Micawber Restaurant Dandenong Ranges


Out on a #Date

with my incredible other half, after heading to Grant’s Picnic Ground within the Dandenong Ranges, where humiliation took over

… how?

Well… parked the car and enthusiastically purchased a ticket to feed some wild cockatoos within an enclosure. Got the ticket + got the tray of seeds and stood within the enclosure with other people but with no birds!

Goodness it was so embarrassing especially when all these tourists started arriving wanting to do the same thing but in the end the birds did make a bit of an appearance.

However, we did go on a circle walk nearby, which was quite lovely but very muddy but of course part of the adventure.

While the majority of the morning was spent out and about, a lunch booking was waiting for us at Micawber Restaurant.


As it was on a Sunday it was getting quite busy during our lunch, the food was pretty good, presented well yet personally I would have liked to get a little bit for for the money that was spent, each to their own.

All in all it was a nice day, lots of fun and adventure. Looks like I have to head off now… #Pig&Whistle is calling my name. ūüėČ

#classy  #adventures  #restaurants  #foodcritics


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