#RoadtripAroundOz | Marree to Birdsville via Birdsville Track

If you think you have experienced the incredible landscape, road and weather conditions of the Australian Outback think again.

Our Roadtrip takes Us from Marree up North just over the South Australian – Queensland border to Birdsville. 

 Let me explain to you that this 520km track (i drove all the way except the big puddles where we swapped drivers 😂📸) needs a lot of preparation, physical health, knowledge on road conditions and potentially even someone who has done this trip before. 

The terrain can include anything from rain and heat, water over road to flooding to sections of pure gravel & rock and even sand pits so care when driving is advised. 

Once we arrived in Birdsville it was straight for the Caravan Park (you can not miss it as there is only one in town), set up of the tent and off to the pub for dinner. At the Pub it was Roast with Vegetables as the only item listed on the Menu but my goodness was it delicious plus every possible “Tom, Bob and Billy” was there so it was absolutely incredible to mingle with other travelers and locals alike. 

Time for some rest now.



Seed. Plant. Harvest

With Autumn now happening here on the East Coast of Australia, or as one wants to refer to as ‘happening in the slowest of paces’ with temperatures still within the 30’s. Our passion for gardening had had my Partner and I literally head to our Garden Centre Bunnings twice in the last twenty-four hours.

What a bargain we made though!

Gardening pots for only two bucks, so cheap when the original price was eighteen dollars …

This makes you question how expensive gardening can become don’t it?

Anyhow, as herbs are currently a big ‘go to, easy to do’ kinda thing, we sure did buy some seeds which we then planted in our new pots.

Let me note here that my Partner was wrapped all the way home from the store and while planting the seeds to have found this incredible bargain, that we ended up going back for a second purchase of another two pots! Who could blame him?!

After planting and having added a teeny tiny bit of fertilizer, my significant other half kept running outside to see if any of the seeds have started growing yet


The herbs we planted are parsley, rosemary, dill, chives and basil but we decided to also seed european kohlrabi as well as some lavender.

Please check back here for updates on how things are growing !

img_7489.jpgSeed. Plant & Harvest

If you are a gardener, have a passion for the outdoors and/or gardening or simply are just interested in planting a few “bits and pieces”, we would love to hear from you.

Until then, take care from


Birthday Surprise


While everyone else spends their Sunday lazing around or getting organised for the new week, We got other things we can do with our such valuable time, such as celebrating our gorgeous friends birthday!

Our idea of a gift turned into a clue filled trip away lasting a mere 12 hours filled with incredible memories and so much fun!!!

How it all went down:

We were invited to her birthday celebrations in the city recently and there she got her very first clue … instead of a present as the surprise was yet to come.

October 15th was your birthday,
Hip Hip and Hooray!
We have a surprise for you,
This is all we can say.
Please pick a day – an entire Saturday will suit best.
So Us three can head North, South, East and West!

We (Andrew and I)  both knew she is similar to Us as she loves beauty as much as I do + the outdoors just like Andrew does, so we came up with organizing a trip filled with clues which she would need to solve in order to find out what the surprise was. The entire trip took place in Healesville, Victoria – Australia.

Yesterday our friend Katherine came to my house at 8 am before we headed to my boyfriend’s place to pick him up and have Us all drive to our first destination. Katherine got blindfolded as we knew she used to live along the way, plus it would have been a bit ‘too boring’ without a blindfold.

Clue #2
Today is the day of the surprise to come true,
We hope you are ready to figure out your next clue.
It comes with a selection of a wide range of foods,
Which without a doubt tickle everyone’s individual mood.
With locations in yet only two states,
But a great place to catch up with your mates.

The answer to this clue was Breakfast at the well known Beechworth Bakery in Healesville, this surprise was of course well received too, as she had only ever been there once before. Don’t get me talking on the food, it is absolutely delicious.


After breakfast it was time for the next clue 🙂

Clue #3
Now it is off to a location very nice,
Yes, it is another part of this great surprise.
Your wallet, phone and keys you won’t need, but a good mindset indeed.
It is time to unwind and leave the daily chores behind.
Enjoy this special moment to refresh and re-energize.

Her grin when we arrived was priceless. It was a 1 hour Aroma Therapy massage, included with hot stones and the best masseuses available of course at no other location than Piaf Day Spa. She absolutely LOVED it. She was so super relaxed and glowing after her treatment! By then the next clue was already on it’s way:

Clue #4
But wait there is more – believe it or not,
Few places we can go, while owners await,
Our verdict very fast – before it ‘s too late,
Too many to taste  – “Oh my … what will be?  “,
Too dry, too sweet before you pick.
A glass or two of course changed to a bottle,
But please make sure you do not waddle.
Yes, here we are – let it begin.
 ‘Prost’ and ‘Cheers’ is your next hint.

This clue allowed plenty of time and variation, as the hint suggests it included the travel to almost every single winery in the area (LITERALLY!), where we tasted some wines and picked a few favorites 😉

Some of those wineries included, are Boat O’Craigo, a small Australian distillery at Four Pillars before we moved on to another magical place which you might be able to figure out through reading this next clue below.

Clue #5
This place has locations across Australia
and will take Us away on a journey so far.
Young children everywhere will like this one too,
with offerings and tastings that brighten your mood.
From light to dark and sweet to sour
while others rush here every single hour!
It comes with passion and indulgence … let’s not forget creativity
The word has nine letters and tastes super sweet.

After our trip to the Chocolatier at Healesville off we were for some more wine tastings 🙂

Yarrawood Estate, Balgownie Estate Vinyard Resort & Spa, Fergusson Winery and Restaurant , De Bortoli which allowed some space for a mini cheese factory allowing Us to taste some of their cheese, we then  Sutherland Estate

We then continued on to visit Shantell Vinyard right next door… then it was off to the last two wineries, Dixons Creek Winery (Graeme Miller Wines) and last but not least Mandala Wines

We had the most incredible time, chatting to the winemakers and vinyard owners and getting a whole heap of knowledge from them and how they operate in this so diverse yet competitive industry.

By now we were all a bit tired and wanted some time to simply relax, so off it was to Maroondah Reservoir, before the last surprise was announced:

Dinner at Yarra Valley Harvest.

It was amazing, the entire trip was so much fun and we definitely created the best and most amazing memories yet, in addition we set the stakes quite high too  😉



For anyone wanting to know some details:

The riddle was written by myself and has copyright restrictions!

The trip was planned by both my amazing partner Andrew (applause for him please) and myself

Biggest thanks to Andrew for this amazing day!

AK. xx







 One hashtag yet so many different words which can be summed up.

Being a city girl, it has always been a dream of mine to see what it is like living in the country, on a farm, away from all the “hussle and bussle” of the stressful and never ending city life. Away from all the traffic and peak hours trips to/from the city, to a place where I am able to find myself, adjust to this change and be okay with it, reach deep into my soul and find peace. A place where everyone greets everyone and any help is always available.

Taking a step into the unknown, meeting a variety of farmers, contractors and individuals along the way has started an incredible yet fun journey to find out as much as I can about how these people who ‘live further out of town‘. Those people with tractors, quad bikes, farm animals, bob cat machinery, wineries, thousands of dairy cattle and the list goes on.

How do I really feel about it all?

I feel content.

I also feel happiness yet a bit lost in translation when it comes to speaking about which seed mix to use to get the best quality grass or whether to use a rye/clover mixture, all I know about clover is that horses and cows love it and us humans like to find those four leaf ones for luck.

I am also slightly lost when it comes to which cattle to buy at the next market or which contractor to call up to do some work on the property, whether to work before or after breakfast or when to simply take a breather. Of course it is a learning experience, something that is very interesting and things that are a must-know.

While I have never imagined myself in the #countryside painting .. yet alone painting and putting together a chicken coop, rescuing a baby wombat (his name is Erik, #ErikTheWombat on Instagram), driving a tractor, helping to load bales of hay while chasing the farm dog through the hay shed or simply enjoying the peace and quiet nature brings to us by dining alfresco or strolling through the grown super green grass enjoying the morning sun, breathing in the cool fresh air.

While surely many of you would cast doubt on whether or not this Lifestyle is for you, I certainly am open to the challenges. Challenges I will not back away from, but rather enjoy and try to conquer with positive vibes, as life is a journey and not a destination.

Growing up with City Skylines

What becomes of us once we travel away from your own comfort zone?

What happens when we get in the car and travel to a nice country place, hours away from the city?

Will we be happy to find out where we are or what can become of us?

Having just recently been on location in the country side has certainly given me a new understanding of what this beautiful country has to offer. Yes, I have lived in the city all my life, dealt with the millions of train and other transport commuters on a daily basis inclusive of the sprints to the train station or buses in order to get a seat on the way home, grown up to the beautiful skylights of various cities around the world and have never thought much about traveling away from it all. The city is my ‘comfort zone’ – along the way having come to know most train timetables off by heart, bus routes and most of all know how to find my way in a large city where the traffic is as bad as owning two-thousand dairy cattle that all need to get milked at the same time.

The question on everyone’s heads….

How do you even begin to deal with it all?

Good question that one, I could not possibly give a good enough answer.

Have I ever thought much about life in the country? No! I do not know all too much about living on acreage or a ranch and dealing with cattle stock, horses, farm animals and the overall running of the business such as fertilizing paddocks for hay and silage, harvesting fruit trees and looking after vegetable seedlings, while in the same thought trying to organise contract workers who help you move your business in the right direction by simply lending a hand.

I get the shivers when told to drive a tractor, but smile when flying across the paddock on a motorbike. I squeal when finding a huntsman spider in my bathroom but thinking they are “so cute + fluffy” when finding them in a wood heap on the land.

How odd is that! 

I throw a tantrum because I have no phone reception + therefore can not update my social media status but had the most amazing time constructing a new fence, yes three star steel pickets, wooden posts to strain, klip on bolts for electric fences upon rolls and rolls of wire.

What on earth is happening to me!

It kind of makes me wonder, if an amount of me does actually like this new found country adventure and all that comes with it.

Yes, no doubt!

While wondering if those living in the country would like the city with the lifestyle it brings.

 Probably Not!

Take step into the charming Country Lifestyle

Take step into the charming Country Lifestyle

Looking at Life through different eyes, after having been away for sometime,

for which I of course do apologize. I was whisked away to the Country side and loved every minute of it. From trying to help fix fences, seeing calving cows on the paddocks, spot lighting to see what kind of wildlife we could find at night time, watching thew night sky, filling wombat holes with saw dust to avoid unnecessary accidents all the way to literally cleaning + degreasing a tractor (it is certainly something totally different compared to living a life that has been played out mostly in the city or outskirts of it). #BestofBothWorlds

I do always think of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to get to know the country side through all these opportunities. Of course it is nothing for the faint hearted, seeing huntsman spiders and billions of European wasps swarming around everywhere but its an experience that is totally worth it.

Hard work in the mornings with a 7AM start time to the relaxing time in the late afternoon, with a nice glass of wine to wind up the day. it definitely could not get any better than that.  #QuietSurroundings  

I am looking forward to be taken back to these wonderful moments + learning experiences along with the quiet yet charming lifestyle.



Oh, Country Life

I wake up each morning,
to the most beautiful view.
A breath of fresh air,
and a sky crispy blue.

A wonderland of life,
on pastures so green.
Relaxed and at peace,
my mind feels so clean.

Life out here,
does not seem like a chore.
There’s plenty of work,
but more to explore.

People are friendly,
smiles we share.
For mother earth,
we all mutually care.

Homemade apple pie,
during my walks, I can smell.
My joys and gratitude,
to the birds I just yell.

Oh, Country life,
That I love and embrace.
This is my home,
this is my place.

~ by anitapoems.com

(Credit of this poem goes to this incredible writer)

Ideas for your upcoming weekend

Cant wait for the weekend?

Don’t we all feel some sort of relief when it finally comes to that Friday Night when the clock strikes 5PM and we are rushing home to then tear of our work clothes, relax, make a nice dinner, have a movie night with your significant other or get a few friends over for a catch up.Those two days of the week that allow us to ‘let our hair down’, in the sense that we simple do not have to be all dressed up and act professional.



Being able to make the most of the weekend such as a nice hike or fitness class, lunches, bike rides, road trips the list goes on. I got whisked away on a beautiful picnic just yesterday, we spent it at Emerald Lake Park, for those of you not familiar with the location – it is located in the heart of Emerald (East Gippsland Victoria, AU).

With the rays of sunshine falling upon us, blue skies and the smell of nature with Puffing Billy going past, kids splashing in the outdoor pool + musicians singing in the background, it really could not get any better. The food was delicious and our picnic spot was so beautiful among the Ferns and Oak trees.


#picnicwithaviewofnature  #cheers

Emerald Lake Park certainly has something for everyone, from fishing to walking tracks, paddle boats, various picnic grounds including the iconic Puffing Billy Steam Train. The Park also has numerous wheelchair and pram friendly paths which provide access to various facilities and activities in the Park.

Enjoy your fun day out.

A. x