From Summer to Autumn, with Summer starting relatively late this year + the small opportunity to be able to still make it to the ocean for a swim on a hot day, while wearing a nice Summer dress or crop top and shirts is still there.

We are almost half way through February, how quickly time can pass us by. Soon more or less by March 1st (in Australia) it will be getting cooler, the weather will become cloudy + clouds will accumulate to dull & grey like days, seven days a week.Your tea cup + oversized jumper will become your best friends while your new #OOTD will consist of booties, jeans, coat or jacket, gloves, hat or beanie and not to forget a scarf.

#wishsummercanstay  #makememoriesnow

I personally really enjoy the autumn season, primarily because of the crisp mornings with on rare occasion multiple rays of sunshine, while in addition many trees let go of their leaves which fall to the ground in a large variety of different colours, like the reds + yellow goldish ones. Other plants and flowers will be in full bloom.

Long walks with my partner, relaxing in the most amazing locations and playtime with my partners family pet dog, so much fun! The incredible feeling of the ever-changing natural environment we have in this world.


The opportunity to experience is through the annual Bright Autumn Festival, which runs from April 24th – May 3rd 2015. Sharing my heart between my Partner + the High Country in Victoria, Australia, this wonderful festival which runs over the course of 10 days allows to get insight into the autumn produce of the valleys.


Also featured a parade and local music among many other activities and opportunities to learn and find out even more. The Event itself is free of charge and perfect for families, children and loved up couples to breathe the clean air and walk along the fresh produce stalls and markets. So it is definitely worth the visit!

Have a wonderful weekend + make sure to get those last rays of sunshine.

A. x


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