One chance – One Goal

We all have our own ambitions and goals in life, which, we somehow want to achieve. Whether it is buying our very own house, opening our own business, doing a degree at University or working towards a life long goal, it is up to ourselves personally how we want to work towards it.

Mark has had one only specific goal since he was 12 years old. The goal of playing soccer at professional level.

He is very much into the sport of Soccer, can be found on the pitch a lot of the times and has got the opportunity to trial at Soccer Clubs overseas including specifically the United Kingdom and Germany. I very much admire his determination, commitment and dedication to the sport and envy his incredible fitness…who wouldn’t?

Now to supporting him for his goal: I am asking you to please have a read through the following link below to understand + for him to tell you

‘His Story’

It’s always good to be kind and pay kindness forward, now it is your turn to please donate + keep sharing this link.

End 2015 with a BANG!

Lets Go!

With Love from

Blondie Loves Ginger



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