Another perfect Autumn Day

Hi All.

Hoping all of you are well

thanks again for checking out my Blog




most importantly getting inspired

in your everyday life.

While my passion lies within the Fashion Industry, I have noticed that it seems to always be the Men who do not really have their own opportunities to get #OOTD inspired, especially not when Fashion advice comes from a woman, your girl friend, girlfriend, sister, cousin and sometimes even your own mother.  With that in mind, I decided to publish my first ever Blog to get the male population to look at advice / style / fashion with a totally new perspective.

Come and gone have the days of following every possible trend that literally changes every 24hours.


While I spent a while browsing the net, spent a couple of hours at my H&M Store yesterday, I did come up with a nice Outfit which can be dressed up or down + alternated between other items of clothing. I wanted the end result to go with items that were already owned, while (THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT : always keeping that particular individuals style in my mind.

You can not change someone EVER!

My Partner is the perfect example, he LOVES and LIVES in his R.M Williams Boots and has a unique yet simple,  beautiful sense of Style. A pair of nice dark blue / moleksin RM Jeans/Pants and checkered short sleeve shirts, so in order for me to tweak his style and make it even more classic, him of course handsome looking as well as allowing room for alternations between items of clothing, here is the result.All I did was add to his already existing Style and I love it.

Doesn’t he look good!


Outfit consists of:

H&M Australia Winter Coat in wool blend $89.90

H&M Australia Knitted Jumper $39.90

H & M 100% Wool Scarf $29.90

RM Williams Jeans (in dark blue) $$

RM Williams Boots $$

I hope you all have a great day. Almost time for a nice relaxing weekend!

A. xx


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