Eco Tan

One healthy alternative.


For those, who like me absolutely love the sun, the ocean and the outdoors please keep on reading.

Having glowing skin has always been somewhat important to me, for my skin to be healthy and have a nice tan also, however we all know how dangerous the sunrays can be … so it is definitely without question that we wear sunscreen (my favorite is Nivea Sunscreen Lotion 50+)

Having said that I love a nice tan, spray tans are easy but can be quite pricey, make you look orange but after some research i found that spray tan mist can actually damage DNA through breathing it in. Now, if you can hold your breath for a good 15 minutes go ahead. If you think you can head to a sun lounge / sun beds you are crazy! More so if you throw yourself into the sun without any sun protection to achieve a tan.

For those who now still care enough to keep reading, thank you – much appreciated. I have found an alternative and am a regular buyer of this product as well as the range overall.

The range is called Ecotan by Founder Sonya Driver.She is such a strong hearted, inspirational + gorgeous woman.

The item in question is Ecotan Winterskin Gradual Tanning Lotion, I know we have almost summer but this product works best with my skin, so Ssshhh.

In 2010 Eco Tan made Australian history in being the FIRST tan to use organic ingredients, certified by the organic food chain.

How is that for an effort?

Think twice when it comes to achieving a great tan.

Happy Weekend!

A. xx


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