Looking at Life through different eyes, after having been away for sometime,

for which I of course do apologize. I was whisked away to the Country side and loved every minute of it. From trying to help fix fences, seeing calving cows on the paddocks, spot lighting to see what kind of wildlife we could find at night time, watching thew night sky, filling wombat holes with saw dust to avoid unnecessary accidents all the way to literally cleaning + degreasing a tractor (it is certainly something totally different compared to living a life that has been played out mostly in the city or outskirts of it). #BestofBothWorlds

I do always think of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to get to know the country side through all these opportunities. Of course it is nothing for the faint hearted, seeing huntsman spiders and billions of European wasps swarming around everywhere but its an experience that is totally worth it.

Hard work in the mornings with a 7AM start time to the relaxing time in the late afternoon, with a nice glass of wine to wind up the day. it definitely could not get any better than that.  #QuietSurroundings  

I am looking forward to be taken back to these wonderful moments + learning experiences along with the quiet yet charming lifestyle.



Oh, Country Life

I wake up each morning,
to the most beautiful view.
A breath of fresh air,
and a sky crispy blue.

A wonderland of life,
on pastures so green.
Relaxed and at peace,
my mind feels so clean.

Life out here,
does not seem like a chore.
There’s plenty of work,
but more to explore.

People are friendly,
smiles we share.
For mother earth,
we all mutually care.

Homemade apple pie,
during my walks, I can smell.
My joys and gratitude,
to the birds I just yell.

Oh, Country life,
That I love and embrace.
This is my home,
this is my place.

~ by anitapoems.com

(Credit of this poem goes to this incredible writer)


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