The beautiful Countryside and it’s not far from Home

Who would have thought to be living within the Suburbs and not have ever heard of or seen the Country side within the picturesque and charming town of Healesville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Tourism Region.

Today, I got to experience the Beauty and relaxing Lifestyle within this town. Organized by my Partner of almost two years. Having grown up on Property himself, he certainly is very knowledgeable and enjoys this quiet Lifestyle in comparison to the busy yet hectic City Life. I am not only happy but so honored to be able to experience those ‘Little Adventures’ with him.

Having previously enjoyed the Tourist Attractions this Town has to offer, today provided an experience I would advise everyone reading this post to also consider – The Healesville Yarra Valley Railway Experience is worth every dollar spent on the ticket!

The only type of “trolley Ride” Experience anywhere in Australia, the journey starts by leaving Healesville Railway Station, the line traverses through beautiful Scenery, Vineyards, and skirts the local Racecourse.

So basically this is how it went down…

”Leaving the Healesville Station, the line traverses the Yarra Glen-Kinglake Road and skirts the local racecourse. The track then bridges the Watts River before commencing the climb to the Donovans Road Overbridge. A “one in forty” climb beginning on Devil’s Bend is completed by a trip through the 1889 brick tunnel and descent into the valley at the rear of the Tarrawarra Estate. We then reverse and return to the Healesville Station. 30 minutes round trip and 9km. Saying it’s a round trip could give the impression that this track is a loop. It’s not. You travel along the track up a bit of a hill, go through a tunnel, stop at a sign that says “stop” and then go back the same way you came.”

– Full Credit of this well written insight version of this unique Australian Experience goes to Healesville Train Rides

It was such a unique experience, ticket prices are $15 p.P as it is based on Volunteers to spent numerous amounts of time into this experience it makes it all worth so much more, the Volunteer Staff we met today were absolutely wonderful and while I am at it would like to shout out to Matthew our Train Driver and David our Guard on today’s Ride for the knowledge and Information we got given during our Train Ride today. The World changes every single day but with this experience you will definitely step back into time. Keen to book your next Holiday, don’t know where to travel to? I think you have already found the answer.

Happy Holidays,













Rewind after a busy Morning or Day

Nothing worse then missing 5 Alarms and realizing you’re late to make the train on time as you also still have to get a train ticket and during peak hour the queue is super long… #morningblues

However after picking up my Partner, heading to the station and making our way to our seats, while talking about our Future, Aspirations, Goals, Ideas and previous Achievements its almost time to get off at our station within the Melbourne City Centre.

It was a crazy morning with meeting and appointments all over the place but over the Lunch break I needed to rewind and simply sit down with a Coffee or Hot chocolate and chill out. The perfect place to be was Theobroma Chocolate Lounge.

Nicely set up within one of Melbourne’s iconic Shopping Precincts and a straight reminder from my three years at University, came the calm Atmosphere and relaxing Environment the Lounger offers. All Staff were absolutely amazing in providing excellent Customer Service!

While the Menu gave a good indication of what they have to offer, my Partner looked quite perplexed at the various Beverages they had, of course I suggested my favorite. Milk Chocolate in a Mug and Warmer 😉 Perfect for a cool day or those Winter Months – just as a Reference.

And yes, he loves it, couldn’t wipe the smile of his Face. 🙂

So for all you Coffee or Chocolate Lovers out there, this place is the most amazing one I have been too, thanks to my Friend Shirvani from my days at University, she was the one who introduced me to this place first. So thank you.

Love & Light,

  A. x




Blogging 101: Beauty, my Favorites and Products

Blogging 101: Beauty, my Favorites and Products

To all you Beauties out there,

here I am today to give you an insight into what products I currently have and use on my Face & Body and which ones are my absolute favorites at the moment.

I hope you that this post somehow does inspire you or does make you check out the relevant site listed below of each product I have spoken to you about in today’s Blog Post.

While I do believe that each one of us is different in the sense that we are all an individuality with our own personality, traits and behaviors. I hope that you like my video and embrace our differences. How boring it would be otherwise if we all liked the same products, had the same beautician and makeup routine, I am so not even going to go any further as it would be quite pointless. Anyway, embrace your individualism and be inspired.

Details on what is in my Makeup/Beauty Bag:

Rosehip Facial Foaming Cleanser,, $14

Crop Organic Argan Oil, around $10

Ecotan Tanning Creme, $34 excluding postage & shipping

Ecotan Coconut Sunscreen, $29.95

The Ecotan Range specifically has also various Stockists throughout Australia, please check their website first as you might find a local Stockist near where you live.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm, $48.00

Urban Decay Bronzer,  $28.90

Be Inspired,

A. x

Foods you will enjoy ( I know it! )

Hi All!

Apologies if I haven’t posted anything as of late, my Blog had disappeared so I had to get to the technical side of things to work out what had happened and I wasn’t able to access it through my phone either, so apologies to you all for causing this annoying drama that is completely unnecessary. Along with all this I have been trying to get my post on ‘What’s in my Makeup Bag?’ organized and ready to be published, yes it will be launching very very soon 🙂  Waaahhhh so much happening all at once and I always thought I am good at multitasking…got me to rethink that now.

Now. You have probably noticed that I am a complete Fashion Fanatic and self proclaimed Fashionista that I have not posted a lot of Healthy Goodness and Recipes lately, what a shame!

In all seriousness I have some amazing Recipes for you and hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. So here we go:

The Berry Chia Smoothie (yum, yum, yum!) – takes about 5 minutes to make and is enough for 1 Person only.

1 cup Blueberries

1 young Coconut, meat scraped out

3/4 cups filtered Water

1/2 Banana

2 tsb Chia Seeds


***Hopefully my other half misses this Blog as he is not into all the healthy Goodness just yet…I am still trying to change his mind and haven’t given up just yet***

Method: Put all ingredients into a blender and blend for 1-2 minutes. Voila!

A very refreshing Smoothy that is not overly sweet and is perfect for the ultimate on-the-go breakfast especially for those that are always in a morning rush.

Be ready for a power boost.

A. x

Fashion Backward

Here we are in the modern and fashionable world of today, but some still channel the inner vintage fashionista in us. Thinking About it though… What does Vintage actually mean?

Vintage means I have something of a high value which was produced some time ago. Think 70’s Fashion but in today’s era, don’t take it literally though.

While however Vintage is still very popular and doesn’t look ‘out of place’ it’s something we can also still admire and even copy when it comes to Fashion nowadays, I mean really, fashion changes at least four times a day meaning that roughly everything we wear will make a fashionable return at some stage.

But when I think about this whole Vintage theme for a while like those skirt pants…yes I did own a pair back 10 Years ago but I think my fashion choices back then should be put in serious question!

While I am a Fashion Lover and yes I do now own my first ever vintage looking dress, bought from Target for just $10 on their very recent clearance sale!!

To those of you you love an item of clothing with a difference head to your local Target store! Easily affordable and any piece can be dressed up or down and is perfect for this time of year!


OOTD Spring and Summer

Good Morning to all of you on this nice quiet Sunday Morning. While it is now a little foggy in patches outside and half of you are possibly still asleep in bed and recovering from last nights outings here I am ready to start my Day. Sometimes I literally wish to be able to sleep in until noon but my Body Timer thinks otherwise, at least this way I don’t miss out on getting things done and out of the way early in the day.

While it is supposed to be quite a dry and hot Summer ahead, so is each day’s outfit one I decide at least the night before haha. Not that I don’t know what to wear but the choices… Unlike the Men who basically get up and put on whatever they see first that somehow resembles a piece of clothing!

I do enjoy the Spring time yet am a complete Summer Babe when it comes to those hot days where the city is still a buzz at Midnight and well after, eating ice cream and looking at the night sky or enjoy the littlest breeze of wind that has decided to sweep through and cool us down a bit.

Today’s Outfit comes thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen at Target and Saboskirt. Told you I mix and match with high/ low valued items. Both Fashion Places are of course affordable and super fashionable!

Top: This Top is a bit like a loose fitting crop top, super comfortable and great to dress up or down. For purchase opportunities head to:

Shorts: While these Shorts are stunning they have been made with a twist, the front is made with leather, giving that leathery, sexy look while the back is normal fabric!

Shoes: again my new found Favorite from Target, perfect for any Occasion 🙂

Accessories: various


Blogging 101: Summer Workouts and all year round

It being now October, meaning Spring is officially here and provides warmer, longer and sunnier days. Finally being able to shed the layers and so also the extra kilos put on over the winter months.

Finally getting back into my routine of 5:30am wake ups and the urge to work out and get into shape. However having worked with various PT’s in the past and loads of different workout routines which all have done not a whole lot of difference which made me think of how I can best get results and a workout I am motivated to do with results of course.

So I basically surfed the Net and with Social Network these days I came across the incredible Kayla Itsines who works within the Fitness Industry as a Personal trainer and literally gives the best motivations and with her work out I can actually see results, see for yourself when you purchase her book Bikini Body Guide 1.0

I have purchase both her Guide and nutritional Books and am following her weekly work outs almost religiously where I can, in between work and other commitments.

If you want results, start now! Summer is only a few mere weeks away. Remember also to be proud of how you look as you are all beautiful and gorgeous in your own ways. If you would like to purchase her books please click the link above 🙂

A. x