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Erica Brooke, she has to be one of my favourite natural skincare experts right this moment. All of her skincare is made 100% natural. Forget chemical, parabens , GMO’s, harsh fragrances and anything else that can in one way or another damage the largest organ of our body – our skin!

Ericas’ skincare range started way back in 2006 and has grown ever since. So I ask you to please check out her range (I cannot speak highly enough of it!) and join Us alongside her on the journey to rid the world of toxic chemicals, animal testing as well as any misconceptions about ingredients.

Having just recently come across her deodorant creme in wildflowers, its amazing and 100% natural. Having had good reviews gives a positive outlook on a product however reading the ingredients list makes it much more worthwhile.

Check out Erica Brooke’s Skincare range here:


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Seed. Plant. Harvest

With Autumn now happening here on the East Coast of Australia, or as one wants to refer to as ‘happening in the slowest of paces’ with temperatures still within the 30’s. Our passion for gardening had had my Partner and I literally head to our Garden Centre Bunnings twice in the last twenty-four hours.

What a bargain we made though!

Gardening pots for only two bucks, so cheap when the original price was eighteen dollars …

This makes you question how expensive gardening can become don’t it?

Anyhow, as herbs are currently a big ‘go to, easy to do’ kinda thing, we sure did buy some seeds which we then planted in our new pots.

Let me note here that my Partner was wrapped all the way home from the store and while planting the seeds to have found this incredible bargain, that we ended up going back for a second purchase of another two pots! Who could blame him?!

After planting and having added a teeny tiny bit of fertilizer, my significant other half kept running outside to see if any of the seeds have started growing yet


The herbs we planted are parsley, rosemary, dill, chives and basil but we decided to also seed european kohlrabi as well as some lavender.

Please check back here for updates on how things are growing !

img_7489.jpgSeed. Plant & Harvest

If you are a gardener, have a passion for the outdoors and/or gardening or simply are just interested in planting a few “bits and pieces”, we would love to hear from you.

Until then, take care from


A new addition to your vocabulary: “Oil Pulling”

A new addition to your vocabulary: “Oil Pulling”

Right… I can see all theses ???  hovering over your heads. What is it? How does it work? What does it have to do with? Why on earth have I never heard of this before?

Well.. oil pulling refers to using unrefined, cold pressed Coconut Oil (yes, the one you can purchase from the Supermarket) in your Oral Hygiene. Fancy all the terminology but I am not a dentist, but I do like to say that I am quite impressed by this new way of incorporating Coconut Oil into my health, even though there is so many other different benefits for it already, I am talking hair, skin, you name it.

So, by doing the ‘Oil pulling’ experience you brush your teeth (of course a no brainer!) in the morning + you guessed it at night time too, then get one teaspoon of coconut oil out of the jar & swish it around in your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes after brushing your pearly whites or until the oil turns thin and a milky white, flush down the sink afterwards.

Not only does the oil protect your teeth, it also whitens and keeps your breath fresh and mouth healthy and clean, according to the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. Of course it is not the best of ideas to use oil pulling to treat tooth decay but rather use it as a mouth rinse for prevention. Tada!

I have incorporated this routine and so far am going to see how I go of course there are many benefits to using Coconut Oil already so it is definitely looking positive promising.

Why don’t you try it? Tonight? Or how about in the morning? Everyone loves benefits so you can’t go wrong. To the Guys and Men out there… take note: a new beauty regime for everyone…and it’s great for couples too 😉 who doesn’t like sitting in bed or on the couch with their significant other swishing coconut oil around in their mouth at night before bed.

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Happy Sunday to you all!

A. x