…a revolution for your hair, but what exactly is this product called Opalex  Olaplex ?

it is your opportunity through a three step process to ‘push the envelope even further

Go Blonder – Be Bolder without putting the health of your hair at risk.

Olaplex is a new hair product (you can use it as a service too) which has been getting lots of attention within the hair industry as of late. Let me assure you it does what it promises. Olaplex has been tested on a large variety of different hair types, it works and dramatically reduces hair breakage through extreme colour changes and bleaching services, making it SUPER SIMPLE to use in THREE EASY STEPS.

– – These two products below are for professional use only – –

( yes you will need to see your hairdresser for the first two Olaplex products, we will get to the client take home treatment a little later on, i promise! )

OLAPLEX NO. 1 BOND MULTIPLIER to mix with highlighted, blayage or high lift colour, it basically multiplies the bonds in the hair shaft. With each colouring / bleaching service the bonds in the hair are damaged and get broken so to avoid this in the best way possible Olaplex No.1 is applied into your colour or bleach service.Once your hair treatment has processed Olaplex Bond Multiplier is rinsed out of the hair and OLAPLEX NO.2 BOND PERFECTOR is applied and left for about five to ten minutes then shampoo’d and conditioned and voila your hair treatment is done! Now to get to the exciting part of the Olpalex client take home treatment – Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector is best to be used only once a week in between visits to the hairdresser.

My very first experience with Olaplex was absolutely incredible. Having put my hair through hell and back over the years not to mention it has always been very fine, Olaplex has really helped for it to look and feel stronger, shinier and not to forget a lot healthier, just see the results below:

– Before my Olaplex treatment –


– After my hair service and treatment with Olaplex –

For more information head to:


Biggest thank you to my hairdresser:



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