Birthday Surprise


While everyone else spends their Sunday lazing around or getting organised for the new week, We got other things we can do with our such valuable time, such as celebrating our gorgeous friends birthday!

Our idea of a gift turned into a clue filled trip away lasting a mere 12 hours filled with incredible memories and so much fun!!!

How it all went down:

We were invited to her birthday celebrations in the city recently and there she got her very first clue … instead of a present as the surprise was yet to come.

October 15th was your birthday,
Hip Hip and Hooray!
We have a surprise for you,
This is all we can say.
Please pick a day – an entire Saturday will suit best.
So Us three can head North, South, East and West!

We (Andrew and I)  both knew she is similar to Us as she loves beauty as much as I do + the outdoors just like Andrew does, so we came up with organizing a trip filled with clues which she would need to solve in order to find out what the surprise was. The entire trip took place in Healesville, Victoria – Australia.

Yesterday our friend Katherine came to my house at 8 am before we headed to my boyfriend’s place to pick him up and have Us all drive to our first destination. Katherine got blindfolded as we knew she used to live along the way, plus it would have been a bit ‘too boring’ without a blindfold.

Clue #2
Today is the day of the surprise to come true,
We hope you are ready to figure out your next clue.
It comes with a selection of a wide range of foods,
Which without a doubt tickle everyone’s individual mood.
With locations in yet only two states,
But a great place to catch up with your mates.

The answer to this clue was Breakfast at the well known Beechworth Bakery in Healesville, this surprise was of course well received too, as she had only ever been there once before. Don’t get me talking on the food, it is absolutely delicious.


After breakfast it was time for the next clue 🙂

Clue #3
Now it is off to a location very nice,
Yes, it is another part of this great surprise.
Your wallet, phone and keys you won’t need, but a good mindset indeed.
It is time to unwind and leave the daily chores behind.
Enjoy this special moment to refresh and re-energize.

Her grin when we arrived was priceless. It was a 1 hour Aroma Therapy massage, included with hot stones and the best masseuses available of course at no other location than Piaf Day Spa. She absolutely LOVED it. She was so super relaxed and glowing after her treatment! By then the next clue was already on it’s way:

Clue #4
But wait there is more – believe it or not,
Few places we can go, while owners await,
Our verdict very fast – before it ‘s too late,
Too many to taste  – “Oh my … what will be?  “,
Too dry, too sweet before you pick.
A glass or two of course changed to a bottle,
But please make sure you do not waddle.
Yes, here we are – let it begin.
 ‘Prost’ and ‘Cheers’ is your next hint.

This clue allowed plenty of time and variation, as the hint suggests it included the travel to almost every single winery in the area (LITERALLY!), where we tasted some wines and picked a few favorites 😉

Some of those wineries included, are Boat O’Craigo, a small Australian distillery at Four Pillars before we moved on to another magical place which you might be able to figure out through reading this next clue below.

Clue #5
This place has locations across Australia
and will take Us away on a journey so far.
Young children everywhere will like this one too,
with offerings and tastings that brighten your mood.
From light to dark and sweet to sour
while others rush here every single hour!
It comes with passion and indulgence … let’s not forget creativity
The word has nine letters and tastes super sweet.

After our trip to the Chocolatier at Healesville off we were for some more wine tastings 🙂

Yarrawood Estate, Balgownie Estate Vinyard Resort & Spa, Fergusson Winery and Restaurant , De Bortoli which allowed some space for a mini cheese factory allowing Us to taste some of their cheese, we then  Sutherland Estate

We then continued on to visit Shantell Vinyard right next door… then it was off to the last two wineries, Dixons Creek Winery (Graeme Miller Wines) and last but not least Mandala Wines

We had the most incredible time, chatting to the winemakers and vinyard owners and getting a whole heap of knowledge from them and how they operate in this so diverse yet competitive industry.

By now we were all a bit tired and wanted some time to simply relax, so off it was to Maroondah Reservoir, before the last surprise was announced:

Dinner at Yarra Valley Harvest.

It was amazing, the entire trip was so much fun and we definitely created the best and most amazing memories yet, in addition we set the stakes quite high too  😉



For anyone wanting to know some details:

The riddle was written by myself and has copyright restrictions!

The trip was planned by both my amazing partner Andrew (applause for him please) and myself

Biggest thanks to Andrew for this amazing day!

AK. xx


The natural way to B e a u t y

How important is Beauty to you?

When thinking of this specific word do you think of someone who wears makeup?

Seen cake faces anyone?

What about dehydrated and dull looking skin?

Problem skin?

 Yes, thought so…

Beauty should be set out to a limit of enhancing one’s natural beauty, if you have beautiful eyes enhance them by wearing some mascara, eye shadow or even eye liner, if you have strong cheekbones wear some blush and so on so forth. Of course suited to your individual style. There is a major difference in enhancing beauty and painting on makeup, remember this one Ladies!

Over the years I have learnt how important it is to look after your skin, to keep it glowing and healthy not to mention hydrated with only a few makeup products and no foundation.

As I have quite sensitive skin it has always been hard for me to find a product that is a) naturally derived and b) helps my skin for a long time to come and does not let me down after a few weeks.


I have come across MILK by Michael and Lindy Klim and am already amazing by the results. From beauty wipes, makeup remover, invigorating bodyscrub and body moisturizer not to forget the face moisturizer in HER range by Lindy Klim. These products are all 95% naturally derived and are only a few natural products out of the millions and millions we hear about which are chemically put together.

I mean seriously, who does not like the look and smell of a nice Chanel moisturiser? But sometimes it is better to go back to your natural roots and take my word for it when I say that everything about MILK is simple yet beautiful so you can’t go wrong. While there is only a handful of women’s products the company has an entire Men’s beauty range… But ladies listen out for when your man starts talking about how he needs beauty sleep or a face mask he’s secretly admitting some love towards these great products.

Just remember, it is up to you what you put on your skin but the results will show later in life.

24 Hour Fall City Guide

Hello Y’All,

having been asked by Eventbrite to put together a twenty four fall city guide for my city

–  Melbourne, Australia –

Eventbrite is a platform which brings people together through live events, so the wonderful opportunity of being able to give other readers / bloggers / travel enthusiasts / adventure seekers insight into what my city has to offer is absolutely exciting.

“The sky is starting to look dull,

the wind is picking up with bare trees standing side by side,

their leaves flying through the air.”

For some it is the time of year to get cozy, for others it is time to go out to explore. Why not grab a friend, your partner, husband or family and follow this guide to make the most out of this beautiful  of Melbourne, Australia on Australia’s East Coast.

The perfect way to start your Fall adventure would be by attending the Food and Wine festival, run between March 4 – 13 annually. This festival celebrates Food and Wine throughout Melbourne and other venues across regional Victoria.

For more information head to:


#winetastings    #gourmetfood

Also a great place to visit is Melbourne’s Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex or  Melbourne Central or Bourke Street Mall for a bit of shopping to get the most out of your retail visit.

For those wanting to get the ultimate experience though, take a ride on the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle to explore the city, lush gardens, precincts and loads more, but make sure to bring your camera for those happy-touristy-snaps to show all your friends and family!

Those who are more so keen on enjoying the outdoors and nature can head into the Dandenong Ranges at Belgrave to visit one of the most incredible family attractions of all –  a ride of Australia’s most well preserved steam train Puffing Billy.

Now here’s some adventures for young and old! Do not forget to follow the tradition of dangling your feet out the side sit-on windows for a magical outing, perfect for all however families with children are encouraged to take this trip of a lifetime which will long stick in their memory! A visit to local cafe’s and restaurants at Belgrave gives lots of options once your tummy starts rumbling.

 — please remember to follow staff safety instructions at all times —




For those wanting to re-energize in natural mineral springs, taste gourmet food and stay in luxurious accommodation, and want to spend some quality time at one of the many spa’s for a massage to relax and rewind head to Peninsula Hot Springs in Mornington or Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa in Daylesford, both of them are hands down amazing experiences when it comes to relaxation, also offering a variety of treatments including couple massages, facials and seasonal packages. A definite “thumbs up!”

This is your basic guide of exploring Melbourne and the inner city as well as surrounding places.

Enjoy your stay, twenty four hours start … NOW! 

Hope to see you soon.

Have you got an event you want to plan in order to get people together and have a great time or simply make new friends or find others who may have something in common with you, sign up right here Eventbrite

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