Oat Biscuits are yummy + healthy!

Snacks but healthy nutrition. It is all about having a sweet but one that is healthier than those chocolate bars, chips and gummie bears including all possible other confectionery you can get at literally every supermarket or corner store. Of course we sometimes have those cravings for something sweet..even I do, but rather than giving in on the chocolate craze I try to substitute with healthy fruits such as pears, blueberries and strawberries, mango and banana but to be honest in only works that many times. So in order to still enjoy something sweet yet healthy follow my recipe below.

Today’s recipe took around 20 minutes to make with the results being #superyummy!

Surely we all know what I am talking about … Oat Biscuits.

Recipe Oat Biscuits

170grams normal oats

30grams almonds flakes

20grams coconut flakes

2 eggs

100grams brown sugar

tiny bit of salt


First in a frying pan, add the oats, almond + coconut flakes and roast for a few minutes until becoming golden in color.


Turn on the oven and preheat to 200C.

In the meantime, add the brown sugar and eggs and mix together until frothy. 


Then add the oat mixture and combine.

On a baking tray lined with baking paper make small piles of biscuits, use a spoon to flatten them slightly. Put them in the oven for around ten to fifteen minutes or until slightly golden.

***Make sure you let them cool on the tray

as they are quite soft


will otherwise break****




#yum #healthy #snackinspo #autumn


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