Autumn Love with #OOTD’s

Autumn Love with #OOTD’s

Sitting on the couch here in my study room certainly gives me a lot more time to write about what I love most –

F   A   S   H   I   O   N.

Of course I am a summer lover – kinda – girl and enjoy getting my tan on while relaxing outside and letting the rays of sunshine hit my face. But I must admit that Autumn is also a favorite season of mine: Who does not love going for a walk with their significant other , admiring the change of color on the trees and getting a feel of the cool air?This of course does have a major advantage in the end: Allowing to snuggle up on the couch sipping on a nice warm hot chocolate or cup of tea with some biscuits.

It is especially now the time of year where warm jackets, sweaters, beanies and hats, scarves and gloves are going to be an almost daily necessity before we even leave the house and that even though we are almost the end of Autumn however, it is only going to get colder now. I do have a few favorite items I like to wear that keep me warm and cozy yet have a lot of variety to them.

Accessories have to be my favorite to dress up any outfit, my favorite are this 100% wool hat and leather handbag from Seed Heritage.

Check it out:

Blogging Now 2

Seed Heritage Australia

Blogging Now

Seed Heritage Fedora Hat

This wool cape below is from Portmans Australia, super cozy and perfect for layering and can be purchased here: Blanket Knit Cape

Blogging Now 3

Last but not least

“Fashion is to have confidence in what you are wearing.”

I hope you all enjoyed another post from Blondie Loves Ginger and continue to follow this lifestyle journey we have going.

Thank You + Happy Shopping,

The Team at

BLG x.


A Walk at Alowyn Gardens

When life gets too hectic, take a step back and enjoy the beautiful magnificent manicured parterre gardens at Alowyn Gardens, Yarra Glen.

Not far from neighbouring towns of Healesville, Tarrawarra and Dixons Creek. Multiple wineries can be found along the way also, including the prestigious Balgownie Estate. #drinkup

Located along the Melba Hwy, Alowyn offers charm, beauty and nature. From stunning solar operated fountain to beautiful garden beds for edible foods, berries and a large display of ornaments.

#raspberries  #strawberries  #blueberries  #boysenberries

It was such a beautiful day We spent there together, I feel so happy to have had my incredible boyfriend there with me to take in all the stunning nature there. The most special moment in my heart was when We took a walk through the Wisteria Archway towards the fountain …it was magical!


For anyone reading this, I definitely recommend a visit to Alowyn, with kids or without it will be your most amazing day.

BLG. x


OOTD Autumn2016

OOTD Autumn2016

Goodness me.. it certainly has been a very long time since I have posted any #OutfitOfTheDay posts. Well, you know .. time flies as they say and I could not agree more.

While the hot Summer days are more or less over now and Autumn has decided to finally mark its presence, so are my #AnotherOutfitOfTheDay blog posts. 🙂

Who thinks Autumn is great for taking Fitness, Health and Wellness a lot more serious now then to squeeze through the hot early mornings where it is already well up to thirty degrees before 8 AM!

My partner and I both enjoy keeping fit, we currently attend Derrimut 24:7 in the South eastern suburbs every so often. We also enjoy the outdoors and loooove to chill out over the nice cup of tea and a good book, however we have also decided to keep well active and healthy over winter to not get any ideas of putting on the winter weight. 😮

Autumn is the time to rug up, put on your runners and head outside.Brace the wind, the showers of rain, the leaves which have turned into beautiful autumn colors and are now falling off the trees and enjoy the pure nature and this incredible season.

#keepingactive  #gym  #outdoors  #fitness  #wellbeing  #health

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Another perfect Autumn Day

Hi All.

Hoping all of you are well

thanks again for checking out my Blog




most importantly getting inspired

in your everyday life.

While my passion lies within the Fashion Industry, I have noticed that it seems to always be the Men who do not really have their own opportunities to get #OOTD inspired, especially not when Fashion advice comes from a woman, your girl friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin and sometimes even your own mother.  With that in mind, I decided to publish my first ever Blog to get the male population to look at advice / style / fashion with a totally new perspective.

Come and gone have the days of following every possible trend that literally changes every 24hours.


While I spent a while browsing the net, spent a couple of hours at my H&M Store yesterday, I did come up with a nice Outfit which can be dressed up or down + alternated between other items of clothing. I wanted the end result to go with items that were already owned, while (THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT : always keeping that particular individuals style in my mind.

You can not change someone EVER!

My Partner is the perfect example, he LOVES and LIVES in his R.M Williams Boots and has a unique yet simple,  beautiful sense of Style. A pair of nice dark blue / moleksin RM Jeans/Pants and checkered short sleeve shirts, so in order for me to tweak his style and make it even more classic, him of course handsome looking as well as allowing room for alternations between items of clothing, here is the result.All I did was add to his already existing Style and I love it.

Doesn’t he look good!


Outfit consists of:

H&M Australia Winter Coat in wool blend $89.90

H&M Australia Knitted Jumper $39.90

H & M 100% Wool Scarf $29.90

RM Williams Jeans (in dark blue) $$

RM Williams Boots $$

I hope you all have a great day. Almost time for a nice relaxing weekend!

A. xx

Autumn Fashion Today’s #OOTD

While it has been some time since my last post, apologies to you all. I was away on location for the last week or so and due to the area there I have no internet connection, so there is absolutely no point in me bringing my notebook. #thumbsdown

Today, i thought I would post a bit more on fashion Inspo for Autumn, the weather here in Melbourne has been phenomenal. ‘Sunny and warm one day – cool and a chilly wind the next…’

While my fashion taste buds have gone super crazy, I would like for you all to be able to get some inspiration for your fashion over the cooler months so I have made my decision to show you today’s #OOTD

While I seem to be always on -the-go with some of the newest trends, I do not follow them as such. I personally just choose through inspiration and make it my own. Ladies this is one thing to remember, whatever you would like to wear … do it! As long as a woman has the confidence to pull of fashion item or trend everything is fashionable. #makeastatement

Today’s OOTD


Jacket from Target Australia

Jumper (it is super comfy and cozy!!!) from

Jeans from OR as seen below from Danni Minogue‘s Petite Collection available at Target Australia (wearing navy blue)

Booties from Target Australia


I hope this give a bit of a guide and inspiration to this season’s trends.

FASHION ADVICE —->>>> I did recycle my booties, coat and accessories! <<<<—- FASHION ADVICE

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