The third day in March…

…Good Morning Y’all,

It’s the third day in Autumn already but apart from the later sunrise and slightly milder yet still warm weather there is not too much that has changed just yet.

Mind you, I’m a Summer babe but unfortunately didn’t even make it to the beach once this year. How disappointing right…? Wrong! I was super occupied that to be honest it completely slipped my mind BUT I did swim in a river…not that it’s something you would do everyday but it certainly is a whole new experience when a beautiful picnic + nice bottle of Brachetto wine by the wonderful winemakers at #Pizzini  is included…

#thatisasecret    #Ssshhh

Before the weather gets cooler and my next post consists of jackets, warm jumpers, booties and maybe even a coat I’m going to make the most of my #OOTD for the current autumn season.

Fashions fade, style is eternal – Yves Saint Laurent

#Outfit  #Fashion   #Autumn  #Style   #Sophisticated  #Classiness  #feelgood

Jacket: Target Australia

Top: Cotton On Australia

Skirt: Cotton On Australia

Booties: The Iconic

Accessories: City Beach Australia | Michael Kors

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday. 

Take care,

A. x


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