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It certainly has been quite some time since I have posted on BlondieLovesGinger – please understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and priorities need to be set in which this blog did not make the cut to be a priority at that time, however things have started to look better and brighter –¬† both my partner and I are back at writing for you all through our Lifestyle Blog.

Let me start of by saying that both of Us take our health very seriously. We like to be fit and like to live an active lifestyle which does take place outdoors. We love nature, enjoy exploring and personally I believe that it is a lot better to head out on a walk/hike/bikeride or other then to run the miles in an enclosed environment such as a gym or fitness studio, however in saying that, the cooler weather makes the fitness studio more appealing ūüėČ

I have just recently thought about that there must be other options than Post Workout Protein Powders which are pre-mixed commercially, available in absolutely any sizing…yes I am looking at all of you men out there bulking up to look like the next Hulk. To live healthily, these already processed foods cannot be good.

I have therefore decided to find out what ingredients our body needs especially after a workout to allow the same effect as a protein shake purchased from our fitness studio or supermarket.

I am a lover of smoothies and I am pretty sure I have won my partner over with it as well ūüôā For my personal post workout “protein shake” I have decided to add various fruits/veggies and quark. Quark is high in protein and low in fat AND because of its high level of casein (a slow release protein)¬† does help with muscle build.

For this particular post workout smoothie recipe  which you have seen on my Instagram I used:

1 Banana, handful of green kale, handful of baby spinach leaves, one fig, handful of frozen mango and a handful of frozen blueberries and a big spoon of quark. All of these ingredients can be purchased at your supermarket.








OOTD Autumn2016

OOTD Autumn2016

Goodness me.. it certainly has been a very long time since I have posted any #OutfitOfTheDay posts. Well, you know .. time flies as they say and I could not agree more.

While the hot Summer days are more or less over now and Autumn has decided to finally mark its presence, so are my #AnotherOutfitOfTheDay blog posts. ūüôā

Who thinks Autumn is great for taking Fitness, Health and Wellness a lot more serious now then to squeeze through the hot early mornings where it is already well up to thirty degrees before 8 AM!

My partner and I both enjoy keeping fit, we currently attend Derrimut 24:7 in the South eastern suburbs every so often. We also enjoy the outdoors and loooove to chill out over the nice cup of tea and a good book, however we have also decided to keep well active and healthy over winter to not get any ideas of putting on the winter weight. ūüėģ

Autumn is the time to rug up, put on your runners and head outside.Brace the wind, the showers of rain, the leaves which have turned into beautiful autumn colors and are now falling off the trees and enjoy the pure nature and this incredible season.

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One chance – One Goal

We all have our own ambitions and goals in life, which, we somehow want to achieve. Whether it is buying our very own house, opening our own business, doing a degree at University or working towards a life long goal, it is up to ourselves personally how we want to work towards it.

Mark has had one only specific goal since he was 12 years old. The goal of playing soccer at professional level.

He is very much into the sport of Soccer, can be found on the pitch a lot of the times and has got the opportunity to trial at Soccer Clubs overseas including specifically the United Kingdom and Germany. I very much admire his determination, commitment and dedication to the sport and envy his incredible fitness…who wouldn’t?

Now to supporting him for his goal: I am asking you to please have a read through the following link below to understand + for him to tell you

‘His Story’

It’s always good to be kind and pay kindness forward, now it is your turn to please donate + keep sharing this link.

End 2015 with a BANG!

Lets Go!

With Love from

Blondie Loves Ginger


Halls Gap and the Grampians

Halls Gap and the Grampians

After being in desperate need of ‘ time out ‘ from work, the decision to head away with two of my girl friends could not have come quick enough. After meeting up over coffee a few weeks prior, the organizing and planning stages were done and dusted!

Come Friday morning and off we went … car packed … GPS on … chatter + gossip all the way there, but I ain’t tellin’! Location of our mini vacation was Halls Gap right in the heart of The Grampians. Most appealing the vast variety of natural bush land, wildlife and the pure peace and quiet once we were there. My body + soul were so relaxed that my brain was just in cruise mode, when normally it is in overthinking, stressing out, let’s make sure there is no sleep tonight mode, so it was such a relaxing feeling.


While we arrived at our accommodation at around 2pm in the afternoon, allowing Us to ‘settle in’ unpack, rewind, check out where we actually are and what this well known town is all about. Yes, it was school holidays at the time so it is my advice to you to book your stay EARLY.

Halls Gap itself is surrounded by bush land, lots and lots and lots of it so it was part of our stay to stay fit and healthy, working out and eating healthy was a priority for myself as it is easy to fall into this mode off

” I am on holidays, I can eat whatever I feel like now.”


IMG_5406  \


So while still eating healthy, we did splurge on some wines with cheese and crackers. #Sshhh

¬†I was certain not to let myself fall into this trap a second time around! The decision was made to go hiking … of course when you do … you pick the hardest track first, don’t you? #commonsense

The Pinnacle Track

  • it is tough but worth it!
  • wear the right shoes
  • wear a hat + sunscreen (so important!)
  • carry a backpack with food + water

This track was the most incredible hike I have ever been on, the lookout places along the way is what keeps you going, and trust me when I say that once you have started this track you finish it, despite sweat, tears, wanting to quit because your legs can’t keep up.

Once you have reached The Pinnacle (the very top of the mountain) all that hiking up has paid off. You feel like you’re on top of the world (literally!), while the walk downhill back into town is another story.

IMG_5313              IMG_5367 IMG_5329

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Good morning y’all,

Yes, it is currently 6AM here on the East Coast & yes I am up quite early with a nice cup of hot lemon to get me going for the day, oh and yes it is Sunday but to me it is simply like any other day of the week just a little more casual + relaxed.

Towards the end of 2014, I joined #themovement.¬†Kayla’s Army… is a group of people, yes both nationally and global simply working out three days a week with 30minute sessions. The aim is to transform yourself to a leaner, more toned, healthy self. “The Movement” has been developed by the incredible Kayla Itsines, who herself has studied Fitness and soon realised while working as a PT instructor that most of the workouts were quite ‘flat’ to put it nicely. The workouts were not challenging enough so she developed BBG (Bikini Body Guide 1.0), it is the very first guide out of the lot that are available on her site.

#joinup  #fitness  #workout  #bestbodyforward

I myself had finished Guide 1.0 but took a somewhat bigger break over the festive season and Christmas so here I am again starting with that Week 1 BBG 1.0. It does work, let me clarify that. The Guide comes in the form on an e-Book, the duration of the workout sessions are divided well over the 7day week and to be quite honest it is the best book I have come across. It allows your body to adjust and transform through a variety of exercises over the duration of a twelve week period while of course also eating healthy.


When I talk to someone about eating healthy + having a healthy lifestyle, I mean the obvious no junk foods or microwavable meals and yes you guessed it, no sugar! While yet so many foods are hugely processed and otherwise would not exist, I follow a Paleo … dare do I say it … diet. Now let me make it clear that a Paleo Diet is nothing more than eating the things we have been for more than thousands of years of evolution. Go back so many years, there was no Chips, there was no bread, there was no dairy in terms of prepackaged cheeses at the supermarket or Up & Go Breakfast drinks.

The Paleo Diet helps you to eliminate those foods, that through the research and food studies which have been done, otherwise never ever did exist. Thousands of years ago, us humans lived primarily a healthy life by eating a lot of vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts + healthy fats. These days we have millions of options of what to eat on a daily basis it is up to you to make the right choices. The Cookbook and amazing recipes for the Paleo lovers is available here.

While I do follow a healthy and active lifestyle I DO NOT diet despite the name ‘Paleo Diet’. I eat those food products that have been available to us from thousands of years ago.

While reading this, I hope you get motivated to sign up to the Bikini Body Guides and start to learn about yourself, your goals, your dreams, as well as your limitations (these can be well and truly overcome). You will transform yourself to that healthy individual you have always wanted to be.


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Trust me when I say you will be craving those daily workouts.

Happy Sunday to you all,

A. x

Blogging 101: Summer Workouts and all year round

It being now October, meaning Spring is officially here and provides warmer, longer and sunnier days. Finally being able to shed the layers and so also the extra kilos put on over the winter months.

Finally getting back into my routine of 5:30am wake ups and the urge to work out and get into shape. However having worked with various PT’s in the past and loads of different workout routines which all have done not a whole lot of difference which made me think of how I can best get results and a workout I am motivated to do with results of course.

So I basically surfed the Net and with Social Network these days I came across the incredible Kayla Itsines who works within the Fitness Industry as a Personal trainer and literally gives the best motivations and with her work out I can actually see results, see for yourself when you purchase her book Bikini Body Guide 1.0

I have purchase both her Guide and nutritional Books and am following her weekly work outs almost religiously where I can, in between work and other commitments.

If you want results, start now! Summer is only a few mere weeks away. Remember also to be proud of how you look as you are all beautiful and gorgeous in your own ways. If you would like to purchase her books please click the link above ūüôā

A. x