Sunshine, blue skies, denim shorts, work boots and a t-shirt is all you need while out in the garden. I’m currently trying to harvest my very own home grown tomatoes. The smell is amazing + so is the feeling of being able to know exactly where the harvest was from compared to making the same purchase at the local supermarket.

While being outside enjoying this incredible weather (we all waited extremely patiently for it too), I did notice that my lemon tree has small little green lemons & two were ready to be harvested also. My cumquats plant looks quite radiant too, my mom had previously made some jam with it and it tasted delicious.


In addition I noticed that both my apple trees (some relation of Granny Smith & Pink Lady, I’m guessing) are not far off – followed by my pear tree which is holding a large amount of pears. #yum


I am someone who really loves the outdoors + country lifestyle, even though I have always been a city girl. I truly enjoy having both my own vegetables & fruit trees, knowing exactly what and where I have planted them + being able to head outside for harvest season. #bestofbothworlds

tomatoes2 tomatos

While these mentioned trees and plants are only the very start of what is still to come, I’m talking strawberry plants, plum trees, mini vineyard, cherry trees, lime tree, apricot tree, nectarines + peaches trees and the list literally goes on even further. #veggies&fruits

cumquartz appletree

It would be wonderful to be able to plant everything on my list but that might take a while at a whole lot of maintaining, but it would be so worth it as it is not just a plant or tree but something full of healthy goodness. Clearly I am a bit of a health freak, don’t get me started though.

Happy harvest,

A. x



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