Throwback to Childhood


I think back to my childhood a lot, the people I made friends with who are by now in their mid-late twenties with /without children, married or at least engaged. It is hilarious when thinking back. I caught up with a girlfriend of mine a few years back who I hadn’t seen since 8th Grade and she hilariously mentioned how we now meet up so many years later and it’s over coffee in a local cafe, everyone has grown up. The Perspective from childhood to adulthood has certainly well changed along the way.

So to be able to highlight some things from my Childhood which I loved/enjoyed and I believe should definitely make a comeback in 2016 are:

Roller-blades, those ones on four wheels with the stopper at the front. You basically wear runners which then get tied to these roller-blades. Going back I might have been 9 or 10 years old and I thought they were the greatest thing ever! I haven’t seen them anywhere since the 90’s.

Again from my Childhood an item which has made somewhat of a comeback in recent years #YAY! are decorated leggings, the floral ones used to be my favorite! Oh boy, I used to literally live in them and as my fashion sense was anything but good I used to pair them with runners and a t-shirt. Being around 12-14years old at the time, I guess I was just an innocent child living in this big great world where fashion changed literally every single day unbeknownst to me. (Just think Taylor Swift in her music video “You belong with Me”) – totally relate-able.

Another “special to me” item which I remember from my Childhood (and I think always will remember!) is a specific perfume my Mum used to wear all the time, it was her favorite for years and I remember I dropped the bottle once in the bathroom and she definitely was not happy. The perfume is called Laura by Laura Biagiotti Eau De Perfume and all I remembered for years was not the name of the fragrance but rather how it looked like, that the top of the bottle is a blue ball..please don’t imagine what my search engine was clogged up with … “fragrance with blue ball or blue ball fragrance bottle …#icannotstoplaughing #ilikeROMA Of course some years later I figured it must be so much easier to ask my Mum what the fragrance is called #somuchrelief #shouldhavethoughtofthisearlier

So being the nice daughter that I am, I purchase this fragrance for her every single year for Mother’s Day! She loves it! Even though I live across the world now, every year I make sure it is available online somewhere to purchase. I guess it is one of those little treasures which make me think of my childhood even more as well as the close relationship I have with my mum.

Maybe now there is something that you wish would make it’s way back from your childhood, or maybe it is even something that you used to love as a child or have a reminder of, well see for yourself just here:

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A Walk at Alowyn Gardens

When life gets too hectic, take a step back and enjoy the beautiful magnificent manicured parterre gardens at Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen.

Not far from neighbouring towns of Healesville, Tarrawarra and Dixons Creek. Multiple wineries can be found along the way also, including the prestigious Balgownie Estate. #drinkup

Located along the Melba Hwy, Alowyn offers charm, beauty and nature. From stunning solar operated fountain to beautiful garden beds for edible foods, berries and a large display of ornaments.

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It was such a beautiful day We spent there together, I feel so happy to have had my incredible boyfriend there with me to take in all the stunning nature there. The most special moment in my heart was when We took a walk through the Wisteria Archway towards the fountain …it was magical!


For anyone reading this, I definitely recommend a visit to Alowyn, with kids or without it will be your most amazing day.

BLG. x


Mulberry Jam Recipe

The official

Mulberry Jam Recipe

Ingredients needed:

1kg handpicked Mulberries

1kg (2x500grams) Jam Setting Sugar

250 ml water

Glass jars (the more the better)


  1. Put Mulberries in a big pot
  2. Add the water
  3. Boil berries then let simmer until berries are cooked
  4. add the jam setting
  5. stir often for sugar to mix well with berries
  6. let simmer in order for thickening process to start
  7. Put in glass jars + seal fully, let them sit upside down a little before turning them back to cool.
  8. Enjoy the jam!

The jam turned out beautifully! So yummy. I hope you will love this recipe as much as I do.

The natural way to B e a u t y

How important is Beauty to you?

When thinking of this specific word do you think of someone who wears makeup?

Seen cake faces anyone?

What about dehydrated and dull looking skin?

Problem skin?

 Yes, thought so…

Beauty should be set out to a limit of enhancing one’s natural beauty, if you have beautiful eyes enhance them by wearing some mascara, eye shadow or even eye liner, if you have strong cheekbones wear some blush and so on so forth. Of course suited to your individual style. There is a major difference in enhancing beauty and painting on makeup, remember this one Ladies!

Over the years I have learnt how important it is to look after your skin, to keep it glowing and healthy not to mention hydrated with only a few makeup products and no foundation.

As I have quite sensitive skin it has always been hard for me to find a product that is a) naturally derived and b) helps my skin for a long time to come and does not let me down after a few weeks.


I have come across MILK by Michael and Lindy Klim and am already amazing by the results. From beauty wipes, makeup remover, invigorating bodyscrub and body moisturizer not to forget the face moisturizer in HER range by Lindy Klim. These products are all 95% naturally derived and are only a few natural products out of the millions and millions we hear about which are chemically put together.

I mean seriously, who does not like the look and smell of a nice Chanel moisturiser? But sometimes it is better to go back to your natural roots and take my word for it when I say that everything about MILK is simple yet beautiful so you can’t go wrong. While there is only a handful of women’s products the company has an entire Men’s beauty range… But ladies listen out for when your man starts talking about how he needs beauty sleep or a face mask he’s secretly admitting some love towards these great products.

Just remember, it is up to you what you put on your skin but the results will show later in life.

Homewares + In – (Ex)terior Design = One Good Game Plan

Most of Us

have been in this situation, dreaming about, or going through actual ideas about how we would like our home to look like.

Classy and modern.


Lots of natural colors.

Sleek & Simple


extensively colorful.

Personally, I like to design my home in a way where lots of natural light can come through (nothing worse than getting a feel of living in a hole with barely any natural sunlight). I do like natural shades so whites, browns, beige but also like a modern yet cozy look + feel. Of course it is completely different if you built your own home or live / are about to move into a home that has already been built a while back, the layout might be exactly what you wanted or you have to work with what you got..once you get into the buying furniture stage. Not the end of the world, as it is up to you to make it your own home.

Make yourself (-ves) feel comfortable and ‘right at home’.

While I am in love with modern design & architecture, yet like it simple and sleek with a touch of elegance and class. Of course it is important to work alongside who you will be living in your new home with. Your boyfriend, partner, husband, a friend and it is ultimately important to discuss ideas and negotiate…( I have always loved french doors but my partner is not too keen )

While I am not someone who would buy the most expensive furniture & homewares, I do like the modern look with a feel for the country + some elegance.

So in terms of design and interior ideas IKEA Australia can be a lifesaver when it comes to high quality and affordable Swedish furniture when it comes to every tinniest aspect of your house.

While a few favorite stores of mine such as


Temple and Webster,

Oak + Moss


Joss + Main

all allow room for cozy, modern looks, class + class an elegant feel .

Masters Home Improvement Store Australia can only mean one thing –  a good place when working with anything else but interior decorations of the house. It is the perfect place to get the right color of paint (both interior and exterior), lights, doors you name, they got it –  as well as anything in relation to the homes building industry.

“It is the stepping stone into making your home your very own”

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

A. xIMG_1072

Oat Biscuits are yummy + healthy!

Snacks but healthy nutrition. It is all about having a sweet but one that is healthier than those chocolate bars, chips and gummie bears including all possible other confectionery you can get at literally every supermarket or corner store. Of course we sometimes have those cravings for something sweet..even I do, but rather than giving in on the chocolate craze I try to substitute with healthy fruits such as pears, blueberries and strawberries, mango and banana but to be honest in only works that many times. So in order to still enjoy something sweet yet healthy follow my recipe below.

Today’s recipe took around 20 minutes to make with the results being #superyummy!

Surely we all know what I am talking about … Oat Biscuits.

Recipe Oat Biscuits

170grams normal oats

30grams almonds flakes

20grams coconut flakes

2 eggs

100grams brown sugar

tiny bit of salt


First in a frying pan, add the oats, almond + coconut flakes and roast for a few minutes until becoming golden in color.


Turn on the oven and preheat to 200C.

In the meantime, add the brown sugar and eggs and mix together until frothy. 


Then add the oat mixture and combine.

On a baking tray lined with baking paper make small piles of biscuits, use a spoon to flatten them slightly. Put them in the oven for around ten to fifteen minutes or until slightly golden.

***Make sure you let them cool on the tray

as they are quite soft


will otherwise break****




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