Beauty in it’s simplest form

Beauty in it’s simplest form

Hello all, especially those aching to read my Beauty Posts that happen to appear on my page every now and again. Ladies… we all have our very intense / loving relationship with the variety of Makeup products ranging from Department Stores to Chain Stores and Supermarkets world wide.

My Make Up does vary between the seasons but not majorly. For example, I have always stuck to my Chanel Mat Foundation, a product that I literally swear by. It gives even coverage and smells divine. Further I go weak at the knees for a sun-kissed Glow with my Maybelline Bronzer, being able to look revived & refreshed and have that healthy glow all of us Women crave is hugely important to me. While I also go with a near nude Blush which gives my cheek a nice sparkle + my extra black Mascara which gives so much Volume while looking natural. Of course I have an ultra favorite product which I am in love with… Dior J’adore. My favorite fragrance given to me by my Partner, he has a heart of gold + the most handsome smile (no no… this is not going to turn into a Love Story now ha ha)

The items I use are affordable and can even be purchased online through various other sources:

My number one beauty product all year round, is

Dove Summer Glow – Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion in medium to dark skin $10,00AUD bought at my local Coles Supermarket.


My favorite…Mat Lumiere long lasting fluid foundation SPF15 by Chanel, purchased at Myer Australia $88,00AUD.


Rimmel London WAKE ME UP Foundation SPF15 in soft beige, gives a radiant glow and shows no signs of fatigued skin whatsoever. $15,50AUD bought at Coles Supermarket


Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm $3,00AUD bought at Coles Supermarket to give your lips shine and a healthy pearly glow.


Great Lash Mascara in blackest black, $14,00AUD Coles Supermarket


Maybelline New York, Dream Sun bronzing Powder $18,00 AUD Coles Supermarket


+ finally Maybelline New York, FIT me! medium nude blush powder $15,00AUD Coles Supermarket


Look flawless every single time #MakeUpOfThe Day #MOTD #skin&body

Make your skin glow!

A. xx


Todays OOTD

Hi all,

hope you all had a wonderful festive season,  I am still happily enjoying the precious moments that happened over the last few days and of course having my Grandparents here to celebrate this wonderful Season.

Of course most of you (exactly, just like myself) get all worried about Outfits, and what to wear to each occasion, lunch with the soon-to-be in-laws, a family dinner, birthday celebrations and of course New Years Eve.

Personally, I literally check the weather twice before I decide on an outfit, call me crazy but that’s just who I am, ha ha!

So, with today’s decision I finally got my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) + am super happy with it as it goes with the weather and isn’t too party-like and not too low-key either…so basically it’s just right.

The Outfit itself is put together by my favorite Pumps ( which I looove to wear everywhere + will wear until they fall apart)! Along with a discounted shirt in my favorite color and my ultra skinny jeans from last Winter Sale.



Top: Cotton on Australia –

Jeans: Target Australia –

Pumps: Portmans –   /portmans

Earrings: Forever New –

Necklace: Swarovski –

Watch: The Iconic –

This Outfit is one of my favorites that’s for sure + I hope that it will inspire you to stay confident and take risks within your Fashion field.

Happiness. Love. Joy. Laughter. Adventures.

While many of you have now opened presents, said your prayers, celebrated this special time with loved ones all after a hectic few weeks literally rushing around to organize, plan ahead, wrap up, lay-by to pickup and cook, now is the time to wind down just a touch.

Now is the time to relax, recharge and organize/plan New Years Celebrations. It is also the time for people like me to wrap up the presents for three Birthdays, today, tomorrow, the day after before I open up my Champagne to ring in the New Year of 2015.

I hope you all had a great festive season + all have a wonderful year 2015, may it be great, filled with joy, surprises, lots of laughter, good health, happiness and adventure.

There may be another Post published just before New Years so stay tuned and Happy Holidays.

A. xx




Hair + Beauty = At home Products

Hair + Beauty = At home Products

Good Afternoon Y’all,

What am I going to write you on this beautiful mildly warm Summers Day?

Most of you are like me always looking for new products for Hair and Body. Personally I am well aware of the cosmetic products that are currently on the market, hair volumizers, thickeners for thinning hair, protein hair masks, various body scrubs, body lotions and the list goes on. The majority of these Products are commercially processed, so personally I believe that natural products are the best products.

Below I am giving you some natural hair remedies, products which are not only amazing but also work wonders. What’s good for you is good for your hair right?

Coconut Oil + Honey:

Say ‘Good bye ‘ to damaged hair and ‘Hello‘ to velvety results.

This mask is best made with 1 1/2 tbs of Honey and 2 tbs of Coconut Oil, mix the two together. This hair mask is best applied to wet hair and for best results leave in hair for forty minutes.
Voila! #hairmask #glowinghair #moisturemask #sexyfeel #feminine

Raw Egg + Olive Oil

Super natural yet slightly an odd combi, however take about 2tbs of Olive Oil + one raw egg and mix the two together then massage into hair and leave for approximately thirty minutes. This mask is very protein rich and something your hair will love! Try it out! #hairgrowth #proteinpacked #hairmask

Body Scrub with Ingredients straight out of your Kitchen Pantry

Make this scrub your own fancy shmancy exfoliating scrub, simply mix either coconut oil + brown sugar or Sea salt + Olive Oil and put them in little containers. The proof will be in your seriously glowing skin. Ah-mazing! #sexy #bodyscrub #healthy #natural #outtayourpantry #sexy #exfoliator #glowingskin

I hope you all have an amazing and fulfilling day + give your skin and hair the natural beauty regimes they so desperately need for good health, glowing skin and well being!

Unleash your inner fox,

A. x

A new Travel Experience

Hi there,

and thank you for checking out my Blog and Posts yet again. Sorry if you’ve been frantically waiting on a new Post – it’s been crazy in my life at the moment with work commitments, and a hectic schedule for the holiday and seasonal festivities which are standing right before us….

Having been super busy now that Christmas is literally just around the corner did not stop me and my partner from heading out on another little adventure within the South East of Victoria, AU.

The trip consumed much of the day but was spent in a stunning Rainforest National Park and allowed us to have a nice and relaxing picnic!

The weather was stunning so off we headed south towards Noogee. Personally I hadn’t even heard of the name until then yet alone did I have any idea where this place was.

In addition we decided to visit the Ada Tree + read up on the history. Well it was easiest to head to Noogee then it was to find this tree with its exact location to be unknown apart from a Ada Tree 24km sign that pointed to an unsealed gravel road and literally to us on quite a ride.

Driving along we saw Log Trucks driving past and foresting| moving cut up logs from mills to the then new destination to be made into housing woods and possibly even furniture!

We saw what I believe is was a Blackish Snake slithering across the road and my thought the whole way was just not to die or get bitten because of one. Mind you I was wearing short running shorts and runners…. Walking through tense Rainforest and other Forestation was quite an experience and it was all natural!!! Quite beautiful to see what nature can do. Yes, we did manage to arrive at our Ada Tree and its age is remarkable … 400 years old and over 71m in height. Absolutely incredible!

After the visit all I managed to do was keep my heavy eyelids open until we hit the pavement 24km later before I fell asleep all the way home.

It was a great experience and I do hope if you’re ever visiting Victoria or are within the area to visit this wonderful location to experience it first hand!

Enjoy your day,