Health Foods + Glowing Skin

Been a busy few days? Long Days? Running out of Time or ideas for a healthy Breakfast…or simply got no tiny idea about what healthy meals consist of?

Want to be healthy? Have glowing skin and feel good about yourself? Then its time to start with the things you consume. It is important to have a healthy Meal to start your day, no pizza from last night, no ready meals out of the microwave and the meal needs to spell out HEALTH … literally!

My perfect example for a healthy + hearty Breakfast is Omlette, with a slice of German Pumpernickel (can be bought at your local Deli or at Coles Supermarket for those living Down Under), a tiny amount of butter, two slices of raw/uncooked salmon and some grated cucumber to garnish.

While it might not look like enough, trust me it is. It is healthy and full of healthy goodness. Of course there is different varieties which you can make up yourself but its a basic example of a quickly made healthy Breakfast.

Enjoy + Think Healthy Goodness, your Body will thank you later!



Bright Mornings

Time to open your eyes, hop out of bed and start your day! Mine starts early, 5:30am and I’m off to do my work out which is nice when it’s a forecasted sunny day at the sun come up just after 6am, makes my day so much brighter.

Now the majority of you work 9-5 Office Hours. Some start work at other times but there is no excuse for a.) No breakfast at all or  b.) Chewing down last nights pizza to be able to say you had something to eat!

We all need energy throughout the day and as many times as you’ve heard but not believed it… Breakfast is the key to a fully energized day!

I am not talking about eating “a horse”

but including some healthy options
and something quick for those who are on the get go after their alarm has gone off to make it to work in time.

Why not try a few Oats and Banana mixed with Full Cream Milk? I added some Chocolate Cereal as a sweet twist though.

It is important to stay fit, healthy and energized in. Order to be happy with who you are!

Further I am currently doing a little Teatox, with Clean Sheets Cheats. They offer 14 and 28 Day Teatoxes to help flush out toxins in your system. This has helped me get a bit more energy so why not give it a go yourself? Below some Breakfast Inspo.


Glowing Skin starts with a Healthy Mind and a Delicious Breakfast

Oats with Nashi Pear, Mixed Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa Flakes and Glow Inner Beauty Powderphoto(1)

This recipe is one of my very own little Breakkie Creations, as  you have previously read in a few of my other Posts and possibly on Social Media, I am an Eat Clean Advocate – hoping to get other Individuals to ditch the Junk Food and eat clean and raw foods and trust me they are so much better and so much more delicious!

The Ingredients are as follows:

1 Nashi Pear (cut into small pieces)

Mixed Nuts + Sultanas

Sunflower Seeds

Small Sprinkle of Quinoa Flakes

Two Big Handfulls of Oats (I use Coles Quick Oats, and yes you want to get those Carbs to give you the Energy you need for the day!)

Coconut Blend Milk (bought from Coles Supermarket)

and last add a fair sprinkle of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder too, it works wonders. #trustme #ipromise #betterthananycereal

 Enjoy! A.x