One hashtag yet so many different words which can be summed up.

Being a city girl, it has always been a dream of mine to see what it is like living in the country, on a farm, away from all the “hussle and bussle” of the stressful and never ending city life. Away from all the traffic and peak hours trips to/from the city, to a place where I am able to find myself, adjust to this change and be okay with it, reach deep into my soul and find peace. A place where everyone greets everyone and any help is always available.

Taking a step into the unknown, meeting a variety of farmers, contractors and individuals along the way has started an incredible yet fun journey to find out as much as I can about how these people who ‘live further out of town‘. Those people with tractors, quad bikes, farm animals, bob cat machinery, wineries, thousands of dairy cattle and the list goes on.

How do I really feel about it all?

I feel content.

I also feel happiness yet a bit lost in translation when it comes to speaking about which seed mix to use to get the best quality grass or whether to use a rye/clover mixture, all I know about clover is that horses and cows love it and us humans like to find those four leaf ones for luck.

I am also slightly lost when it comes to which cattle to buy at the next market or which contractor to call up to do some work on the property, whether to work before or after breakfast or when to simply take a breather. Of course it is a learning experience, something that is very interesting and things that are a must-know.

While I have never imagined myself in the #countryside painting .. yet alone painting and putting together a chicken coop, rescuing a baby wombat (his name is Erik, #ErikTheWombat on Instagram), driving a tractor, helping to load bales of hay while chasing the farm dog through the hay shed or simply enjoying the peace and quiet nature brings to us by dining alfresco or strolling through the grown super green grass enjoying the morning sun, breathing in the cool fresh air.

While surely many of you would cast doubt on whether or not this Lifestyle is for you, I certainly am open to the challenges. Challenges I will not back away from, but rather enjoy and try to conquer with positive vibes, as life is a journey and not a destination.


Seven Wonders


 While typing away on my keypad, I must admit that I am confident that this great product will help my skin become better, healthier and more radiant then it has ever been.

Those of you who have followed my Blog, know me personally or have just started following my take on how to best live life to its fullest through my Lifestyle Editorial, know, that it is very very rare to see me with no makeup, completely bare (in the face only of course, for those small misinterpretations that can occur!).


To be purely, 100% honest … it is because, make up makes me feel confident, beautiful, pretty and all those things. Putting on makeup makes me feel like as if I can step further out of my comfort zone, it sounds so silly …, the reason why I have decided to take a break from wearing makeup is because I want to let my skin recover from all the chemicals and toxins that are present within those beauty products. Of course my parents would always tell me

” be natural and let your skin breathe “

Good Lord – how right my parents are! In addition, of course, the opposite sex: my boyfriend, who has been telling me how beautiful I look on days where I was literally not wearing anything except for a nice moisturiser, so that has certainly made me think as well.

Having just very recently purchased the Seven Wonders 100% Natural, Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum. I am in love with this great beauty buy. It is great in liquid texture (not too runny or too thick) and takes less then a few seconds to absorb into the skin. Having only used it for a few days, my skin looks a lot healthier, brighter and more radiant.

All you need to do is take a small amount and rub in.

“I am positive that one out of the Seven Wonders has already started to transformed my skin .. lets see what else is to come” 😉