When the leaves turn gold

Who would have thought that in the midst of Autumn we’d still have days full of warmth with plenty of sunshine allowing our summer wear to stay out a little while longer. With the official summer season gone in the distance we tend to still make the most of the current weather even if the the change of season is more or less starting tomorrow, time to welcome the cold with open arms and say hello to a nicely setup fireplace, hot chocolate, hearty meals, plenty of books and family board games to keep us interested while the not-so-lovely weather makes its way through.

Though the cooler seasons are not exactly my personal favorites it does have some exceptional perks such as a visit to Bright Autumn Festival, some relaxation at Daylesford Hepburn Springs Bathhouse & Spa, or a weekend for some lengthy quality family time to explore / taste/ feast here at Weekend – Fit for a King . Surely these outings should keep all of us  happy and content before it is time for some spring cleaning around mid to late August.

Time now to reflect and revive myself for the seasons ahead, spending it with close friends and organizing some quality family time too.

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5 Days at Airlie

5 Days at Airlie

A spontaneous trip with one of my girl friend turned out to be one hell of an adventure! This trip included five days at Queenslands Airlie Beach along the East Coast of Australia. Here is the quick run down:

WEDNESDAY:10am scheduled flight from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to Brisbane Airport.Then it was onto another plane to head to Proserpine Whitsunday Coastal Airport. Arrival time was just after 3pm in the afternoon. The flights were all pretty smooth however I had a bit of trouble equalizing the pressure in my ears so every time I spoke I felt like I was whispering but of course I did not want to start yelling either so the end result? I had blocked ears for the next two days straight! Our accommodation was: Whitsunday Vista Resort

THURSDAY: Exploring Airlie Beach, headed to Cannonvale for some lunch at Fat Frog Beach Cafe. They make the most yummy smoothies .. Hello Health! Then it was off for 90 minutes of massages.facial and foot treatments at Intuitive Massage (my birthday present from my great friend! Thanks again.) The experience was pure bliss/ super relaxing, felt absolutely amazing + refreshed when we left. We then headed back to Airlie Beach by walking along the Coastal Walk overlooking the ocean just perfectly.

FRIDAY: Hello, Cruisewhitsundays!!! 8am departure on a vessel headed for Reefworld at Hardy Reef on the Great Barrier Reef! Our ticket included morning/afternoon tea and lunch as well as some snorkeling gear. Yes, even if you cannot swim you have the option of a life jacket and swim noodle. This experience was absolutely mind blowing – it shows just how important it is to look after our marine life and ecosystem. As this adventure was an entire day trip we headed to KC’s Bar & Grill for some early birthday celebrations as it was my birthday the following day. I certainly am not one to go out partying or clubbing but rather have a nice meal and live entertainment, goodness I sound like such a grandma! Anyhow they have the most delicious Seafood Platter for Two, it was really really nice. So if you happen to be within the area make sure to check it out!

SATURDAY: Today consisted of basically hiring a Swifty of car hire company Hertz and heading to Cedar Creek Falls, which was good but disappointing due to not much water was falling…it was then off to Hydeaway Bay, one super secluded beach where it was time to simply relax and soak of those rays of sunshine. Ending the day was a trip to Sushi Hi within the main street of Airlie Beach and getting an icecream at the local Cold Rock Icecreamery. Day complete with some major sunburn!

SUNDAY: Breakfast at Geruma literally 5 stars out of 5 for this business!! Super healthy and yummy, cant get over it. Checkout from our resort stay was at 10am then it was off sunbaking at Airlie Lagoon before heading back to the airport for our flight back home. I did not want to leave! It was one wonderful holiday and I will most certainly be back again soon.

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Aradale 👻👻👻

Let Us tell you:
Aradale Lunatic Asylum built to house the mentally ill or insane as you would say back on those days. Purposely built on a mountain right here in Ararat, Vic AU with the belief that any winds from the south had a calming, healing effect on their patients and would basically help them heal from their mental illness. Aradale Asylum has two sister facilities: one at Kew the other at Beechworth, both also in Victoria, AU.

Opened in 1867 to house up a large number of patients until its closure in 1993, however one ward remained open for another couple of years thereafter. The building itself comprised of 63 building to make up Aradale, meaning it had to be self sufficient with 30ha Vineyard and their very own winery. Extensive training facilities and 4ha lavender farm. Livestock and own piggery as well as a market would have also been needed! Additionally of course crops and gardens for self grown varieties of food.

The rest is for you to explore (and there is heaps!), broaden your knowledge and experience whatever might happen… 👻
We had a ball and our guides get the thumbs up!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Now it’s your turn to step into unknown territory.


Bright, Victoria

From the nice scenic drives up North, arriving in Bright, Victoria was one of those super exciting and relaxing days this Winter. With temperatures plummeting and the cold fronts picking up we were lucky enough with beautiful warm weather and a sunny day, trying to get the most of those nice ray’s of sunshine. 😊
We arrived early to make the most of this day so decided to head to the local farmers market, although small and situated alongside the Ovens river in addition providing beautiful scenic walking trails (Cherry and Canyon Walks we highly recommend! The history behind the town is incredible even your kids will love it) in addition to the Main Street and multiple shops also within walking reach. 

Of course Food locations are always the most serious question any travel or visitor to a town will ask you at any given moment so be prepared to list the good stuff!!! 😉 

It was a very memorable day and as it is a beautiful location makes it worth visiting time and time again!

Until next time,

Ginger & Blondie xx 

Packing for a trip?

It is finally Autumn, the cooler months of the year during which most of us head on vacation or a nice weekend getaway to various places whether closer to home or further away.

weekend getaway essentialks

Where will your next vacation take you?


What essentials will you take along?

For me it is all about the most simplest of things which I take with me when I head out on vacation with my partner or group of pals to relax and rewind before heading back to reality.

To be able to create my most unforgettable travel experience I will certainly take my tanning oil to get that little bit of color … the last time it was getting towards spring my skin was so pale it was horrible! Of course I do always have my naturally derived organic cosmetics with me, created by the amazing Jess Hart called LUMA. Then it comes to making sure I have my sunglasses, no outfit is ever complete without a pair and then to finish of my essentials I tend to take my glass bottle by dropbottle, to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially as i am no real fan of plastic bottles. Last but not least I have my phone on me wherever I go, especially handy when wanting to capture those real beautiful holiday snap shots 😉

While I am all ready in taking my list of essentials, it is now only a matter of time before i book my next vacation:

Location: Daylesford, Hepburn Springs Victoria.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to plan your next trip, HomeAway   has https://www.homeaway.com.au/   some great rental options!

Save travels!!!

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When Nature calls .

we all know how important it is to look after ourselves, listen to our body and even treat ourselves to something special every once in a while.

To me and my Partner is was important to get back into our Fitness “run-time routine” before spring starts, while I love working out – in winter I go into hibernation mode. Not necessarily piling on the kilograms and throwing my Paleo Diet out of the window but you get the idea, or not!

This past Thirst-Day we were eager enough to leave the house by 8AM to quench our thirst of exploring the great outdoors.

Headed to Cafe De Beaumarchais in Sassafras


which is a very beautiful French – Parisian inspired Cafe offering the most incredible tasting cakes…yes we had cafe that morning, it is never too early for a treat!

Turn the clock forward an hour and we were off to Grant’s Picnic Ground at Sherbrooke in Olinda, where through a variety of different Tourism Associations it is possible as an attraction to to feed Rosella’s and Cockatoos, a few of Australian native bird wildlife. Cockatoos are not only heavy when they sit on your arm or shoulder or on the small food tray you are desperately clinging to with nervousness but they have such a gentle soul – hand feed them and you will understand. My Partner could it contain his happiness as being this close to some of the Country’s native animals

IMG_3973  IMG_4070

…. 1 1/2 hours later ….

It was time to head to Rhodondedron National Gardens.


Can I admit that blossoming flowers were not quite anymore due to the current season we are in here on Australia’s East Coast. However the walk was very beautiful, able to read up and learn about these truly stunning florals , ferns and variety of trees. A few challenges were also present in the garden, but I will leave it to find out for yourselves – just a hint below though ….


Having been heading all over since the early hours of the morning what better way to head to the Mt Dandenong Hotel for a meal and a drink to chat about the day and let it slowly but surely come to an end before it was time to head home.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until next time – x x