Homewares + In – (Ex)terior Design = One Good Game Plan

Most of Us

have been in this situation, dreaming about, or going through actual ideas about how we would like our home to look like.

Classy and modern.


Lots of natural colors.

Sleek & Simple


extensively colorful.

Personally, I like to design my home in a way where lots of natural light can come through (nothing worse than getting a feel of living in a hole with barely any natural sunlight). I do like natural shades so whites, browns, beige but also like a modern yet cozy look + feel. Of course it is completely different if you built your own home or live / are about to move into a home that has already been built a while back, the layout might be exactly what you wanted or you have to work with what you got..once you get into the buying furniture stage. Not the end of the world, as it is up to you to make it your own home.

Make yourself (-ves) feel comfortable and ‘right at home’.

While I am in love with modern design & architecture, yet like it simple and sleek with a touch of elegance and class. Of course it is important to work alongside who you will be living in your new home with. Your boyfriend, partner, husband, a friend and it is ultimately important to discuss ideas and negotiate…( I have always loved french doors but my partner is not too keen )

While I am not someone who would buy the most expensive furniture & homewares, I do like the modern look with a feel for the country + some elegance.

So in terms of design and interior ideas IKEA Australia can be a lifesaver when it comes to high quality and affordable Swedish furniture when it comes to every tinniest aspect of your house.

While a few favorite stores of mine such as


Temple and Webster,

Oak + Moss


Joss + Main

all allow room for cozy, modern looks, class + class an elegant feel .

Masters Home Improvement Store Australia can only mean one thing –  a good place when working with anything else but interior decorations of the house. It is the perfect place to get the right color of paint (both interior and exterior), lights, doors you name, they got it –  as well as anything in relation to the homes building industry.

“It is the stepping stone into making your home your very own”

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

A. xIMG_1072


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