Throwback to Childhood


I think back to my childhood a lot, the people I made friends with who are by now in their mid-late twenties with /without children, married or at least engaged. It is hilarious when thinking back. I caught up with a girlfriend of mine a few years back who I hadn’t seen since 8th Grade and she hilariously mentioned how we now meet up so many years later and it’s over coffee in a local cafe, everyone has grown up. The Perspective from childhood to adulthood has certainly well changed along the way.

So to be able to highlight some things from my Childhood which I loved/enjoyed and I believe should definitely make a comeback in 2016 are:

Roller-blades, those ones on four wheels with the stopper at the front. You basically wear runners which then get tied to these roller-blades. Going back I might have been 9 or 10 years old and I thought they were the greatest thing ever! I haven’t seen them anywhere since the 90’s.

Again from my Childhood an item which has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years #YAY! are decorated leggings, the floral ones used to be my favorite! Oh boy, I used to literally live in them and as my fashion sense was anything but good I used to pair them with runners and a t-shirt. Being around 12-14years old at the time, I guess I was just an innocent child living in this big great world where fashion changed literally every single day unbeknownst to me. (Just think Taylor Swift in her music video “You belong with Me”) – totally relate-able.

Another “special to me” item which I remember from my Childhood (and I think always will remember!) is a specific perfume my Mum used to wear all the time, it was her favorite for years and I remember I dropped the bottle once in the bathroom and she definitely was not happy. The perfume is called Laura by Laura Biagiotti Eau De Perfume and all I remembered for years was not the name of the fragrance but rather how it looked like, that the top of the bottle is a blue ball..please don’t imagine what my search engine was clogged up with … “fragrance with blue ball or blue ball fragrance bottle …#icannotstoplaughing #ilikeROMA Of course some years later I figured it must be so much easier to ask my Mum what the fragrance is called #somuchrelief #shouldhavethoughtofthisearlier

So being the nice daughter that I am, I purchase this fragrance for her every single year for Mother’s Day! She loves it! Even though I live across the world now, every year I make sure it is available online somewhere to purchase. I guess it is one of those little treasures which make me think of my childhood even more as well as the close relationship I have with my mum.

Maybe now there is something that you wish would make it’s way back from your childhood, or maybe it is even something that you used to love as a child or have a reminder of, well see for yourself just here:

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