Another Stop on the Map

Another Stop on the Map

Sure enough anyone has at some Stage in their Life had this incredible urge to travel or simply said, packed their bags and see where it takes them. Some of you, yes that includes you reading this post have traveled to regional places within your State, some of you have traveled Nationally within the Country you reside in, however that tiny percentage of you Individuals out there have taken the plunge and traveled Internationally! Where did you go? And why did you go there?

I have traveled a lot throughout my Childhood but I must say that the best trip I have ever taken was the Beechworth Bakery Road Trip. The trip involved traveling throughout States of Australia visiting the 6 Beechworth Bakeries.

Before I go further, I know exactly what you are thinking right this moment… why would someone like me travel to six Bakeries which are all basically the same? Well guess what, I traveled there because of the History. The History of the Bakery and how it has grown and developed into a nationally recognized Tourism Attraction over the last few decades as well as the History of the Towns the bakeries are located in.

Ballarat in Victoria

The Town has enjoyed a rich and prosperous time during the Gold Rush which began in 1851.  So while driving through the town, the richness of the town is clearly visible. From wide streets with beautiful architecture to cute little cafe’s and shops along the streets. The Beechworth Bakery was located just out the Main Street and apart from the delicious Breakfast I had there, the town was super stunning. So if you have the chance it’s definitely worth a visit.

 Bendigo in Victoria

Having driven along towards Bendigo, the state of Victoria has heaps to offer, from beautiful wildlife and birds to beautiful country sites. Bendigo itself, also went through a Gold Rush similar to than of Ballarat however experienced a reversal of fortune in the early 20th Century. Major features of the City of Greater Bendigo include the Greater Bendigo National Park, the Heathcote-Graytown National Park, the Bendigo Regional Park, Lake Eppalock, Lake Weeroona, Ironbark Lookout, One Tree Hill Lookout, the Bendigo CBD, Lansell Plaza, Bendigo Art Gallery, Central Deborah Gold Mine, Discovery of Gold Monument, Campaspe Run Rural Discovery Centre, the Discovery Science & Technology Centre, the Bendigo Tramways Museum, the Golden Dragon Museum, the Chinese Gardens, Bendigo Pottery, Sweenies Creek Pottery, Goldfields Mohair Farm, Hartlands Eucalyptus Factory, White Hills Botanic Gardens, Bendigo Racecourse, Diamond Hill Historic Reserve, the Campaspe River and numerous wineries. And among all these wonderful attraction is indeed room for a Bakery, located just at the very start of the Main Street – a great place for an afternoon coffee, a lunch or just a place to relax.

Echuca in Victoria

This is by far the most beautiful place i have ever been too. Located along the banks of the Murray River and Campaspe River. Featuring Paddle Steamers and a simply breathtaking Main Street – I feel like I am enthusiasically repeating myself at every town we stopped by but ah ah ah, not so fast, there is heaps to do and see. And while you are there visit the Bakery…

Albury in New South Wales (yes!!! we did cross the border)

I do not mean to offend anyone, if I do my apologies. This town was my least favorite. Why? The town was very spread out and felt more like a needle in a haystack kind of situation. Compared to the history of the other towns there was simply not much off it and goodness me when I start talking about the Bakery but seriously… I literally had to Google map the Bakery to find where it was, any guesses? The location within Albury was correct however the location found was a different story. The bakery was inside a Shopping Complex or Mall and resembled more like a Corner Cafe then anything else ( I really hope I do not lose my right to my own opinion after this article is finished!)


The origin of the Bakery. A place rich of history and tourist attraction among beautiful scenery. This town was jaw-dropping, incredibly stunning architecture that when I talk about it I still catch myself smiling every time. The memories of history  this place has are incredible. Being a very preserved country town located North East of the State of Victoria and believe it or not very famous for its major growth during the Gold Rush times and of course some notable figures who once lived in and around Beechworth or grew up here, Robert O’Hara Burke, Ned Kelly, George Kerferd and John Buckley Castieu. If you ever happen to visit this stunning town make sure to also sign up for the Guided walking tours at the Information Centre to get a better understanding of the history and its people in a fun filled way.

Healesville in Victoria

Healesville in Victoria within the Shire of the Yarra Ranges

What can I say, a beautiful country town just 52km north-east from Melbourne’s Central Business District. When you drive through the town, the buildings, the main street and its people are all wonderful. And the Bakery foods are a treat and so delicious! ( but sshhh the fact that my Partner put on 3 kgs over the two Day Roadtrip)


The Holy Grail in Beauty

The Holy Grail in Beauty

Here we are finding ourselves within the large space of our Local Supermarket franticly trying to find the new lotion for beautiful skin. The brands such as L’Oreal, Dove, Garnier, Nivea are just ready to jump at us off the shelf. We think. We read. We check the price. We think again. And we make the ultimate decision…

I often feel that there are beauty products out there which are sounding absolutely amazing and the ingredients aren’t too complicated to investigate until words such as Benzyl Benzoate make the rounds through your head,and we end up searching through our iPhone to find the google app in order to work out what the ingredient actually stands for in simple terms. Once found – understood – the ingredient can’t be so bad, however all beauty products aren’t just made naturally some with harmful chemicals and ingredients dangerous and toxic to your health and overall wellbeing!

Since I have joined those individuals who want to do the best for their. Body. I have come across a product which can be used for beauty routines, in cooking and for literally everything – yes you got it… Coconut Oil.

In my home Coconut Oil is the only Ingredient which wonders between the Pantry and my Bathroom. I use it in my cooking as a substitute of other cooking oils and I also use it as a moisturiser for my skin and hair for growth. Not I my does it smell great, but it also does require only a small amount of heat, such S holding the oil in the palm of your hand.

Personally I use unrefined Coconut Oil, which has not been processed to the extend of being made into a chemically infused do called beauty product but rather is the closest you would get to Natural Coconut Oil.

I believe it to be the Holy Grail as it is useful for so much and it certainly is a favorite of mine and I think every Beauty should keep a jar in their Pantry… Just in case 😉



Before I go any further and have all the men here in hysterics about their Partners, Girlfriends and Wives mentioning how they have spent some time with frank in the shower – let me explain first. – Frank is a Coffee Bodyscrub!

Not only is it perfect for a primer before a fake tan, yet it is also incredible for targeting cellulite, stretchmarks, acne, varicose veins and eczema. Further Frank will smooth lumps and bumps with brown sugar and sea salt, moisturize your skin with cold pressed sweet almond oil & use vitamins and minerals to work wonders from the outside in.
In addition the orange essence will make you smell divine …

Let’s Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean here – Frank Body

OOTD -#6

Coming to the more cooler Weather now that July is about to start also, I have decided to go for knit fashion, ranging from cardigans to jumpers – I have fallen in love with this beautiful sparkly piece.

It is seriously comfortable (I was worried as the sparkles might make my skin itchy!)

Besides it can be paired with a nice pair of Skinny Jeans and Boots, Heels or Flats whatever you’d like to wear.

Definitely a Statement Piece, see below where I purchased it from!!

Jumper: Target