ORDER – WEAR – SHARE … just once .


Surely we all know the feeling of

having a party,

a get together,

an engagement

or some sort of a special occasion to attend,

yet we seem to not have anything to wear in our closet.

What are we going to do?

Thank You to the beautiful and lovely Michelle, yes some of you may know her of the Australian Channel 9 Reality TV Series

Married at First Sight“,

others know her as a friend, family member, work colleague or simply a woman with the ultimate dream of owning her very own business – Just Once.com.au

The site features designers such as Maurie & Eve, Dion Lee, Lover, Manning Certell, Bec & Bridge and so many more. Now, who of you ladies wouldn’t want to wear a designer dress for one night and ultimately feel a million dollars, just think … you get to wear a stunning designer dress by your favorite designer to your special occasion and the designer and Just Once both get a shout out as every other attendee will surely be very jealous of your amazing outfit.

Just think of all the compliments you will receive…

It really could not get any simpler.

So how does it work?

You pick your dress from the amazing collection on offer, prices vary.

They will send it to you for the date you need it.

You wear it and show it off.

Once that special occasion of yours is over, you simply pop it into the return satchel that was provided to you on delivery. Done and Dusted!

BUT … there is one thing you have committed to during this entire process of ORDERING and WEARING your favorite designer dress


SHARING on all social media avenues, by tagging @j_u_s_t_o_n_c_e on your Instagram account to receive a shutout or email a photo to hello@justonce.com.au

So simply and yet an amazing idea!

So, when is your next special event you need to be in attendance at?

#justonce   #fashion   #designer   #dresses  #sosimple


2 thoughts on “ORDER – WEAR – SHARE … just once .

  1. Hi Ann-Kathrin,
    How can i message you privately? I’m having a house-warming party in a few weeks. I’d like you to come. I would send you more details but i don’t know how to get in touch with you.
    I hope you are well! Monica Ockerse xx


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