6 Stops 1 Ticket = Travel experience

6 Stops 1 Ticket = Travel experience

From Melbourne to Dubai to Paris to Istanbul to Dublin to Belfast

Thank you for the lovely Gifts I received today. I love beauty products, my favorite is Christian Dior.

A beautiful feminine and romantic fragrance, with it’s main accords of patchouli, rose, citrus, warm spice and earth tones.

Being much softer than Coco Mademoiselle with a unique composition and more feminine softness.

Love this Fragrance!


A Beautiful Fragrance for a Beautiful Lady



Dior J’adore L’or, a Women’s Fragrance by Beauty Bestseller Dior.

This Perfume is personally my Favorite, presented in an elegant bottle & given to me as a Christmas Present by my wonderful Boyfriend. A Fragrance which intensifies Feminism, Sophistication and Classiness. This Perfume is so very beautiful, lasts throughout the day and is the best Product, Beauty Giant Dior has ever produced. J’adore L’or is a fragrance which has to be worn by a specific type of Person, mature and feminine, classy and sexy yet sophisticated.

The packaging is exclusive with an inner and outer Box, a small Card, and the Perfume being hand packaged  it is beautiful to feel how Dior puts some exclusivity back into their Mass Products of Fragrances.