A Walk at Alowyn Gardens

When life gets too hectic, take a step back and enjoy the beautiful magnificent manicured parterre gardens at Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen.

Not far from neighbouring towns of Healesville, Tarrawarra and Dixons Creek. Multiple wineries can be found along the way also, including the prestigious Balgownie Estate. #drinkup

Located along the Melba Hwy, Alowyn offers charm, beauty and nature. From stunning solar operated fountain to beautiful garden beds for edible foods, berries and a large display of ornaments.

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It was such a beautiful day We spent there together, I feel so happy to have had my incredible boyfriend there with me to take in all the stunning nature there. The most special moment in my heart was when We took a walk through the Wisteria Archway towards the fountain …it was magical!


For anyone reading this, I definitely recommend a visit to Alowyn, with kids or without it will be your most amazing day.

BLG. x



Halls Gap and the Grampians

Halls Gap and the Grampians

After being in desperate need of ‘ time out ‘ from work, the decision to head away with two of my girl friends could not have come quick enough. After meeting up over coffee a few weeks prior, the organizing and planning stages were done and dusted!

Come Friday morning and off we went … car packed … GPS on … chatter + gossip all the way there, but I ain’t tellin’! Location of our mini vacation was Halls Gap right in the heart of The Grampians. Most appealing the vast variety of natural bush land, wildlife and the pure peace and quiet once we were there. My body + soul were so relaxed that my brain was just in cruise mode, when normally it is in overthinking, stressing out, let’s make sure there is no sleep tonight mode, so it was such a relaxing feeling.


While we arrived at our accommodation at around 2pm in the afternoon, allowing Us to ‘settle in’ unpack, rewind, check out where we actually are and what this well known town is all about. Yes, it was school holidays at the time so it is my advice to you to book your stay EARLY.

Halls Gap itself is surrounded by bush land, lots and lots and lots of it so it was part of our stay to stay fit and healthy, working out and eating healthy was a priority for myself as it is easy to fall into this mode off

” I am on holidays, I can eat whatever I feel like now.”


IMG_5406  \


So while still eating healthy, we did splurge on some wines with cheese and crackers. #Sshhh

 I was certain not to let myself fall into this trap a second time around! The decision was made to go hiking … of course when you do … you pick the hardest track first, don’t you? #commonsense

The Pinnacle Track

  • it is tough but worth it!
  • wear the right shoes
  • wear a hat + sunscreen (so important!)
  • carry a backpack with food + water

This track was the most incredible hike I have ever been on, the lookout places along the way is what keeps you going, and trust me when I say that once you have started this track you finish it, despite sweat, tears, wanting to quit because your legs can’t keep up.

Once you have reached The Pinnacle (the very top of the mountain) all that hiking up has paid off. You feel like you’re on top of the world (literally!), while the walk downhill back into town is another story.

IMG_5313              IMG_5367 IMG_5329

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Growing up with City Skylines

What becomes of us once we travel away from your own comfort zone?

What happens when we get in the car and travel to a nice country place, hours away from the city?

Will we be happy to find out where we are or what can become of us?

Having just recently been on location in the country side has certainly given me a new understanding of what this beautiful country has to offer. Yes, I have lived in the city all my life, dealt with the millions of train and other transport commuters on a daily basis inclusive of the sprints to the train station or buses in order to get a seat on the way home, grown up to the beautiful skylights of various cities around the world and have never thought much about traveling away from it all. The city is my ‘comfort zone’ – along the way having come to know most train timetables off by heart, bus routes and most of all know how to find my way in a large city where the traffic is as bad as owning two-thousand dairy cattle that all need to get milked at the same time.

The question on everyone’s heads….

How do you even begin to deal with it all?

Good question that one, I could not possibly give a good enough answer.

Have I ever thought much about life in the country? No! I do not know all too much about living on acreage or a ranch and dealing with cattle stock, horses, farm animals and the overall running of the business such as fertilizing paddocks for hay and silage, harvesting fruit trees and looking after vegetable seedlings, while in the same thought trying to organise contract workers who help you move your business in the right direction by simply lending a hand.

I get the shivers when told to drive a tractor, but smile when flying across the paddock on a motorbike. I squeal when finding a huntsman spider in my bathroom but thinking they are “so cute + fluffy” when finding them in a wood heap on the land.

How odd is that! 

I throw a tantrum because I have no phone reception + therefore can not update my social media status but had the most amazing time constructing a new fence, yes three star steel pickets, wooden posts to strain, klip on bolts for electric fences upon rolls and rolls of wire.

What on earth is happening to me!

It kind of makes me wonder, if an amount of me does actually like this new found country adventure and all that comes with it.

Yes, no doubt!

While wondering if those living in the country would like the city with the lifestyle it brings.

 Probably Not!