Perfect Beverage(s) for Winter

What is seriously better than quenching your thirst with a nice healthy beverage?

Forget Softdrink, forget Energy drinks of any sort and forget teas, juices or even coffee as its is neither of them I am talking about nor are they healthy … well teas yes maybe but there is somewhat of a consumption limit too.

IMG_3901Take a moment, think, procrastinate, too much thinking happening?

Let me tell you, it was a #Ssshhhsecret… but not anymore.

I am excited to share this thirst quenching recipe with you –  Cinnamon – Apple infused water, yum!


Half an apple (cut into thin slices)

Two cinnamon sticks

A bottle of tap water.

Super delicious! Just make sure to give it time to ‘infuse’ by letting it sit in the fridge for a little while.It’s perfect for the cooler days, Autumn / Winter and it tastes so good and is 100% healthy!

Of course there are other varieties you at home can recreate, such as Orange+Lemon, Blueberries, Orange, Strawberries, Mint + Lime, Cucumber + Mint, the ideas are literally endless, simple and most importantly taste good.



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