Little Thai Princess

So.. for those of you living in Melbourne, AU I am seriously telling you to check out this absolutely beautiful restaurant,

‘Little Thai Princess’

located right across from Gardiner Station or if driving take the Burke Road Exit.

It has been my very first time there and while it is very beautiful it is also quite unique and stunning in architectural design and its interior design choices.

I certainly can say that I absolutely enjoyed my Meal there, its great being there with a small group this time it was my boyfriend and his mom, his sister + her boyfriend…quite the cozy group I must add.

While we dined on a Princess Platter, Coconut Prawns, Cashew Nut Chicken, Chicken Satay, Green Curry + Jasmine Rice along with Roti Bread with homemade Peanut Sauce, I could not help but think about what a nice Cuisine Thai, Asian Cultures actually have. As you can tell I always love to try new foods and this was definitely an experience beyond expectations, it was simply delicious!

For anyone wanting to try new foods or for those who enjoy these dishes its literally the place to go to! Excellent Customer Service all within an adorably nicely presented setting.

Foods to indulge in that is for sure.

Have a great day,





Hey Babe… im always the perfect solution

Hey Babe… im always the perfect solution

Who has ever felt like having a nice hot bubble bath, glass of wine in hand and a nice book to read on a day where clouds cover the sky in grey to dark gray colors, thunderstorms light up the sky while the rain drops fall against the windows and onto the roof?? (lucky a tiled rooftop isn’t all too loud…)

Today was one of those days, I did manage to organize a few things for Christmas which happens to be only 28 Days away while also running a few other errands. I did manage to relax at home for sometime which did indeed include a shower with #frank. Before jumping to conclusions of what kind of post I am typing away here while sipping away on my nicely made cup of Nettle tea, let me explain that FRANK is a coffee scrub + super amazing. He targets cellulite, scrubs away lumps and bumps and makes your skin amazingly smooth! #thefrankeffect #letsbefrank

Having very recently receives the News from the Frank Team that a new beauty balm had been launched! And a few days later guess who I found in my mail box… #frankbeautybalm

This product is amazing in every single possible way! It really does hold true to its results and doing’s yet smells divine. Made me feel so much better about myself and yes I do highly recommend it. For orders and more information please head here:

Its the place to Get Naked, Get Dirty, Get Rough. get Clean.

Delivery is available #worldwide

Enjoy your Day and go get Frank, but ssshh don’t tell your Partner 😉

Love + Light,

A. x



That three hour drive, through the Hills

That three hour drive, through the Hills

That three hour drive through the hills was yet again one educational journey. A journey which offered an escape from the noisy city life and into a much calmer + relaxing atmosphere.

Feeling the wind blowing through our hair, while feeling the warm Sun Rays as we are driving through The Black Spur in Victoria’s Yarra Valley Region. The beautiful array of flowers, trees and ferns made the drive through the windy section of road quite enjoyable and even more so beautiful.

Once we have headed into Mansfield, also referred to the Gateway to Mount Buller, we made a quick pit – stop to stretch our legs then headed further towards our envious location, ssshhh as We are letting you in on a partial secret.

While ultimately being on the home stretch already. Up and down, left and right through the Hills yet again [sleep deprivation can solve so many issues when you can’t stand the windy roads where your stomach starts to roll around in your tummy and you feel absolutely unwell! 😉 ]

Being on the home stretch we did indeed stop the car in the middle of the road while helping a long neck tortoise back to a dam, yes she simply rested on the road! How lucky there were no other cars at the time…once we arrived at our stunning location, it was time for a deliciour dinner and some spot lighting for animals, we saw some wombats, wallaby’s, of course some deer and a whole heap of native birds and of course I can’t forget to include our tortoise from earlier on…after all this it was just slightly past our bedtime.

The next day was spent helping with some errands at the property while then making a nice drive into Wangaratta, Victoria and paying a visit to the Browns Brothers Winery + Cellar Door in Milawa Victoria. Beautiful, prestige setting with the most incredible wines. We tried some Moscato’s, they happen to be my favorite and we got given the opportunity to taste a few wines which are super new and haven’t even hit the stores yet! How lucky are we! It was pretty special to be honest. Our favorite from the tastings was The Moscato + Savignon Blanc. The wine was vibrant and quite bright. Soo enjoyable and amazing! Even my other half who isn’t necessarily the biggest wine drinker around loved it! So a bottle came home with us 🙂

With the weather we were pretty lucky too, around the mid 30’s which allowed us an excuse for a dash to the Supermarket and “Hello Icecream… – even half price.

While the day wound up we spent time relaxing Alfresco, with a glass of wine while playing ”Fetch the Washing Peg” with the Property Owner’s Jack Russell, her name is Puppy. She must have enjoyed her playtime as the peg was bent and torn in every possible direction.

It was a great trip even though it was not long enough, but we will be back!!!

Love + Light,

A. x

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Today’s OOTD

Just when you think A choice of Fashion items that range between Spring and Summer temperatures… Think again!

While my outfit was inspired through classiness, comfort and the overall casual look, with the option to dress it up or down of course, I opted for a nice fitting pair of Jeans bought at Target , along with the rest of my outfit including my top, flats, jacket and earrings.

I hope that my Posts and my Blog keep inspiring you in all things Fashion, Fitness, Beauty/Wellbeing and Travel!

With the busy time of year being just around the corner…Christmas carols and loads of foods, trust I won’t be eating for a whole week beforehand!!!
I am trying to get a few more Posts up and ready for you Ladies and Gents to read. Feel free to ask questions, post comments and most importantly feel inspired!

Take care,
A. x




Health Foods + Glowing Skin

Been a busy few days? Long Days? Running out of Time or ideas for a healthy Breakfast…or simply got no tiny idea about what healthy meals consist of?

Want to be healthy? Have glowing skin and feel good about yourself? Then its time to start with the things you consume. It is important to have a healthy Meal to start your day, no pizza from last night, no ready meals out of the microwave and the meal needs to spell out HEALTH … literally!

My perfect example for a healthy + hearty Breakfast is Omlette, with a slice of German Pumpernickel (can be bought at your local Deli or at Coles Supermarket for those living Down Under), a tiny amount of butter, two slices of raw/uncooked salmon and some grated cucumber to garnish.

While it might not look like enough, trust me it is. It is healthy and full of healthy goodness. Of course there is different varieties which you can make up yourself but its a basic example of a quickly made healthy Breakfast.

Enjoy + Think Healthy Goodness, your Body will thank you later!


Spring Day + Fashion = OOTD

Spring Day + Fashion = OOTD

Having just come back from a nice well earned Lunch date with my other half, so has the eagerness of writing another Blog Post. (Clearly I do enjoy my creative writing opportunities haha)

I have come to realize that it has been quite a while since i last wrote an OOTD / Fashion Post, so today you are totally in luck!

As it is still officially Spring here in the south eastern corner of Australia, so has of course the fashion and clothing choices. From snug booties, skinny jeans and coats, the choices are now floating between midi skirts, dresses, a light jacket if it is a coolish day or morning.

So, today’s outfit of the day has been summertime inspired. Maxi dress and a light jacket which happens to be my favorite jeans jacket, a nice pair of flats and my favorite pair of sunglasses.

While my car became uncomfortably hot during my drive to my lunch location, with me opening the windows to cool down, the day in itself did not. It was blue sky and sun rays but to no extreme heatwave after all it is still Spring.

I hope you enjoy the Photographs and I hope that they somehow inspire your fashion choices this summer season.

Sending Love & Light,

A. x





When the warmer weather hits…entertainment calls.

When the warmer weather hits…entertainment calls.

Of course with the warmer weather approaching quite fast and seeing that the days get longer, the sun rises early in order to enjoy the day fully, important are also the times spent with family at BBQ’s’s or catching up with friends over a glass of wine after a busy day to wind down or champagne even (if there happens to be anything to celebrate…usually there is…)

While there is millions and billions and even trillions of recipes out there to have as an Entertainer or Finger Food as some of might call it, I have come across possible a favorite recipe of mine, while flicking through the Coles Recipe Book of November twenty fourteen.

Just imagine … its Summer, a sunny day + absolutely beautiful weather, clear sky. Your first thought? A get-together with family and friends or your Neighbors from next door over some Appetizers and a nice BBQ.

Lamb cutlets, steak, turkish bread, a variety of salads served as Mains, but what to do when guests arrive and the BBQ is not get ‘ready to go’? Help is here with Prawn Cocktail Sliders, easy made and absolutely delicious, your guests will talk about this recipe for quite some time to come.

Prawn Cocktail Sliders

24 (6 pkts) Bake at Home Coles white dinner rolls

1 x Herbed Aioli

2 tbs finely chopped dill

48 (about 1.5kg) cooked, peeled prawns (halves lengthways)

1 baby cos lettuce, finely shredded

have some Wedges to serve also.


1. Bake bread following packet instructions.

2. Cut Prawns lengthways

3. Wash + Shred Baby Cos Lettuce

4. Take bread out of oven and cut into halves

5. Spread Aioli onto both halves

6. Add cos lettuce, prawns and some dill.

Enjoy !