Stir Fry Recipe

Coming straight from my Instagram account to let my tigers dance on the keyboard that little it more until they’re sore.

For this recipe I made sure I used low carb noodles which I found at my local supermarket in the International Section. 

Basically they look super stringy and are almost see-through. With the noodles in my basket I added some kangaroo meat which is super high in protein and does taste quite nice. Then of course I added some vegetables (greens are important!) and a stir fry sauce, add all into a wok and cook well. Voila! Dinner can be served. 

🌻BLG xx 


Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

This one is highly packed with protein and super yummy! My partner is thrilled to be eating even healthier since he is going to the gym … 😉


To make this Chia seed pudding you need


Chia seeds


Papitas (pumpkin seeds)

Variety of fruits

(my favourite are strawberries, banana, blueberries and own harvested pears)



Low fat Yoghurt


Put chia seeds in a glass, add milk/low fat yoghurt and put into fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

After taken out of the fridge, add variety of fruits, oats, papitas (pumpklin seeds) stir together and enjoy!

This snack is packed with so much healthy goodness, perfect for post/pre workouts 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

The Team at BLG x.

That time of year …

“… when we tend to rest more on the couch then we have ever before,

where thick socks and boots are your wardrobe staples,

a time we frequent our local cafes more than ever .

and all this to keep out of the cold, rainy, chilly, windy winter weather Melbourne is offering us at the moment.

While I am a #PaleoFoodie to the best of my ability, LOVE food way to much – so I tend to use winter as a time to explore and #roadtrip my way around the area in the search of some nice little tucked away cafes or english / irish taverns, various other restaurants.

Completely well traveled I would say.

While I am off into the #DandenongRanges tomorrow for some quality time with my significant other, I will most certainly keep you updated on some beautiful places for lunch, dinner and some very beautiful places to refresh and rejuvenate.

Stay Happy + Keep Looking Beautiful.

A. x