The natural way to B e a u t y

How important is Beauty to you?

When thinking of this specific word do you think of someone who wears makeup?

Seen cake faces anyone?

What about dehydrated and dull looking skin?

Problem skin?

 Yes, thought so…

Beauty should be set out to a limit of enhancing one’s natural beauty, if you have beautiful eyes enhance them by wearing some mascara, eye shadow or even eye liner, if you have strong cheekbones wear some blush and so on so forth. Of course suited to your individual style. There is a major difference in enhancing beauty and painting on makeup, remember this one Ladies!

Over the years I have learnt how important it is to look after your skin, to keep it glowing and healthy not to mention hydrated with only a few makeup products and no foundation.

As I have quite sensitive skin it has always been hard for me to find a product that is a) naturally derived and b) helps my skin for a long time to come and does not let me down after a few weeks.


I have come across MILK by Michael and Lindy Klim and am already amazing by the results. From beauty wipes, makeup remover, invigorating bodyscrub and body moisturizer not to forget the face moisturizer in HER range by Lindy Klim. These products are all 95% naturally derived and are only a few natural products out of the millions and millions we hear about which are chemically put together.

I mean seriously, who does not like the look and smell of a nice Chanel moisturiser? But sometimes it is better to go back to your natural roots and take my word for it when I say that everything about MILK is simple yet beautiful so you can’t go wrong. While there is only a handful of women’s products the company has an entire Men’s beauty range… But ladies listen out for when your man starts talking about how he needs beauty sleep or a face mask he’s secretly admitting some love towards these great products.

Just remember, it is up to you what you put on your skin but the results will show later in life.


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