Wellbeing does count.

Over the last few days it has stuck in my that, women and men and everyone in between of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages and backgrounds should live life to it’s fullest.

Living life to it’s fullest potential in the sense that everyone should respect, motivate, encourage and love one another. We all should be allowed to leave the house without fear, angst or any discouragement from the outer communities.

How good it would be if we just all got along, okay fine, we don’t have to be best friends but at least put in the effort to be nice to each other. If for any reason that is not possible then mind your very own business. Seriously though, how hard can it be?

Imagine yourself alone walking down the street, exercising in the park or training it to a fancy dress party ….. what would happen?

To me it is most important to feel well about myself, about who I am and yes I might be different to you because clearly we are not all the same, oh my how boring that would be. But instead of criticizing, pointing fingers or showing disrespect, give compliments, smile and make this world a happier place.

Wellbeing is not only important for your body + mind but also for your soul. And how happy it would make you to better yourself, be nice to strangers + thoughtful of others. How better it would make you feel to have accomplished something you personally found hard(er). How happy it would make you to receive a compliment from a stranger + how happy it would make you feel to simply…be accepted for who you are as an individual. We are all different and that is something we should be proud of.

Make everyday special, give someone a compliment


simply smile.

A. x


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