#OOTD meets Countryside Inspiration

Hello All Fashionistas + Fashion Gurus,

while it had been some time in between posts especially those regarding the Fashion side of things, I am pleased to announce that there will be a few more Fashion / Beauty posts coming your way very soon.

Today’s #OOTD is loosely based on my love for the country (hence the flannelette shirt), it is my favorite shirt to wear and believe it or not it is the only flannelette shirt I own! I find it super hard finding a shirt that is as great to wear as the one I have. Crazy I bet…

I paired this Outfit with a nice pair of cut off boyfriend denim shorts (I looove em’) + a cute pair of booties which can we worn all year round and in all seasons.

My top accessories for this OOTD is my Michael Kors handbag, it is so pretty and holds so much.

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Denim boyfriend shorts: THE ICONIC AUSTRALIA




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Happy Weekend to all of you.

A. x


In the search of gold…

In the search of gold…

Whenever I am off work for a few days, it always seems like as if I had been away for a literally a week!

Why is that?

Because I enjoy the time I am away up to it’s finest detail. This past week was again one of those weeks where I simply packed the car up with a tent and sleeping bag, picked up my Partner and told him to drive… this way  – pointing on the beautiful gold mining town of Ballarat on the Melway. Okay fine… maybe not quite like this as we did have it planned to start off with.

It was a somewhat slow drive towards the City, through the tunnel and over the bridge…it then turned into a long drive as we drove past two exits which would have cost us less time to get there…two hours later with a slight scenic tour past Geelong we arrived within Ballarat, Victoria.

#Soprecious. #Sobeautiful. #Soamazing.

We did book a tent site at the nice Eureka Stockade Holiday Park, we have previously stayed there. To be truly honest with you…I enjoy camping and sleeping in a tent as long as the place we are staying at has a decent Bathroom with showers! Call me cray but it’s one of those things I can’t live without…a nice shower to start off my day…my partner did make the experience of what happens otherwise!

So anyway back to this incredibly perfect trip… we arrived at Ballarat, and drove straight to Sovereign Hill. Basically what it is for those who have no idea, Sovereign Hill is a ‘living’ museum..please don’t relate it to the film “Night at the Museum” with Robin Williams where everything comes to life, however the result sort of is the same…in a way.

The people at Sovereign Hill are dressed up in the costumes of the 1850’s, as the museum covers the first nine years of the gold rush in Ballarat so do the people dress in the different year’s of the gold rush history i.e corset dresses + maiden dresses, for then men it was suit and tie or work wear.

The Museum offers a lot of opportunities to gain the knowledge of what is was like back in those days. As it was a Mining Town with men, women and children flocking to the area in their search for gold, so came the opportunity to go through a Gold mine tour at Sovereign Hill, at one point we were thirty meters underground, as it was quite a hot two days with just above thirty degrees which made the gold mining tour extremely relaxing +  allowed us to ‘cool off’ just a tiny bit. Yes, the Gold Mining Tours are guided but there is also a tour available which is self-guided.

Ballarat’s well known Sovereign Hill interactive museum allows visitors to walk through the Main Street and adjoining streets set in  the 1850’s, I did feel slightly out of place at the start walking past those in their corset dresses and here I’m in my denim shorts, sandals and blouse…not quite so 1850.

At Sovereign Hill the chance to visit the Gold museum across the road also exists, which allows visitors to see theWelcome Nugget’ + the ‘Welcome Stranger Nugget’ as well as read up on the history of when and where the gold was found in the area…trust me when I say that I was and still am highly tempted in buying a metal detector, shovel, and prospector’s license…this license is essential or you might find yourself in a lot of trouble!

The days we got to spent at this amazing place was truly one to remember because


IMG_1272  IMG_1269

What am I writin’… we did not… or did we?

Sssshhhhh… you make up your own answer 😉

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IMG_1402 IMG_1278 IMG_1243 IMG_1359 IMG_1330 IMG_1239 IMG_1309 IMG_1242

Now it is your opportunity to take the kids, pack the car, take your prospector’s license (just kidding with that one) and head to Ballarat, visit the Gold museum, take an underground mine tour, read up on the history, do some candle making + dipping, see how candy is made by hand, see the gold pouring, take a coach ride, the the musket firing, see the red coat soldiers parade down the main street, do a guided tour of Sovereign Hill, enjoy the Sound + Light Show or pan for gold – you might be lucky! Sovereign Hill offers so much for adults and children alike I could write a book about it.

One last tip though.. when visiting Ballarat it is worth staying at least two days to be able to enjoy it all.

Have a great start to this wonderful week!

A. xx

One very special trip…. on one very special train

One very special trip…. on one very special train

Hello All !

Hope you have all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your weekend. I had quite a busy week myself, however still can’t stop talking about this one very special + fun trip I went on with Andrew (my partner).

What started off as a very rainy morning, jumping out of the car to get some local groceries for our lunch pack, while having to keep a strict eye on time to make it to the train platform on time, located at Belgrave in Victoria Australia.

Hint: It’s been hugely known for many generations…


Yes, you guessed it. Puffing Billy – Australia’s favorite Steam train. We parked the car on the other side off the station, grabbed our bags and off we went.

 Having been on this particular train when I was 12 or 13yrs old I knew we were yet again in for a fun filled journey.

Having then arrives on the ticket office, with a woman calling us over to get our train tickets, we walked on when a Conductor was awaiting us to stamp our ticket for the start of our journey, what happened next was unbelievable …

… the atmosphere! – lots of people, many of them tourists visiting the area , children in prams/on their dad’s shoulders/holding their grandparents hands, some sequel others can’t stop smiling. We walk past the end carriages towards the front, some are reserved for Tourist groups traveling to Menzies Creek. The majority of travelers have found a seat in the open carriages, we walk a bit further to the front + hop on to the train.

The Head Conductor comes along adding to the excitement of the journey with Australia’s best preserved steam locomotive along Australia’s finest preserved railway.

I hear an announcement: ‘Two minutes to departure, two minutes to departure !‘, I inform my boyfriend that traveling on Puffing Billy is unique & not complete without sitting on the side, looking out the window while literally dangling your feet off the train – enjoying this wonderful scenery + many amazing views, this goes for everyone young + old…

My Partner had been on the train when we was very young so he doesn’t remember, but boy.. he felt like a kid in a candy store! His smile spoke volumes.


We got off at Lakeside, where we had our lunch before getting back on the train to continue our journey on the trains final stop at Gembrook. My hands were frozen and the rainy weather did indeed add to the atmosphere…I could have easily worn a scarf, gloves and beanie…just mind the fact that it is Summer here in Australia (I was just super cold because of all the wind while traveling).

It was an incredible journey all the way to Gembrook station where we heading in to Charlotte’s on Main. Charlotte’s is a cute cozy cafe which allows to fully relax + rewind before taking the train back…home.


To all of you out there, who have always wanted to go and visit this beautiful country, to those who live in the area + to those in other parts of the country,  Travel on Puffing Billy or simply  enjoy the incredible scenery – it is worth every dollar and cent!

Because of this business operating predominately on a volunteer basis, I truly hope + wish for future generations to enjoy this beautiful journey for many, many years to come !




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A new addition to your vocabulary: “Oil Pulling”

A new addition to your vocabulary: “Oil Pulling”

Right… I can see all theses ???  hovering over your heads. What is it? How does it work? What does it have to do with? Why on earth have I never heard of this before?

Well.. oil pulling refers to using unrefined, cold pressed Coconut Oil (yes, the one you can purchase from the Supermarket) in your Oral Hygiene. Fancy all the terminology but I am not a dentist, but I do like to say that I am quite impressed by this new way of incorporating Coconut Oil into my health, even though there is so many other different benefits for it already, I am talking hair, skin, you name it.

So, by doing the ‘Oil pulling’ experience you brush your teeth (of course a no brainer!) in the morning + you guessed it at night time too, then get one teaspoon of coconut oil out of the jar & swish it around in your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes after brushing your pearly whites or until the oil turns thin and a milky white, flush down the sink afterwards.

Not only does the oil protect your teeth, it also whitens and keeps your breath fresh and mouth healthy and clean, according to the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. Of course it is not the best of ideas to use oil pulling to treat tooth decay but rather use it as a mouth rinse for prevention. Tada!

I have incorporated this routine and so far am going to see how I go of course there are many benefits to using Coconut Oil already so it is definitely looking positive promising.

Why don’t you try it? Tonight? Or how about in the morning? Everyone loves benefits so you can’t go wrong. To the Guys and Men out there… take note: a new beauty regime for everyone…and it’s great for couples too 😉 who doesn’t like sitting in bed or on the couch with their significant other swishing coconut oil around in their mouth at night before bed.

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Happy Sunday to you all!

A. x

A trip to the green fields…

A trip to the green fields…

A surprise trip to the green fields and the nice relaxed scenery at Sherwood Park Orchards just before the Toonimbuk Road turn off, way past the many Estates within the Victoria’s south eastern suburbs…this of course is for those living in Australia, wanting to visit or those living local.

So many beautiful Country products from twenty different ranges of chutney to my pickled onions of which there is a particular memory that goes with this grocery item of course it is a different story altogether. They also stocked many varieties of fruit and amazingly we found non- alcoholic wines, again in many different forms.

Leaving the shop along the Hwy with my Man, one punnet of strawberries and non alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice in hand we made our way back home. The next idea just as we pulled in the driveway… A Strawberry Smoothie, suggested of course by my Partner…who would’ve thought haha

It was beautiful – you basically just add milk to the strawberries.

Maybe not quite but the recipe doesn’t involve all too much just a mixer to cut up the strawberries then some full cream milk and a good stir, you can add some strawberry topping if you like to make it a bit sweeter if you wish.

It was a beautiful relaxing day that would suit you once in a while too.

Stay happy

A. x

New. OOTD. Fashion.Beauty. Inspiration

Hello all Fashionistas, beauties and all those who somehow can relate to my Blog.

Happy 2015 to you all! May it be a year filled with unconditional love and happiness, good health and joy.
This is my very first post for this new year + my Blog will thrive even more now – since my first ever post in June of 2014. So I am very excited to offer you more to inspire to and more to read while also offering more insight into fabulous adventures and vacations I have been on while of course also posting Fashion advice especially on my OOTD’s.

Today’s outfit of the day… just mind the 41Degrees outside haha. This OOTD I pulled together using ideas based on this seasons summer fashion items while of course sticking to my own tastes and likes. Like always all items are affordable while I also like to mix and match with high end fashion and some basic trends.


White Shirt, bought from CottonOn $10.00AUD (online purchases available, for my international followers please double check!!)

Pants, bought from Target on Clearance Sale

Shoes, a Christmas gift from my brother but can be purchased through CottonOn Australia

Accessories this time it’s this stunning floral headpiece, which was bought through Cotton On Australia.

I hope that I am able to inspire you + remind you that you all are beautiful!

Happy New Year,