Stir Fry Recipe

Coming straight from my Instagram account to let my tigers dance on the keyboard that little it more until they’re sore.

For this recipe I made sure I used low carb noodles which I found at my local supermarket in the International Section. 

Basically they look super stringy and are almost see-through. With the noodles in my basket I added some kangaroo meat which is super high in protein and does taste quite nice. Then of course I added some vegetables (greens are important!) and a stir fry sauce, add all into a wok and cook well. Voila! Dinner can be served. 

ūüĆĽBLG xx 


Soon to come on BlondieLovesGinger

Rise + Shine Y’All,


Autumn has finally hit us, yet there are still those last days where wearing shorts and a t-shirt is still the right thing to do with temperatures rising up to above 30 degrees celsius. While we are all preparing to keep up our Fitness and Health regimes, I am talking work outs to keep us in shape over the cooler period this year as well as starting to think about soup recipes, slow cooked meals (I personally do not have a slow cooker, for those that do use them!) and other autumn recipes.

It is my pleasure to announce that #BlondieLovesGinger will very soon feature a variety of Autumn recipes to keep you healthy and inspired with some easy to follow recipe ideas ranging from soups, healthy breakfast ideas (including for those always on-the-go), entertainers, lunches and dinner inspirations for your own kitchen with the majority of ingredients already sitting in your pantry!

Such as my healthy breakfast this morning:





Melted Dark Organic / Fair trade Chocolate

Full-cream Milk

+ a coffee to get me going.

So stay tuned & stay healthy.

A. x


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