United we stand on an Issue that’s pretty Big and affects every single one of us

United can almost be described as the fore front of something big, a supporting network of something huge even – the issue of: Gender Equality. We are all Individuals and instead of stereotyping and discriminating each other, we should stand tall and stand together with support of each other!

Why do we as Women get discriminated against because of how we look, what we wear and how we act upon certain situations. This stereotyping needs to stop now! And so does the constant collection of movements in defining, establishing, and defending equal social, cultural, political and economical rights for women. #GenderEquality #Feminism

We as Women deserve the same rights to success and the same opportunities as our male counter parts. We should all be able to share resources, rewards and opportunities together, equally.

While Discrimination and Injustice are the major causes of problems worldwide. Women and Girls globally experience this in all aspects of their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Gender Equality is vital to human and economic development and to support women’s rights. To reduce related issues such as Poverty we need to have equal opportunities for both Men and Women. #HeForShe

Take action, make a stand and show your support by joining the continuous solidarity movement to gender egalitarianism.


OOTD – Spring Times Ahead


Firstly, Happy Sunday to all of you! For those in Australia, I hope you are enjoying this stunning warm weather along with its nice rays of sunshine all while either recovering from the big partying yesterday with the Australian Football League Grand Final, or the continued partying sometime today. #springishere #partyitupwhileyoucan #soakinguptherays

While I was not home till well after the clock struck twelve last night my alarm did throw me out of bed at 5.30am, up to do some working out to keep fit. Those of you who are up at this time in the morning, please comment and tell me how you like to keep fit, as you guessed I am not one to sleep in till well after noon or sleep in at all for that matter!

While I was contemplating what to wear on this glorious day, I lost count of how many times I did get changed to find an outfit I am happy with for the day. The end result, see the pictures!

Top: Target

A great top to wear with basically anything, dress it up or down. Look feminine and elegant, this one is my new found favorite.

Pants: Cotton On

While I have had these pants for quite sometime, I still mix and match them with other items in my wardrobe.

Shoes: Target

While I do recycle most items in my closet, my shoes included. My other pair of golden gladiator sandals were too shabby after two big previous seasons and unfortunately didn’t make it through to another Spring/Summer so here is this new stunning pair #fashionstatement

Earrings (Lightening Bolt Studs): Bing Bang NYC

Thank you to the lovely Lea Michele who I absolutely adore – (Yes the amazing Singer & Yes Rachel Berry of Glee) for debuting this stunning pair. They are easily paired with any outfit for literally any occasion. #lighteningbolts #studs

Big thank you to the incredibly wonderful Anna Sheffield for always working on these beautiful jewelery pieces that are to die for. #beauty #jewelery #fashionalltheway


I hope you all have a great day wherever you may be in the world. Sending lots of Love & Light,

A. x

How best to keep fit

While I certainly am no Iron Woman, I love to keep fit, enjoying Yoga and Pilates, long walks along the beach and yes I do occasionally ride my bike… Never did I think I’d be riding along an easy gradient Rail Trail from Woori Yallock to Lilydale then all the way back through to Warburton.

The ride itself provides a beautiful country backdrop with forestry mountains and paddocks Continue reading “How best to keep fit”

Stunning Weather + Smiles All Around = What are you sayin’ ?


Oh My, this stunning Weather and these beautiful Rays of Sunshine, far from the grueling cold days we have had a couple of Weeks ago where Gloves and scarves were not simply a Fashion Piece to add to our Outfit but rather another Piece of ‘Warmth’!

Now this has all changed, the last few days of pure sunshine, okay fine maybe some light showers were involved but it didn’t faze anybody.

Now that Spring is in full swing, so is our Fashion and Beauty Choices, Fake Tans (better that getting a horrible diagnosis from laying in the Sun for too long!) – trust me, yes the Ladies especially. While there are even many Fake Tan Products out there to test and purchase, I have come across Ecotan

Ecotan gives you a natural looking Tan (try the Invisible Moisturiser, it will make you fall in love with the people behind this great Product(s) as no hidden nasties are involved and its 100% Organic), perfect for that nice feeling of glowing skin.

In addition, I work out multiple days throughout the Week, through Cardio Excercises, Abs/Arms Excercises and Leg Workouts all along with some healthy and nutritional foods, biggest thank you to Womens Fitness Magazine Australia

Glowing Skin and Sexy Body are sorted, now in terms of my new Beauty Products which did indeed arrive in the Mail today & yes I am thrilled to have them especially while I do not want to use Foundation over the warmer Months, try –  Urban Decay Cosmetics.

Great Products which fulfill all aspects of ones Beauty Routine! So make sure to check em out! Enjoy your Day and keep checking this Blog!!

Love & Light, A. x

Glowing Skin starts with a Healthy Mind and a Delicious Breakfast

Oats with Nashi Pear, Mixed Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa Flakes and Glow Inner Beauty Powderphoto(1)

This recipe is one of my very own little Breakkie Creations, as  you have previously read in a few of my other Posts and possibly on Social Media, I am an Eat Clean Advocate – hoping to get other Individuals to ditch the Junk Food and eat clean and raw foods and trust me they are so much better and so much more delicious!

The Ingredients are as follows:

1 Nashi Pear (cut into small pieces)

Mixed Nuts + Sultanas

Sunflower Seeds

Small Sprinkle of Quinoa Flakes

Two Big Handfulls of Oats (I use Coles Quick Oats, and yes you want to get those Carbs to give you the Energy you need for the day!)

Coconut Blend Milk (bought from Coles Supermarket)

and last add a fair sprinkle of GLOW Inner Beauty Powder too, it works wonders. #trustme #ipromise #betterthananycereal

 Enjoy! A.x

A Snack Or Two Anyone?

Who better to pass on this delicious snacking Recipe other than myself? Who doesn’t like a nice post workout snack in between Main Meals – hands up… surely it’ll be next to no one as everyone will be jumping for joy as soon as some form of Nutrition is spoken of.

I always used to be one of those Individuals who would snack on sweets, yes including dark almond chocolate…let’s say snacking is exaggerated – to be honest with you I would have a whole block to myself! And wouldn’t even feel guilty…until of course the scales decided to tell a ‘Horror Story‘.

This all changes when I decided to completely turn my Fitness and Lifestyle upside down, first I threw out all the Junk Food and replaced it with Fruits, Veggies and overall Healthy Meals, and I did find a good exercise regime which I am currently working on to help built/tone muscle and get a nice sexy beach body by the beginning of Summer. However of course I will not stop exercising and eating healthy and nutritious meals once Summer had hit, I will keep it up and stay true to it, this is a promise I have made with myself, while some might laugh, others will hopefully see this as a bit of an Inspiration.

Now to the Recipe:

Philadelphia Cheese Crackers with Ham and Parsley


Get some Crackers and spread one side with original Philly Cheese, add Ham and Parsley to garnish, Voila!

This has to be one of the easiest, quickest recipes to make and it is seriously tasty!

Asparagus and Leek Frittata with roasted Tomatoes and Salad


Ingredients List

Olive oil spray
1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil
2 large leeks (pale part only), trimmed
2 bunches asparagus, trimmed, cut into 4cm lengths
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tablespoons chopped basil leaves
8 free-range eggs
1/3 cup (80ml) milk
1/4 cup (20g) freshly grated parmesan
500g vine-ripened cherry tomatoes
2 cups mixed leaf salad, to serve

The Method for this tasty mouthwatering Meal is as follows:

1) Preheat Oven to 200C ( fan forced) then wash Asparagus, Leek and Cherry Tomatoes making sure they are still attached to the vines ( it’s all about Presentation in the end)

2) Cut Asparagus into 4cm pieces and Leek finely chopped. Put into a Pan with Oil and cook for 5 minutes until crisp and tender.

3) Get Oven proof dish and cover lightly with oil I found that butter does the same job too, before getting a bowl in which you add eggs, milk and herbs, whisk together.

Now combine Asparagus, Leek and Egg Mixture in Oven dish and add Parmesan Cheese – bake for 20Minutes, Enjoy!