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Erica Brooke, she has to be one of my favourite natural skincare experts right this moment. All of her skincare is made 100% natural. Forget chemical, parabens , GMO’s, harsh fragrances and anything else that can in one way or another damage the largest organ of our body – our skin!

Ericas’ skincare range started way back in 2006 and has grown ever since. So I ask you to please check out her range (I cannot speak highly enough of it!) and join Us alongside her on the journey to rid the world of toxic chemicals, animal testing as well as any misconceptions about ingredients.

Having just recently come across her deodorant creme in wildflowers, its amazing and 100% natural. Having had good reviews gives a positive outlook on a product however reading the ingredients list makes it much more worthwhile.

Check out Erica Brooke’s Skincare range here:


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Berry Smoothie

Basically pretty simple sort of recipe and it’s super refreshing as already mentioned on my Instagram account.

What you need:
Handful of seedless grapes (I used red seedless ones)
A punnet of blueberries
One banana
Some rice milk as your liquid ingredient

Put all in a blender and mix well until smooth texture.

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Hello Everyone,

I am happy to say that on my side of the globe it is almost time to welcome Spring! Yay, finally more blogs to keep you all reading and hopefully enjoying this lifestyle blog. 

I would also like to say that I have been chosen to represent a brand that I truly love, Teavery Blends. I am so honoured to be marketing a brand that offers so much health and goodness to their customers.

Teavery Blends offer organic teas in various varieties at affordable prices from white to herbal, to green to fruit, chai, rooibus so there is something for everyone.

Free shipping on all orders, hooray! And to get 15% off with your order use Codeword AKG15

Time to tea up and relax!


OOTD Autumn2016

OOTD Autumn2016

Goodness me.. it certainly has been a very long time since I have posted any #OutfitOfTheDay posts. Well, you know .. time flies as they say and I could not agree more.

While the hot Summer days are more or less over now and Autumn has decided to finally mark its presence, so are my #AnotherOutfitOfTheDay blog posts. 🙂

Who thinks Autumn is great for taking Fitness, Health and Wellness a lot more serious now then to squeeze through the hot early mornings where it is already well up to thirty degrees before 8 AM!

My partner and I both enjoy keeping fit, we currently attend Derrimut 24:7 in the South eastern suburbs every so often. We also enjoy the outdoors and loooove to chill out over the nice cup of tea and a good book, however we have also decided to keep well active and healthy over winter to not get any ideas of putting on the winter weight. 😮

Autumn is the time to rug up, put on your runners and head outside.Brace the wind, the showers of rain, the leaves which have turned into beautiful autumn colors and are now falling off the trees and enjoy the pure nature and this incredible season.

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26 – teen

New Start.

New Goals

New Opportunities.

New YOU.


Why I somewhat think that it can be seriously over the top to plan an entire year, filled out with goals to achieve and changes to be made – I do believe to have a small amount of things I either want to work towards, achieve or simply to have new things i would like to try out.

For this year, I have decided to do more Studies, this time focusing on Equines, horses and their nutrition, the majority of girls love horses, right?

In addition I already have looked into becoming a qualified Pilates + Yoga Instructor … the full outlook and intentions are still being kept under wraps. However, as it does qualify to be within the Fitness category of this Lifestyle Blog, I can tell you that my goal in #2016 is to ride the point-to-point two-hundred-and-ten Gold Fields Track with my partner of three year, yup… he is the kind of laid back, outdoorsy, adventure seeking kinda guy with enough charm and sense of humor to put comedians to shame!

Let 2016 begin …

A.x x


When Nature calls .

we all know how important it is to look after ourselves, listen to our body and even treat ourselves to something special every once in a while.

To me and my Partner is was important to get back into our Fitness “run-time routine” before spring starts, while I love working out – in winter I go into hibernation mode. Not necessarily piling on the kilograms and throwing my Paleo Diet out of the window but you get the idea, or not!

This past Thirst-Day we were eager enough to leave the house by 8AM to quench our thirst of exploring the great outdoors.

Headed to Cafe De Beaumarchais in Sassafras


which is a very beautiful French – Parisian inspired Cafe offering the most incredible tasting cakes…yes we had cafe that morning, it is never too early for a treat!

Turn the clock forward an hour and we were off to Grant’s Picnic Ground at Sherbrooke in Olinda, where through a variety of different Tourism Associations it is possible as an attraction to to feed Rosella’s and Cockatoos, a few of Australian native bird wildlife. Cockatoos are not only heavy when they sit on your arm or shoulder or on the small food tray you are desperately clinging to with nervousness but they have such a gentle soul – hand feed them and you will understand. My Partner could it contain his happiness as being this close to some of the Country’s native animals

IMG_3973  IMG_4070

…. 1 1/2 hours later ….

It was time to head to Rhodondedron National Gardens.


Can I admit that blossoming flowers were not quite anymore due to the current season we are in here on Australia’s East Coast. However the walk was very beautiful, able to read up and learn about these truly stunning florals , ferns and variety of trees. A few challenges were also present in the garden, but I will leave it to find out for yourselves – just a hint below though ….


Having been heading all over since the early hours of the morning what better way to head to the Mt Dandenong Hotel for a meal and a drink to chat about the day and let it slowly but surely come to an end before it was time to head home.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until next time – x x


Perfect Beverage(s) for Winter

What is seriously better than quenching your thirst with a nice healthy beverage?

Forget Softdrink, forget Energy drinks of any sort and forget teas, juices or even coffee as its is neither of them I am talking about nor are they healthy … well teas yes maybe but there is somewhat of a consumption limit too.

IMG_3901Take a moment, think, procrastinate, too much thinking happening?

Let me tell you, it was a #Ssshhhsecret… but not anymore.

I am excited to share this thirst quenching recipe with you –  Cinnamon – Apple infused water, yum!


Half an apple (cut into thin slices)

Two cinnamon sticks

A bottle of tap water.

Super delicious! Just make sure to give it time to ‘infuse’ by letting it sit in the fridge for a little while.It’s perfect for the cooler days, Autumn / Winter and it tastes so good and is 100% healthy!

Of course there are other varieties you at home can recreate, such as Orange+Lemon, Blueberries, Orange, Strawberries, Mint + Lime, Cucumber + Mint, the ideas are literally endless, simple and most importantly taste good.