Support your small business

… and we are back to the festive season, oh how quick time can fly. 

With the “silly season” awaiting us literally just around the corner and with big businesses in their starting positions to cash in big; we should maybe think about supporting our local/small businesses. Be it a milk bar, the corner store or your local cafe.

I think we need to realise that small businesses do the hard yards to stay afloat, these guys only have Us individuals who support them by buying the odd loaf of bread or coffee-to-go.

These people have Us as their “business marketers” who recommend them to our family, friends, others through social media and other means of communication.

It is up to you now to take the pledge to support these small businesses in your local area. Spread the word and we can make a world of difference! It’s a networking opportunity for Us to speak directly to the business owner to understand how they operate and how you can help.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

#TakeThePledge #ShowSupport #SmallBusinesses #Everyday