Oat Biscuits are yummy + healthy!

Snacks but healthy nutrition. It is all about having a sweet but one that is healthier than those chocolate bars, chips and gummie bears including all possible other confectionery you can get at literally every supermarket or corner store. Of course we sometimes have those cravings for something sweet..even I do, but rather than giving in on the chocolate craze I try to substitute with healthy fruits such as pears, blueberries and strawberries, mango and banana but to be honest in only works that many times. So in order to still enjoy something sweet yet healthy follow my recipe below.

Today’s recipe took around 20 minutes to make with the results being #superyummy!

Surely we all know what I am talking about … Oat Biscuits.

Recipe Oat Biscuits

170grams normal oats

30grams almonds flakes

20grams coconut flakes

2 eggs

100grams brown sugar

tiny bit of salt


First in a frying pan, add the oats, almond + coconut flakes and roast for a few minutes until becoming golden in color.


Turn on the oven and preheat to 200C.

In the meantime, add the brown sugar and eggs and mix together until frothy. 


Then add the oat mixture and combine.

On a baking tray lined with baking paper make small piles of biscuits, use a spoon to flatten them slightly. Put them in the oven for around ten to fifteen minutes or until slightly golden.

***Make sure you let them cool on the tray

as they are quite soft


will otherwise break****




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Breakfast Inspiration

While I am a lover of the crisp mornings, when its frosty outside and the sun comes up. When you feel the warm of the sun rays on your bare skin and you know it is going to be a good day (couldn’t say the same for rainy weather).

Having just harvested well over ninety pears from just one tree literally floored me. Eating Pear everyday until there is no more, hmmm. It is how you use the pears to make eating them that tiny bit more exciting, you will be surprised.

While there are a variety of Health benefits, let me clarify that the pears I have harvested do not look like the nice green pears with no bruises or discoloration which you can get at the supermarket. Eating pears regularly, can help prevent high blood pressure and stroke, it can help with fever due to the pears cooling effect, it helps in pregnancy as the high content of folate (folic acid) helps prevent neural tube defect in infants, due to the pears large amount of fructose and glucose it is a great way to get energy especially on those lethargic days we all have once in a while. In addition, the high vitamin C and copper content also act as good anti-oxidants that protect cells from damages by free radicals and can help. There is many more benefits to eating pears but I know that some of you do not like eating pears the way they come, some of you like them chopped up into small pieces, others cut them in halves and those of you like me add them to your breakfast – it makes eating a pear #so.much.easier

To have this healthy quick + easy breakfast simply add to a bowl the following:


Easy to make and easy to enjoy….

Oats (about 3-4 large table spoons)

Quinoa Flakes (small amount)

Pumpkin Seeds

Almonds (my favorite)

1 Pear (chopped into pieces)

Full cream milk


Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful.

A. x

Soon to come on BlondieLovesGinger

Rise + Shine Y’All,


Autumn has finally hit us, yet there are still those last days where wearing shorts and a t-shirt is still the right thing to do with temperatures rising up to above 30 degrees celsius. While we are all preparing to keep up our Fitness and Health regimes, I am talking work outs to keep us in shape over the cooler period this year as well as starting to think about soup recipes, slow cooked meals (I personally do not have a slow cooker, for those that do use them!) and other autumn recipes.

It is my pleasure to announce that #BlondieLovesGinger will very soon feature a variety of Autumn recipes to keep you healthy and inspired with some easy to follow recipe ideas ranging from soups, healthy breakfast ideas (including for those always on-the-go), entertainers, lunches and dinner inspirations for your own kitchen with the majority of ingredients already sitting in your pantry!

Such as my healthy breakfast this morning:





Melted Dark Organic / Fair trade Chocolate

Full-cream Milk

+ a coffee to get me going.

So stay tuned & stay healthy.

A. x


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Warby Parker’s Newest Daydream Collection

Ladies & Gentlemen,

it is now time to make this exciting announcement

I have got the huge honor of announcing the launch of

Warby Parker Daydream Collection

For those of you, who do not know who or what exactly I am talking about listen up!

Warby Parker is an American based brand, founded in 2010, which offers designer prescription glasses and sunglasses for Men and Women starting from $95 USD, they do sell online and in store / via showrooms and have the most incredible variety of glasses available, without leaving our wallets completely empty.

With locations all across the US among them Boston MA, San Francisco CA, New York NY, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, and others. While also having showrooms across Los Angeles, Florida, Georgia, Pensilvania, New York and Texas.

#WarbyParker has made it it’s objective to partner up with non-profit organisations such as #VisionSpring to make sure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

“There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.”

– WarbyParker.com

It is my privilege to now introduce to you the Daydream Collection, offering new frame shapes, huge variety of frame built and color and an overall new opportunity to make a new #fashionstatement regardless of where in the world you might currently be. Personally I do have a huge love for shades + do not wear them just in summer but rather all year round. With that being said, #WarbyParker has literally given this collection a lot of thought + us the opportunity to start building up our own collections of prescription glasses (like my sister who wears glasses and some of you readers might too) and also those of you who love their sunglasses and can not get enough of them.

With so many frames and silhouettes to choose from it is quite obvious to make #WarbyParker you go-to store for all things sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses. Whether you’re on the beach, out on a date, in the Swiss Alps, on a cruise through the Rocky Mountains, out hiking or simply on a coffee run make sure you show of your newest accessory and make that fashion statement with your very own pair of glasses / sunglasses from the Warby Parker Daydream Collection! #BuyapairGiveapair

I have already found my favorite pair, The Abel in jet black + the Piper in pedal tortoise. Why? Because personally I think that they both suit my personal style, fit nicely with my face shape and go with everything in my closet.

Thinking about it…have you ordered a pair from their newest collection yet?

I think it is time for you to stop what you are doing

Head to


and submit your order!

Keep looking gorgeous this season, a huge thank you to


for letting me launch your newest and incredibly fashionable collection.

A. x

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Announcing my Collaboration….

Featured image

 Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am beyond thrilled to announce my collaboration with NYC based company Warby Parker on their newest collection! Stay tuned and check it out here on my Editorial!

Launch Day March 17Th (EDT)

Stay tuned + get excited!

A x. 

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Take step into the charming Country Lifestyle

Take step into the charming Country Lifestyle

Looking at Life through different eyes, after having been away for sometime,

for which I of course do apologize. I was whisked away to the Country side and loved every minute of it. From trying to help fix fences, seeing calving cows on the paddocks, spot lighting to see what kind of wildlife we could find at night time, watching thew night sky, filling wombat holes with saw dust to avoid unnecessary accidents all the way to literally cleaning + degreasing a tractor (it is certainly something totally different compared to living a life that has been played out mostly in the city or outskirts of it). #BestofBothWorlds

I do always think of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to get to know the country side through all these opportunities. Of course it is nothing for the faint hearted, seeing huntsman spiders and billions of European wasps swarming around everywhere but its an experience that is totally worth it.

Hard work in the mornings with a 7AM start time to the relaxing time in the late afternoon, with a nice glass of wine to wind up the day. it definitely could not get any better than that.  #QuietSurroundings  

I am looking forward to be taken back to these wonderful moments + learning experiences along with the quiet yet charming lifestyle.



Oh, Country Life

I wake up each morning,
to the most beautiful view.
A breath of fresh air,
and a sky crispy blue.

A wonderland of life,
on pastures so green.
Relaxed and at peace,
my mind feels so clean.

Life out here,
does not seem like a chore.
There’s plenty of work,
but more to explore.

People are friendly,
smiles we share.
For mother earth,
we all mutually care.

Homemade apple pie,
during my walks, I can smell.
My joys and gratitude,
to the birds I just yell.

Oh, Country life,
That I love and embrace.
This is my home,
this is my place.

~ by anitapoems.com

(Credit of this poem goes to this incredible writer)