The first day of Winter

When Autumn now fully leans into Winter…

The weekend has been absolutely incredible.

Out came the sunglasses and off with the thick winter coats, scarves and beanies. Hooray!
Well…it was short lifted as the weather is slowly but surely moving towards the Winter season, which by the way has two sides. The rainy yet bearable and the freezing cold unbearable frostbite kind of time.

Which one do you prefer?

I get it, you know.. it is okay. I mean, really, I can be a bit of a snow bunny + have been wanting to go to Mt Buller Alpine Ski Resort for quite some time, don’t assume I know how to ski or even stand on a snowboard! Ski resorts are quite pricey, $$$ for ski hire, $$$ for lift passes, $$$ for clothes hire (unless you have your own, which you would have purchased anyway as no one gives out anything for free these days…) so by the end of it, I do question myself whether it is actually worth heading to the Snow or whether all that $$$ is just going to ruin my experience… definitely going to ruin my experience, I think!

However, I do need to say that my Partner + I have started putting loose change away into a money box, to use for our next trip away … it might not even be enough … maybe just be enough to fill up the car with gas or to get a mocha coffee at my favourite cafe, time will tell. Where will our next trip away take us you might be curious to know.

Daylesford in Victoria will be the location. Absolutely wonderful people + it allows for some quality couple time at the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, I am super excited to head back there … that 1 hour couple’s massage last time was divine. Daylesford also offers time to explore the Wildlife and mineral Springs (can’t forget to bring some empty glass bottles!) among other things. It is for no reason called Australia’s Spa Country. Further, i will also be picking up my Peonies Bare Root plants, cannot wait to see them in full bloom, more on that next time though.

Today is another beautiful, lukewarm day which is unusual for late Autumn but I am going to take it in my stride, head out for a walk to get my Vitamin D intake which will be lacking in the next few months. Do not even want to think about the white pale skin I will look at in the springtime.

Happy Monday!



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