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Hi All!

It certainly has been quite some time since I have posted on BlondieLovesGinger – please understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and priorities need to be set in which this blog did not make the cut to be a priority at that time, however things have started to look better and brighter –Ā  both my partner and I are back at writing for you all through our Lifestyle Blog.

Let me start of by saying that both of Us take our health very seriously. We like to be fit and like to live an active lifestyle which does take place outdoors. We love nature, enjoy exploring and personally I believe that it is a lot better to head out on a walk/hike/bikeride or other then to run the miles in an enclosed environment such as a gym or fitness studio, however in saying that, the cooler weather makes the fitness studio more appealing šŸ˜‰

I have just recently thought about that there must be other options than Post Workout Protein Powders which are pre-mixed commercially, available in absolutely any sizing…yes I am looking at all of you men out there bulking up to look like the next Hulk. To live healthily, these already processed foods cannot be good.

I have therefore decided to find out what ingredients our body needs especially after a workout to allow the same effect as a protein shake purchased from our fitness studio or supermarket.

I am a lover of smoothies and I am pretty sure I have won my partner over with it as well šŸ™‚ For my personal post workout “protein shake” I have decided to add various fruits/veggies and quark. Quark is high in protein and low in fat AND because of its high level of casein (a slow release protein)Ā  does help with muscle build.

For this particular post workout smoothie recipeĀ  which you have seen on my Instagram I used:

1 Banana, handful of green kale, handful of baby spinach leaves, one fig, handful of frozen mango and a handful of frozen blueberries and a big spoon of quark. All of these ingredients can be purchased at your supermarket.








Stir Fry Recipe

Coming straight from my Instagram account to let my tigers dance on the keyboard that little it more until they’re sore.

For this recipe I made sure I used low carb noodles which I found at my local supermarket in the International Section. 

Basically they look super stringy and are almost see-through. With the noodles in my basket I added some kangaroo meat which is super high in protein and does taste quite nice. Then of course I added some vegetables (greens are important!) and a stir fry sauce, add all into a wok and cook well. Voila! Dinner can be served. 

šŸŒ»BLG xx 

OOTD Autumn2016

OOTD Autumn2016

Goodness me.. it certainly has been a very long time since I have posted any #OutfitOfTheDay posts. Well, you know .. time flies as they say and I could not agree more.

While the hot Summer days are more or less over now and Autumn has decided to finally mark its presence, so are my #AnotherOutfitOfTheDay blog posts. šŸ™‚

Who thinks Autumn is great for taking Fitness, Health and Wellness a lot more serious now then to squeeze through the hot early mornings where it is already well up to thirty degrees before 8 AM!

My partner and I both enjoy keeping fit, we currently attend Derrimut 24:7 in the South eastern suburbs every so often. We also enjoy the outdoors and loooove to chill out over the nice cup of tea and a good book, however we have also decided to keep well active and healthy over winter to not get any ideas of putting on the winter weight. šŸ˜®

Autumn is the time to rug up, put on your runners and head outside.Brace the wind, the showers of rain, the leaves which have turned into beautiful autumn colors and are now falling off the trees and enjoy the pure nature and this incredible season.

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Wellbeing does count.

Over the last few days it has stuck in my that, women and men and everyone in between of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages and backgrounds should live life to it’s fullest.

Living life to it’s fullest potential in the sense that everyone should respect, motivate, encourage and love one another. We all should be allowed to leave the house without fear, angst or any discouragement from the outer communities.

How good it would be if we just all got along, okay fine, we don’t have to be best friends but at least put in the effort to be nice to each other. If for any reason that is not possible then mind your very own business. Seriously though, how hard can it be?

Imagine yourself alone walking down the street, exercising in the park or training it to a fancy dress party ….. what would happen?

To me it is most important to feel well about myself, about who I am and yes I might be different to you because clearly we are not all the same, oh my how boring that would be. But instead of criticizing, pointing fingers or showing disrespect, give compliments, smile and make this world a happier place.

Wellbeing is not only important for your body + mind but also for your soul. And how happy it would make you to better yourself, be nice to strangers + thoughtful of others. How better it would make you feel to have accomplished something you personally found hard(er). How happy it would make you to receive a compliment from a stranger + how happy it would make you feel to simply…be accepted for who you are as an individual. We are all different and that is something we should be proud of.

Make everyday special, give someone a compliment


simply smile.

A. x

One very special trip…. on one very special train

One very special trip…. on one very special train

Hello All !

Hope you have all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your weekend. I had quite a busy week myself, however still can’t stop talking about this one very special + fun trip I went on with Andrew (my partner).

What started off as a very rainy morning, jumping out of the car to get some local groceries for our lunch pack, while having to keep a strict eye on time to make it to the train platform on time, located at Belgrave in Victoria Australia.

Hint: It’s been hugely known for many generations…


Yes, you guessed it. Puffing Billy – Australia’s favorite Steam train. We parked the car on the other side off the station, grabbed our bags and off we went.

Ā Having been on this particular train when I was 12 or 13yrs old I knew we were yet again in for a fun filled journey.

Having then arrives on the ticket office, with a woman calling us over to get our train tickets, we walked on when a Conductor was awaiting us to stamp our ticket for the start of our journey, what happened next was unbelievable …

… the atmosphere! – lots of people, many of them tourists visiting the area , children in prams/on their dad’s shoulders/holding their grandparents hands, some sequel others can’t stop smiling. We walk past the end carriages towards the front, some are reserved for Tourist groups traveling to Menzies Creek. The majority of travelers have found a seat in the open carriages, we walk a bit further to the front + hop on to the train.

The Head Conductor comes along adding to the excitement of the journey with Australia’s best preserved steam locomotive along Australia’s finest preserved railway.

I hear an announcement: ‘Two minutes to departure, two minutes to departure !‘, I inform my boyfriend that traveling on Puffing Billy is unique & not complete without sitting on the side, looking out the window while literally dangling your feet off the train – enjoying this wonderful scenery + many amazing views, this goes for everyone young + old…

My Partner had been on the train when we was very young so he doesn’t remember, but boy.. he felt like a kid in a candy store! His smile spoke volumes.


We got off at Lakeside, where we had our lunch before getting back on the train to continue our journey on the trains final stop at Gembrook. My hands were frozen and the rainy weather did indeed add to the atmosphere…I could have easily worn a scarf, gloves and beanie…just mind the fact that it is Summer here in Australia (I was just super cold because of all the wind while traveling).

It was an incredible journey all the way to Gembrook station where we heading in to Charlotte’s on Main. Charlotte’s is a cute cozy cafe which allows to fully relax + rewind before taking the train back…home.

Ā Ā  IMG_1164

To all of you out there, who have always wanted to go and visit this beautiful country, to those who live in the area + to those in other parts of the country,Ā  Travel on Puffing Billy or simplyĀ  enjoy the incredible scenery – it is worth every dollar and cent!

Because of this business operating predominately on a volunteer basis, I truly hope + wish for future generations to enjoy this beautiful journey for many, many years to come !




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New. OOTD. Fashion.Beauty. Inspiration

Hello all Fashionistas, beauties and all those who somehow can relate to my Blog.

Happy 2015 to you all! May it be a year filled with unconditional love and happiness, good health and joy.
This is my very first post for this new year + my Blog will thrive even more now – since my first ever post in June of 2014. So I am very excited to offer you more to inspire to and more to read while also offering more insight into fabulous adventures and vacations I have been on while of course also posting Fashion advice especially on my OOTD’s.

Today’s outfit of the day… just mind the 41Degrees outside haha. This OOTD I pulled together using ideas based on this seasons summer fashion items while of course sticking to my own tastes and likes. Like always all items are affordable while I also like to mix and match with high end fashion and some basic trends.


White Shirt, bought from CottonOn $10.00AUD (online purchases available, for my international followers please double check!!)

Pants, bought from Target on Clearance Sale

Shoes, a Christmas gift from my brother but can be purchased through CottonOn Australia

Accessories this time it’s this stunning floral headpiece, which was bought through Cotton On Australia.

I hope that I am able to inspire you + remind you that you all are beautiful!

Happy New Year,


Spring Day + Fashion = OOTD

Spring Day + Fashion = OOTD

Having just come back from a nice well earned Lunch date with my other half, so has the eagerness of writing another Blog Post. (Clearly I do enjoy my creative writing opportunities haha)

I have come to realize that it has been quite a while since i last wrote an OOTD / Fashion Post, so today you are totally in luck!

As it is still officially Spring here in the south eastern corner of Australia, so has of course the fashion and clothing choices. From snug booties, skinny jeans and coats, the choices are now floating between midi skirts, dresses, a light jacket if it is a coolish day or morning.

So, today’s outfit of the day has been summertime inspired. Maxi dress and a light jacket which happens to be my favorite jeans jacket, a nice pair of flats and my favorite pair of sunglasses.

While my car became uncomfortably hot during my drive to my lunch location, with me opening the windows to cool down, the day in itself did not. It was blue sky and sun rays but to no extreme heatwave after all it is still Spring.

I hope you enjoy the Photographs and I hope that they somehow inspire your fashion choices this summer season.

Sending Love & Light,

A. x