline.

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While the darker sides of Christian were at times quite intense, I could feel myself flinching in my seat …the movie felt as real as the book. I am excited to hear from James what she has in store for the not so far away future as we all know the book is written as a trilogy.

Enjoy yourselves + don’t forget that glass of wine !

A. x