Wellbeing does count.

Over the last few days it has stuck in my that, women and men and everyone in between of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages and backgrounds should live life to it’s fullest.

Living life to it’s fullest potential in the sense that everyone should respect, motivate, encourage and love one another. We all should be allowed to leave the house without fear, angst or any discouragement from the outer communities.

How good it would be if we just all got along, okay fine, we don’t have to be best friends but at least put in the effort to be nice to each other. If for any reason that is not possible then mind your very own business. Seriously though, how hard can it be?

Imagine yourself alone walking down the street, exercising in the park or training it to a fancy dress party ….. what would happen?

To me it is most important to feel well about myself, about who I am and yes I might be different to you because clearly we are not all the same, oh my how boring that would be. But instead of criticizing, pointing fingers or showing disrespect, give compliments, smile and make this world a happier place.

Wellbeing is not only important for your body + mind but also for your soul. And how happy it would make you to better yourself, be nice to strangers + thoughtful of others. How better it would make you feel to have accomplished something you personally found hard(er). How happy it would make you to receive a compliment from a stranger + how happy it would make you feel to simply…be accepted for who you are as an individual. We are all different and that is something we should be proud of.

Make everyday special, give someone a compliment


simply smile.

A. x




Good Evening Ladies + Gentlemen,

I have been watching this phenomenon unfold quite closely & I must say that Fifty Shades of Grey does lift up to expectations. What better way to enjoy your Friday Night….by going to the cinema to see this adaption of the book by E.L James come to life. Mind you that on my way to the cinema I did listen to the Movie Soundtrack (featuring Ellie Goulding with her Hit ‘Love Me Like You Do‘) to get myself into the mood…

Yes, it is not for the faint hearted, yes there is nudity involved and yes Christian Grey appears to the outer world as tall, handsome, young,charming + business-savvy lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered, with dark brown coloured hair, intense, bright grey eyes and can come across as quite intimidating. He keeps in shape by kickboxing and running, as quoted by the lead character Anastasia Steele, “He is not merely good looking – he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking.” until a much deeper side to him is revealed. I could not agree more with that statement.


Of course it was quite important to be able to reflect the book as much as possible in the movie, therefore the actors cast was hugely important to be able to personify the same picture we ‘see’ when reading the book(s). The choice to have Dakota Johnson portray Anastasia (Ana) Steele as the lead female + Jamie Dornan portray Christian Grey was made perfectly. The chemistry was incredible between those two + it was literally a great combination to be able to follow them through the storyline.

 #romance #pleasure #eroticnovel #love  #intensechemistry

While the darker sides of Christian were at times quite intense, I could feel myself flinching in my seat …the movie felt as real as the book. I am excited to hear from James what she has in store for the not so far away future as we all know the book is written as a trilogy.

Enjoy yourselves + don’t forget that glass of wine !

A. x

Ideas for your upcoming weekend

Cant wait for the weekend?

Don’t we all feel some sort of relief when it finally comes to that Friday Night when the clock strikes 5PM and we are rushing home to then tear of our work clothes, relax, make a nice dinner, have a movie night with your significant other or get a few friends over for a catch up.Those two days of the week that allow us to ‘let our hair down’, in the sense that we simple do not have to be all dressed up and act professional.



Being able to make the most of the weekend such as a nice hike or fitness class, lunches, bike rides, road trips the list goes on. I got whisked away on a beautiful picnic just yesterday, we spent it at Emerald Lake Park, for those of you not familiar with the location – it is located in the heart of Emerald (East Gippsland Victoria, AU).

With the rays of sunshine falling upon us, blue skies and the smell of nature with Puffing Billy going past, kids splashing in the outdoor pool + musicians singing in the background, it really could not get any better. The food was delicious and our picnic spot was so beautiful among the Ferns and Oak trees.


#picnicwithaviewofnature  #cheers

Emerald Lake Park certainly has something for everyone, from fishing to walking tracks, paddle boats, various picnic grounds including the iconic Puffing Billy Steam Train. The Park also has numerous wheelchair and pram friendly paths which provide access to various facilities and activities in the Park.

Enjoy your fun day out.

A. x


Good morning y’all,

Yes, it is currently 6AM here on the East Coast & yes I am up quite early with a nice cup of hot lemon to get me going for the day, oh and yes it is Sunday but to me it is simply like any other day of the week just a little more casual + relaxed.

Towards the end of 2014, I joined #themovement. Kayla’s Army… is a group of people, yes both nationally and global simply working out three days a week with 30minute sessions. The aim is to transform yourself to a leaner, more toned, healthy self. “The Movement” has been developed by the incredible Kayla Itsines, who herself has studied Fitness and soon realised while working as a PT instructor that most of the workouts were quite ‘flat’ to put it nicely. The workouts were not challenging enough so she developed BBG (Bikini Body Guide 1.0), it is the very first guide out of the lot that are available on her site.

#joinup  #fitness  #workout  #bestbodyforward

I myself had finished Guide 1.0 but took a somewhat bigger break over the festive season and Christmas so here I am again starting with that Week 1 BBG 1.0. It does work, let me clarify that. The Guide comes in the form on an e-Book, the duration of the workout sessions are divided well over the 7day week and to be quite honest it is the best book I have come across. It allows your body to adjust and transform through a variety of exercises over the duration of a twelve week period while of course also eating healthy.


When I talk to someone about eating healthy + having a healthy lifestyle, I mean the obvious no junk foods or microwavable meals and yes you guessed it, no sugar! While yet so many foods are hugely processed and otherwise would not exist, I follow a Paleo … dare do I say it … diet. Now let me make it clear that a Paleo Diet is nothing more than eating the things we have been for more than thousands of years of evolution. Go back so many years, there was no Chips, there was no bread, there was no dairy in terms of prepackaged cheeses at the supermarket or Up & Go Breakfast drinks.

The Paleo Diet helps you to eliminate those foods, that through the research and food studies which have been done, otherwise never ever did exist. Thousands of years ago, us humans lived primarily a healthy life by eating a lot of vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts + healthy fats. These days we have millions of options of what to eat on a daily basis it is up to you to make the right choices. The Cookbook and amazing recipes for the Paleo lovers is available here.

While I do follow a healthy and active lifestyle I DO NOT diet despite the name ‘Paleo Diet’. I eat those food products that have been available to us from thousands of years ago.

While reading this, I hope you get motivated to sign up to the Bikini Body Guides and start to learn about yourself, your goals, your dreams, as well as your limitations (these can be well and truly overcome). You will transform yourself to that healthy individual you have always wanted to be.


#stayactive  #workout  #believe   #results  #paleodiet

Trust me when I say you will be craving those daily workouts.

Happy Sunday to you all,

A. x

The clouds are rolling in…

The clouds are rolling in…

From Summer to Autumn, with Summer starting relatively late this year + the small opportunity to be able to still make it to the ocean for a swim on a hot day, while wearing a nice Summer dress or crop top and shirts is still there.

We are almost half way through February, how quickly time can pass us by. Soon more or less by March 1st (in Australia) it will be getting cooler, the weather will become cloudy + clouds will accumulate to dull & grey like days, seven days a week.Your tea cup + oversized jumper will become your best friends while your new #OOTD will consist of booties, jeans, coat or jacket, gloves, hat or beanie and not to forget a scarf.

#wishsummercanstay  #makememoriesnow

I personally really enjoy the autumn season, primarily because of the crisp mornings with on rare occasion multiple rays of sunshine, while in addition many trees let go of their leaves which fall to the ground in a large variety of different colours, like the reds + yellow goldish ones. Other plants and flowers will be in full bloom.

Long walks with my partner, relaxing in the most amazing locations and playtime with my partners family pet dog, so much fun! The incredible feeling of the ever-changing natural environment we have in this world.


The opportunity to experience is through the annual Bright Autumn Festival, which runs from April 24th – May 3rd 2015. Sharing my heart between my Partner + the High Country in Victoria, Australia, this wonderful festival which runs over the course of 10 days allows to get insight into the autumn produce of the valleys.


Also featured a parade and local music among many other activities and opportunities to learn and find out even more. The Event itself is free of charge and perfect for families, children and loved up couples to breathe the clean air and walk along the fresh produce stalls and markets. So it is definitely worth the visit!

Have a wonderful weekend + make sure to get those last rays of sunshine.

A. x

Summer at full bloom

Summer at full bloom

Sunshine, blue skies, denim shorts, work boots and a t-shirt is all you need while out in the garden. I’m currently trying to harvest my very own home grown tomatoes. The smell is amazing + so is the feeling of being able to know exactly where the harvest was from compared to making the same purchase at the local supermarket.

While being outside enjoying this incredible weather (we all waited extremely patiently for it too), I did notice that my lemon tree has small little green lemons & two were ready to be harvested also. My cumquats plant looks quite radiant too, my mom had previously made some jam with it and it tasted delicious.


In addition I noticed that both my apple trees (some relation of Granny Smith & Pink Lady, I’m guessing) are not far off – followed by my pear tree which is holding a large amount of pears. #yum


I am someone who really loves the outdoors + country lifestyle, even though I have always been a city girl. I truly enjoy having both my own vegetables & fruit trees, knowing exactly what and where I have planted them + being able to head outside for harvest season. #bestofbothworlds

tomatoes2 tomatos

While these mentioned trees and plants are only the very start of what is still to come, I’m talking strawberry plants, plum trees, mini vineyard, cherry trees, lime tree, apricot tree, nectarines + peaches trees and the list literally goes on even further. #veggies&fruits

cumquartz appletree

It would be wonderful to be able to plant everything on my list but that might take a while at a whole lot of maintaining, but it would be so worth it as it is not just a plant or tree but something full of healthy goodness. Clearly I am a bit of a health freak, don’t get me started though.

Happy harvest,

A. x


Those teany tiny details, recapping your Summer…

Those teany tiny details, recapping your Summer…

…and why it is a good idea.

Of course we are all aware (or at least most of us) that the Summer season has left us all with glowing skin, a healthy immune system, a nice deep tan, beach hair + the urge to experience those wonderful times all over again.

Most of you ended up finishing work on a Friday afternoon, rushed home to only get changed, throw the surf board in the back of the ute + to meet your mates at your local beach for a surf. Others may have decided to catch up with friends over coffee, head out to experience the nightlife of the capital you live in while the last percentage of you have been soaking up the rays in a hammock in your very own backyard.

I myself have had an incredible summer. Would I experience those times again? Of course.

While I have enjoyed a few trips away, bush walks, movie dates..yes..Fifty Shades of Grey comes out on February 12th (in Australia) and I am somewhat keen to see it after having read a tiny majority of the books.

So really…what is it that makes Summer the best time of the year?

Is it because we can somehow ‘let loose‘, in the sense to experience the beauty of nature during the years warmest temperatures, head to the beach, listen to the waves hit the shore or simply being able to do things ‘around the clock’, I am talking midnight drives to the local ice creamery after having sweltered in forty degree heat + having been unable to catch even the tinniest amount of sleep or what about those 2AM trips home from catching up with friends or a get-together BBQ? Or the time you feel head over heels for the surfer guy who casually walked past?

What ever it may have been for you, Summer allows us to simply start glowing from the inside, while being able to free ourselves from the layers we wore over the entire winter to keep warm, oh what a feelin’!

Keep Glowing.