When Fashion goes round + round just like a Carousell

 Ladies and Gentleman … who of you does love Fashion?


Everybody does in one way or another, experiencing fashion just like a Carousel.

Huh, Say what?!

I have teamed up with Carousel Carousell who are just about to open up to the Australian market.Hurray!

So what is Carousell?

Carousell is a great place to buy / sell and experience fashion all in one place. It is a community allowing for networking + to connect with other fashionistas and fashion gurus alike. Guess what?  I am a member and  I am asking you to be one too, assuming confidently that you happen to have some fashion items in your wardrobe which could be handed to someone who likes them instead of patiently hanging in your wardrobe awaiting its next wear.

Fashion is confidence + happiness. We all like to experience with fashion and getting inspiration from others, what better way to sign up and start selling / buying in some very simple steps:

  1. Sign up here: https://carousell.com/
  2. Create your profile
  3. Start connecting within a unique community  –  selling and buying items.

It is time to sign up to a community where fashion goes around and round and round, “twenty-four-seven”, “three-hundred-sixty-five” days a year.

Items are sold others are listed up for grabs, it really could not be any easier than this plus the app is absolutely free!

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ORDER – WEAR – SHARE … just once .


Surely we all know the feeling of

having a party,

a get together,

an engagement

or some sort of a special occasion to attend,

yet we seem to not have anything to wear in our closet.

What are we going to do?

Thank You to the beautiful and lovely Michelle, yes some of you may know her of the Australian Channel 9 Reality TV Series

Married at First Sight“,

others know her as a friend, family member, work colleague or simply a woman with the ultimate dream of owning her very own business – Just Once.com.au

The site features designers such as Maurie & Eve, Dion Lee, Lover, Manning Certell, Bec & Bridge and so many more. Now, who of you ladies wouldn’t want to wear a designer dress for one night and ultimately feel a million dollars, just think … you get to wear a stunning designer dress by your favorite designer to your special occasion and the designer and Just Once both get a shout out as every other attendee will surely be very jealous of your amazing outfit.

Just think of all the compliments you will receive…

It really could not get any simpler.

So how does it work?

You pick your dress from the amazing collection on offer, prices vary.

They will send it to you for the date you need it.

You wear it and show it off.

Once that special occasion of yours is over, you simply pop it into the return satchel that was provided to you on delivery. Done and Dusted!

BUT … there is one thing you have committed to during this entire process of ORDERING and WEARING your favorite designer dress


SHARING on all social media avenues, by tagging @j_u_s_t_o_n_c_e on your Instagram account to receive a shutout or email a photo to hello@justonce.com.au

So simply and yet an amazing idea!

So, when is your next special event you need to be in attendance at?

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Autumn Fashion Today’s #OOTD

While it has been some time since my last post, apologies to you all. I was away on location for the last week or so and due to the area there I have no internet connection, so there is absolutely no point in me bringing my notebook. #thumbsdown

Today, i thought I would post a bit more on fashion Inspo for Autumn, the weather here in Melbourne has been phenomenal. ‘Sunny and warm one day – cool and a chilly wind the next…’

While my fashion taste buds have gone super crazy, I would like for you all to be able to get some inspiration for your fashion over the cooler months so I have made my decision to show you today’s #OOTD

While I seem to be always on -the-go with some of the newest trends, I do not follow them as such. I personally just choose through inspiration and make it my own. Ladies this is one thing to remember, whatever you would like to wear … do it! As long as a woman has the confidence to pull of fashion item or trend everything is fashionable. #makeastatement

Today’s OOTD


Jacket from Target Australia

Jumper (it is super comfy and cozy!!!) from Boohoo.com

Jeans from Boohoo.com OR as seen below from Danni Minogue‘s Petite Collection available at Target Australia (wearing navy blue)

Booties from Target Australia


I hope this give a bit of a guide and inspiration to this season’s trends.

FASHION ADVICE —->>>> I did recycle my booties, coat and accessories! <<<<—- FASHION ADVICE

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Warby Parker’s Newest Daydream Collection

Ladies & Gentlemen,

it is now time to make this exciting announcement

I have got the huge honor of announcing the launch of

Warby Parker Daydream Collection

For those of you, who do not know who or what exactly I am talking about listen up!

Warby Parker is an American based brand, founded in 2010, which offers designer prescription glasses and sunglasses for Men and Women starting from $95 USD, they do sell online and in store / via showrooms and have the most incredible variety of glasses available, without leaving our wallets completely empty.

With locations all across the US among them Boston MA, San Francisco CA, New York NY, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, and others. While also having showrooms across Los Angeles, Florida, Georgia, Pensilvania, New York and Texas.

#WarbyParker has made it it’s objective to partner up with non-profit organisations such as #VisionSpring to make sure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

“There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.”

– WarbyParker.com

It is my privilege to now introduce to you the Daydream Collection, offering new frame shapes, huge variety of frame built and color and an overall new opportunity to make a new #fashionstatement regardless of where in the world you might currently be. Personally I do have a huge love for shades + do not wear them just in summer but rather all year round. With that being said, #WarbyParker has literally given this collection a lot of thought + us the opportunity to start building up our own collections of prescription glasses (like my sister who wears glasses and some of you readers might too) and also those of you who love their sunglasses and can not get enough of them.

With so many frames and silhouettes to choose from it is quite obvious to make #WarbyParker you go-to store for all things sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses. Whether you’re on the beach, out on a date, in the Swiss Alps, on a cruise through the Rocky Mountains, out hiking or simply on a coffee run make sure you show of your newest accessory and make that fashion statement with your very own pair of glasses / sunglasses from the Warby Parker Daydream Collection! #BuyapairGiveapair

I have already found my favorite pair, The Abel in jet black + the Piper in pedal tortoise. Why? Because personally I think that they both suit my personal style, fit nicely with my face shape and go with everything in my closet.

Thinking about it…have you ordered a pair from their newest collection yet?

I think it is time for you to stop what you are doing

Head to


and submit your order!

Keep looking gorgeous this season, a huge thank you to


for letting me launch your newest and incredibly fashionable collection.

A. x

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Announcing my Collaboration….

Featured image

 Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am beyond thrilled to announce my collaboration with NYC based company Warby Parker on their newest collection! Stay tuned and check it out here on my Editorial!

Launch Day March 17Th (EDT)

Stay tuned + get excited!

A x. 

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Photo Credit to WordPress.com 

Today’s OOTD

Sometimes I wonder if we’ve really skipped summer of if Mother Nature is playing tricks on us. Where is Summer?!

For the past week (+) I have been spending quite some time trying to work out whether to wear shorts or pants, a top or sweater, fedora hat or not and so on it goes.

“I guess when living on the East Coast the conditions of four seasons in a day apply just perfectly!”


To be honest with you I quite like the somewhat cooler weather but deep down I am a summer babe. Loove the beach, ocean, tan, glowing skin + the persisting opportunity to fully enjoy my daily 5AM work out sessions + late night walks! Comfortable dinner dates, bbq’s, wine tastings w/ the Besties!

I hope that Summer comes soon so I’m able to say that I have been to the beach at least ONCE!

In regards to Today’s OOTD


Fedora Hat: Target Australia

Flannelette Shirt: Target Australia

Jacket: Cotton On Australia

Denim jeans: Target Australia

Boots: Target Australia

Accessories: Michael Kors

Of course all my fashion staples are easily affordable as I mix both high end fashion items with either what I already own or what can be easily purchased.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Have a great week.

A. x