Stop and smell the Roses !

Who of you walks past some nice roses in someone’s garden or in a beautiful park and does not stop to smell them?


I certainly do not. I love having these beautiful flowers around, which ultimately bring any garden or somewhat other space some nice photo opportunities, especially when they are blooming in a variety of different colors.

Having just the other day been to a beautiful nice wholesale nursery near where we live, allowed us to have a look at the beautiful floral, oriental and fruit tree variety they had available … wait … this happened after we completely drove past it and I had to ring the Sales Manager to get her to tell us how to get to this place. Goodness… how bad it makes us look when it comes to reading a map / address / directions. Let us hope this is only a one – off.

With Autumn being in full swing now, we decided to get a couple of pods of roses. while walking through the different rows and sorting out colors, we were informed that there was one variety which is a completely new release and the roses are absolutely     

B  E  A U T I F U L 

Being called ‘Heart of Snow’ or in a more high – end sense of variety

C o e u r   d e  N e i g e

 [ delicious + strong fragrance ]


Having received one rose which got picked out of the ones we sort of looked at, which I did ended up putting in a vase at home on the kitchen bench looked stunning beforehand but this morning when I walked into the kitchen my goodness did the pedals open up and it was absolutely breathtaking to look at.

Happy Weekend 

from Us to you All.


#Blondie+Ginger   #roses   #happiness   #simplebeauty


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