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Erica Brooke, she has to be one of my favourite natural skincare experts right this moment. All of her skincare is made 100% natural. Forget chemical, parabens , GMO’s, harsh fragrances and anything else that can in one way or another damage the largest organ of our body – our skin!

Ericas’ skincare range started way back in 2006 and has grown ever since. So I ask you to please check out her range (I cannot speak highly enough of it!) and join Us alongside her on the journey to rid the world of toxic chemicals, animal testing as well as any misconceptions about ingredients.

Having just recently come across her deodorant creme in wildflowers, its amazing and 100% natural. Having had good reviews gives a positive outlook on a product however reading the ingredients list makes it much more worthwhile.

Check out Erica Brooke’s Skincare range here:


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Post Workout.// Fitness.

Hi All!

It certainly has been quite some time since I have posted on BlondieLovesGinger – please understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and priorities need to be set in which this blog did not make the cut to be a priority at that time, however things have started to look better and brighter –  both my partner and I are back at writing for you all through our Lifestyle Blog.

Let me start of by saying that both of Us take our health very seriously. We like to be fit and like to live an active lifestyle which does take place outdoors. We love nature, enjoy exploring and personally I believe that it is a lot better to head out on a walk/hike/bikeride or other then to run the miles in an enclosed environment such as a gym or fitness studio, however in saying that, the cooler weather makes the fitness studio more appealing 😉

I have just recently thought about that there must be other options than Post Workout Protein Powders which are pre-mixed commercially, available in absolutely any sizing…yes I am looking at all of you men out there bulking up to look like the next Hulk. To live healthily, these already processed foods cannot be good.

I have therefore decided to find out what ingredients our body needs especially after a workout to allow the same effect as a protein shake purchased from our fitness studio or supermarket.

I am a lover of smoothies and I am pretty sure I have won my partner over with it as well 🙂 For my personal post workout “protein shake” I have decided to add various fruits/veggies and quark. Quark is high in protein and low in fat AND because of its high level of casein (a slow release protein)  does help with muscle build.

For this particular post workout smoothie recipe  which you have seen on my Instagram I used:

1 Banana, handful of green kale, handful of baby spinach leaves, one fig, handful of frozen mango and a handful of frozen blueberries and a big spoon of quark. All of these ingredients can be purchased at your supermarket.







5 Days at Airlie

5 Days at Airlie

A spontaneous trip with one of my girl friend turned out to be one hell of an adventure! This trip included five days at Queenslands Airlie Beach along the East Coast of Australia. Here is the quick run down:

WEDNESDAY:10am scheduled flight from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to Brisbane Airport.Then it was onto another plane to head to Proserpine Whitsunday Coastal Airport. Arrival time was just after 3pm in the afternoon. The flights were all pretty smooth however I had a bit of trouble equalizing the pressure in my ears so every time I spoke I felt like I was whispering but of course I did not want to start yelling either so the end result? I had blocked ears for the next two days straight! Our accommodation was: Whitsunday Vista Resort

THURSDAY: Exploring Airlie Beach, headed to Cannonvale for some lunch at Fat Frog Beach Cafe. They make the most yummy smoothies .. Hello Health! Then it was off for 90 minutes of massages.facial and foot treatments at Intuitive Massage (my birthday present from my great friend! Thanks again.) The experience was pure bliss/ super relaxing, felt absolutely amazing + refreshed when we left. We then headed back to Airlie Beach by walking along the Coastal Walk overlooking the ocean just perfectly.

FRIDAY: Hello, Cruisewhitsundays!!! 8am departure on a vessel headed for Reefworld at Hardy Reef on the Great Barrier Reef! Our ticket included morning/afternoon tea and lunch as well as some snorkeling gear. Yes, even if you cannot swim you have the option of a life jacket and swim noodle. This experience was absolutely mind blowing – it shows just how important it is to look after our marine life and ecosystem. As this adventure was an entire day trip we headed to KC’s Bar & Grill for some early birthday celebrations as it was my birthday the following day. I certainly am not one to go out partying or clubbing but rather have a nice meal and live entertainment, goodness I sound like such a grandma! Anyhow they have the most delicious Seafood Platter for Two, it was really really nice. So if you happen to be within the area make sure to check it out!

SATURDAY: Today consisted of basically hiring a Swifty of car hire company Hertz and heading to Cedar Creek Falls, which was good but disappointing due to not much water was falling…it was then off to Hydeaway Bay, one super secluded beach where it was time to simply relax and soak of those rays of sunshine. Ending the day was a trip to Sushi Hi within the main street of Airlie Beach and getting an icecream at the local Cold Rock Icecreamery. Day complete with some major sunburn!

SUNDAY: Breakfast at Geruma literally 5 stars out of 5 for this business!! Super healthy and yummy, cant get over it. Checkout from our resort stay was at 10am then it was off sunbaking at Airlie Lagoon before heading back to the airport for our flight back home. I did not want to leave! It was one wonderful holiday and I will most certainly be back again soon.

Thanks for reading,

BLG xx




Eco Tan

One healthy alternative.


For those, who like me absolutely love the sun, the ocean and the outdoors please keep on reading.

Having glowing skin has always been somewhat important to me, for my skin to be healthy and have a nice tan also, however we all know how dangerous the sunrays can be … so it is definitely without question that we wear sunscreen (my favorite is Nivea Sunscreen Lotion 50+)

Having said that I love a nice tan, spray tans are easy but can be quite pricey, make you look orange but after some research i found that spray tan mist can actually damage DNA through breathing it in. Now, if you can hold your breath for a good 15 minutes go ahead. If you think you can head to a sun lounge / sun beds you are crazy! More so if you throw yourself into the sun without any sun protection to achieve a tan.

For those who now still care enough to keep reading, thank you – much appreciated. I have found an alternative and am a regular buyer of this product as well as the range overall.

The range is called Ecotan by Founder Sonya Driver.She is such a strong hearted, inspirational + gorgeous woman.

The item in question is Ecotan Winterskin Gradual Tanning Lotion, I know we have almost summer but this product works best with my skin, so Ssshhh.

In 2010 Eco Tan made Australian history in being the FIRST tan to use organic ingredients, certified by the organic food chain.

How is that for an effort?

Think twice when it comes to achieving a great tan.

Happy Weekend!

A. xx

New. OOTD. Fashion.Beauty. Inspiration

Hello all Fashionistas, beauties and all those who somehow can relate to my Blog.

Happy 2015 to you all! May it be a year filled with unconditional love and happiness, good health and joy.
This is my very first post for this new year + my Blog will thrive even more now – since my first ever post in June of 2014. So I am very excited to offer you more to inspire to and more to read while also offering more insight into fabulous adventures and vacations I have been on while of course also posting Fashion advice especially on my OOTD’s.

Today’s outfit of the day… just mind the 41Degrees outside haha. This OOTD I pulled together using ideas based on this seasons summer fashion items while of course sticking to my own tastes and likes. Like always all items are affordable while I also like to mix and match with high end fashion and some basic trends.


White Shirt, bought from CottonOn $10.00AUD (online purchases available, for my international followers please double check!!)

Pants, bought from Target on Clearance Sale

Shoes, a Christmas gift from my brother but can be purchased through CottonOn Australia

Accessories this time it’s this stunning floral headpiece, which was bought through Cotton On Australia.

I hope that I am able to inspire you + remind you that you all are beautiful!

Happy New Year,


Hair + Beauty = At home Products

Hair + Beauty = At home Products

Good Afternoon Y’all,

What am I going to write you on this beautiful mildly warm Summers Day?

Most of you are like me always looking for new products for Hair and Body. Personally I am well aware of the cosmetic products that are currently on the market, hair volumizers, thickeners for thinning hair, protein hair masks, various body scrubs, body lotions and the list goes on. The majority of these Products are commercially processed, so personally I believe that natural products are the best products.

Below I am giving you some natural hair remedies, products which are not only amazing but also work wonders. What’s good for you is good for your hair right?

Coconut Oil + Honey:

Say ‘Good bye ‘ to damaged hair and ‘Hello‘ to velvety results.

This mask is best made with 1 1/2 tbs of Honey and 2 tbs of Coconut Oil, mix the two together. This hair mask is best applied to wet hair and for best results leave in hair for forty minutes.
Voila! #hairmask #glowinghair #moisturemask #sexyfeel #feminine

Raw Egg + Olive Oil

Super natural yet slightly an odd combi, however take about 2tbs of Olive Oil + one raw egg and mix the two together then massage into hair and leave for approximately thirty minutes. This mask is very protein rich and something your hair will love! Try it out! #hairgrowth #proteinpacked #hairmask

Body Scrub with Ingredients straight out of your Kitchen Pantry

Make this scrub your own fancy shmancy exfoliating scrub, simply mix either coconut oil + brown sugar or Sea salt + Olive Oil and put them in little containers. The proof will be in your seriously glowing skin. Ah-mazing! #sexy #bodyscrub #healthy #natural #outtayourpantry #sexy #exfoliator #glowingskin

I hope you all have an amazing and fulfilling day + give your skin and hair the natural beauty regimes they so desperately need for good health, glowing skin and well being!

Unleash your inner fox,

A. x

Hey Babe… im always the perfect solution

Hey Babe… im always the perfect solution

Who has ever felt like having a nice hot bubble bath, glass of wine in hand and a nice book to read on a day where clouds cover the sky in grey to dark gray colors, thunderstorms light up the sky while the rain drops fall against the windows and onto the roof?? (lucky a tiled rooftop isn’t all too loud…)

Today was one of those days, I did manage to organize a few things for Christmas which happens to be only 28 Days away while also running a few other errands. I did manage to relax at home for sometime which did indeed include a shower with #frank. Before jumping to conclusions of what kind of post I am typing away here while sipping away on my nicely made cup of Nettle tea, let me explain that FRANK is a coffee scrub + super amazing. He targets cellulite, scrubs away lumps and bumps and makes your skin amazingly smooth! #thefrankeffect #letsbefrank

Having very recently receives the News from the Frank Team that a new beauty balm had been launched! And a few days later guess who I found in my mail box… #frankbeautybalm

This product is amazing in every single possible way! It really does hold true to its results and doing’s yet smells divine. Made me feel so much better about myself and yes I do highly recommend it. For orders and more information please head here:


Its the place to Get Naked, Get Dirty, Get Rough. get Clean.

Delivery is available #worldwide

Enjoy your Day and go get Frank, but ssshh don’t tell your Partner 😉

Love + Light,

A. x