Autumn Fashion Today’s #OOTD

While it has been some time since my last post, apologies to you all. I was away on location for the last week or so and due to the area there I have no internet connection, so there is absolutely no point in me bringing my notebook. #thumbsdown

Today, i thought I would post a bit more on fashion Inspo for Autumn, the weather here in Melbourne has been phenomenal. ‘Sunny and warm one day – cool and a chilly wind the next…’

While my fashion taste buds have gone super crazy, I would like for you all to be able to get some inspiration for your fashion over the cooler months so I have made my decision to show you today’s #OOTD

While I seem to be always on -the-go with some of the newest trends, I do not follow them as such. I personally just choose through inspiration and make it my own. Ladies this is one thing to remember, whatever you would like to wear … do it! As long as a woman has the confidence to pull of fashion item or trend everything is fashionable. #makeastatement

Today’s OOTD


Jacket from Target Australia

Jumper (it is super comfy and cozy!!!) from

Jeans from OR as seen below from Danni Minogue‘s Petite Collection available at Target Australia (wearing navy blue)

Booties from Target Australia


I hope this give a bit of a guide and inspiration to this season’s trends.

FASHION ADVICE —->>>> I did recycle my booties, coat and accessories! <<<<—- FASHION ADVICE

#oldtonew   #fashion   #statement   #Autumn15


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