When Nature calls .

we all know how important it is to look after ourselves, listen to our body and even treat ourselves to something special every once in a while.

To me and my Partner is was important to get back into our Fitness “run-time routine” before spring starts, while I love working out – in winter I go into hibernation mode. Not necessarily piling on the kilograms and throwing my Paleo Diet out of the window but you get the idea, or not!

This past Thirst-Day we were eager enough to leave the house by 8AM to quench our thirst of exploring the great outdoors.

Headed to Cafe De Beaumarchais in Sassafras


which is a very beautiful French – Parisian inspired Cafe offering the most incredible tasting cakes…yes we had cafe that morning, it is never too early for a treat!

Turn the clock forward an hour and we were off to Grant’s Picnic Ground at Sherbrooke in Olinda, where through a variety of different Tourism Associations it is possible as an attraction to to feed Rosella’s and Cockatoos, a few of Australian native bird wildlife. Cockatoos are not only heavy when they sit on your arm or shoulder or on the small food tray you are desperately clinging to with nervousness but they have such a gentle soul – hand feed them and you will understand. My Partner could it contain his happiness as being this close to some of the Country’s native animals

IMG_3973  IMG_4070

…. 1 1/2 hours later ….

It was time to head to Rhodondedron National Gardens.


Can I admit that blossoming flowers were not quite anymore due to the current season we are in here on Australia’s East Coast. However the walk was very beautiful, able to read up and learn about these truly stunning florals , ferns and variety of trees. A few challenges were also present in the garden, but I will leave it to find out for yourselves – just a hint below though ….


Having been heading all over since the early hours of the morning what better way to head to the Mt Dandenong Hotel for a meal and a drink to chat about the day and let it slowly but surely come to an end before it was time to head home.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until next time – x x



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