Breakfast Inspiration

While I am a lover of the crisp mornings, when its frosty outside and the sun comes up. When you feel the warm of the sun rays on your bare skin and you know it is going to be a good day (couldn’t say the same for rainy weather).

Having just harvested well over ninety pears from just one tree literally floored me. Eating Pear everyday until there is no more, hmmm. It is how you use the pears to make eating them that tiny bit more exciting, you will be surprised.

While there are a variety of Health benefits, let me clarify that the pears I have harvested do not look like the nice green pears with no bruises or discoloration which you can get at the supermarket. Eating pears regularly, can help prevent high blood pressure and stroke, it can help with fever due to the pears cooling effect, it helps in pregnancy as the high content of folate (folic acid) helps prevent neural tube defect in infants, due to the pears large amount of fructose and glucose it is a great way to get energy especially on those lethargic days we all have once in a while. In addition, the high vitamin C and copper content also act as good anti-oxidants that protect cells from damages by free radicals and can help. There is many more benefits to eating pears but I know that some of you do not like eating pears the way they come, some of you like them chopped up into small pieces, others cut them in halves and those of you like me add them to your breakfast – it makes eating a pear #so.much.easier

To have this healthy quick + easy breakfast simply add to a bowl the following:


Easy to make and easy to enjoy….

Oats (about 3-4 large table spoons)

Quinoa Flakes (small amount)

Pumpkin Seeds

Almonds (my favorite)

1 Pear (chopped into pieces)

Full cream milk


Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful.

A. x


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